Will the Child Prevail? Under 3 Days to Go – Weekend Report

This is a special experience… A WEEKEND REPORT if you will. Send it in big fella. Occasionally TWG shall be supplemented with text. Yay text!

Under 3 days now till we’ll know who our next President is – barring any last moment hanging chad business.

RealClearPolitics.com averages together the major national polls and right now has Obama up on McCain by 6.8 points nationally. But, highlighting the wackyiness cloaking the polls, Gallup has Obama leading by 10 today while Zogby says McCain is up by one point.

The preponderance of data and the bitter climate towards the GOP and all that”s Bush-esque seems to suggest that Obama is a big favorite going into Tuesday. 84% of betting men at the Intrade prediction market (http://www.intrade.com/) are saying that The Child will claim his victory next week.

In celebration, I”ve been mulling over some things I don”t think Republicans should do anymore. Keep in mind, I do think you ought to get out there and vote for McCain. His superior experience and commitment to judicial appointments with a conservative worldview are huge, huge items. But we”ve really been bumbling some stuff.

Class warefare in reverse does not work so well for us. Let”s leave Democrat politician to continue saying Republicans care only for the Rich-e-Rich folk and want the poor to live in squalor. Republicans, like Sarah Palin did during the campaign, should not go around saying that liberal areas of the fruited plain are not “Pro-America”… that somehow being an elitist does not mean that you love your country and you should be ridiculed. Liberals can be cows, that doesn”t mean they hate America. And very closely related to that…

We really ought not use patriotism and foreign policy issues as some sort of caveman club with which to bludgeon our political foes. Republicans have an admirable history when it comes to making good decisions on world affairs. Talk about our record. Don”t say that Democrats are weak minded fools who will hobble our position in the world. Question the policy differences, not the motivation.

Find a common sense way to decrease spending. Don’t get into a bidding war with liberals on giving people more stuff. They will always win. They are liberals for pork”s sake. They are good at giving people stuff. That they are not good at finding ways of paying for the things they are giving away is the whole point.

This is not easy to do and will probably suck at times, but we have to do it. Start drawing lines in the sand we must.

– Terms like “maverick” and “reform” need to have a point and mean something. If not they look a bit like “change” and “hope”. It”s good to be able to part from your party when they are wrong. But the whole reason Conservatives can”t stand McCain is we always have gotten the feeling he likes sticking it to us more than to the opposition. These terms just sorta reinforced ye olde notion.

Now, I’m not conceding defeat. I’m saying Defeat is on our doorstep, knocker in hand, with a horde of college aged hipsters behind her. BUT MCCAIN STILL COULD WIN. I don’t think he will, but it could happen. Like that little dude from Angels in the Outfield once said to Danny Glover, “It could happen”.


  1. marshall says

    The thing that gets me is how liberals try to pin the current economic crisis on the free market. What got us in the mess is not deregulation; it was congress forcing banks and lenders to make risky loans. It was government trying to level the playing field and make everything “fair.” Socialism looks great on paper, but the reality of it is just ugly.

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