Obama & Fidel

We can rack up another world dictator to the list of Obama supporters that the new President probably wishes he didn’t have. Everyone’s favorite Cuban celebrity, Fidel Castro is on board. AP details the former dictator’s thoughts:

No one can doubt the sincerity of his words when he affirms that he will convert his country into a model of freedom, respect for human rights in the world and the independence of other nations. This, of course, offends hardly anyone except for the misanthropes in the corners of the planet. He already conveniently said that the jail and the tortures at the illegal base at Guantanamo cease immediately, which begins to sow doubts among those who worship terror as an unrenounceable instrument of their country’s foreign policy.

The intelligent and noble face of the first black president of the United States since its founding two and one-third centuries ago as an independent republic had transformed itself under the inspiration of Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King into a living symbol of the American dream.

So there you have it. I don’t think this needs any further commentary from me, or even photographs to make it pretty. It’s pretty epic all on it’s own. As are you, dear reader. OK, there is one thing… I’ve heard on occasion an old adage: “Judge a man based on the quality of his enemies.”


The great Maha-Rushie, otherwise known as Rush Limbaugh, has been taking his usual flak from the media for his recent statement to Sean Hannity that he doesn’t want Barack Obama to succeed. He makes the point that Obama’s policy success is diametrically opposed to the continued success of the country. It’s amazing, and quite accurate in my estimation. Behold.

Have a tremendous evening.

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