Unlocking the Wonders of the Liberal Mind & Tea Time

All over America today, people are taking to governmental locales with representations of tea bags to protest the hearty spending of our new President (the man who is playfully referred to by GooseRadio as The Child. If you are a political junkie you already know what it’s all aboot, but if not suffice it to say that people are harking back to the Boston Tea Party of the 1770s in which colonists dressed as native warriors went ape on a British merchant vessel carrying tea. These folks were displeased that King George III and his parliamentary hosers were hefting taxes on the 13 Colonies in the wake of Britain’s dust up with France for control of North America. While it’s an interesting idea to intertwine this patriotic vandalism of yester-year with a fervent desire for The Child to staunch the flow of trillions from Washington, I do think the Tea Parties are missing the mark ever so slightly. I’ll explain! But first…

Being pretty busy at my day job of late, I haven’t had a chance to read up too terribly much on the specifics of the Tea Parties. Oddly enough, this whole ball of wax caught my attention again because of a column I just read by Paul Begala! Ya! Angry liberal man Paul Begala! While his latest piece is in many ways chock full of Democratic offerings we’ve heard before, it’s really interesting in that it showcases so many profound differences in the world views of Liberals and Conservatives. A snippet if you will? Here’s his opening line…

Happy Patriots’ Day. April 15 is the one day a year when our country asks something of us — or at least the vast majority of us.

Even right off the bat, you note that Begala’s definition of ‘country’ is in fact ‘government’ – and he whole-heartedly embraces Joe Biden’s oft-repeated campaign comment that paying taxes is one of the most patriotic things we can do. Some more… After mentioning the tea party phenomenon that he believes has been concocted by FoxNews:

That a bunch of overpaid media millionaires would lead a faux-populist revolt is comical. They somehow held their populist instincts in check as George W. Bush and the Republicans cut taxes on the idle rich and put the screws to the working stiffs.

WOW! You don’t get this in it’s pure form this often! This is almost delightful because Begala really does believe what he’s saying. You won’t find a more clear cut philosophical breakdown of the class-warefare that the Democrat party has practiced for generations than this. Begala believes that a huge contigent of the wealthy in this country are foolish blokes who have stumbled into their money despite their appalling idle-ness. Meanwhile, the former President and his minions conspired to bring home even more bacon to these layabouts. The allegation seems to be that the money was somehow taking directly from the blue collar folks to give to the wealthy indolent in a sort of reverse Robin Hood scenario. This is an absolutely beautiful and pure depiction of modern liberalism. Thank you Paul – you have made my day. And believe it or not, all these discoveries were made possible because I actually found something in the article I agreed with – which leads me back to the tea parties.

Begala notes correctly that the Boston Tea Party was actually held because the colonists believed they were being taxed by a parliament in London in which they had nobody representing them. As an Anglophile and a history buff I’d note that they were offered pariliamentary representation, but hey – that’s kind of water under the bridge at this point. Point being that – as the hippy Mr. Begala rightly declares – bemoaning the tax and spend nature of a government we elected and being concerned that we’re not being represented at all are pretty different things. And while I agree with much of what the tea partiers were standing for today, we need to be careful to remember that in so many ways we as conservatives and fiscally responsible had our chances to stop this spend happy moment from being realized. All that said… the tea parties are hopefully an imperfect start to a reasoned and strategic pushback that results in Conservatives finding their voice once more.


  1. Rick says

    The funny thing about these tea parties is that I feel most of the people having them now to protest Obama’s rampant spending were conspicuously silent while Bush and a Republican-controlled Congress were engaging in their own rampant spending.

  2. says

    Rick, I can’t disagree with that. In many ways we Conservatives have only ourselves to blame for the current state of things. I do think you can find a pretty dedicated minority of Conservatives that were indeed drawing attention to the spending if you look for it – but I do think you’re right that it was a minority.

  3. says

    I agree that President Bush spent more than I would have liked, but he did have a war on his hands and its difficult to control spending when you want to also give troops the resources to win. Granted I think the bailouts he gave while in office were unwise, there was enormous pressure to go through with them.

    The difference between President Obama and President Bush is that Obama spends while saying he is cutting the deficit, he spends while saying taxes on middle income citizens will not rise when there is not enough money if he confiscated the entire wealth of the rich to fund his plans. Something has got to give.

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