An Angry Dakotan Journalist – TWG V 27

Joe Mauer BattingIn the inaugural ‘Angry Journalist’ segment of This Week with Goose, writer David Gregory joins us for his take on Sotomayor, Joe Mauer, and Republican presidential hopefuls in 2012. In a surprise move, he advocates the next GOP nominee be selected by staging a Survivor sequel in Puerto Rico with the main contenders, judged by Dick Cheney. The last person standing would then be the nominee. He then goes on to accuse Justin Morneau and Joe Mauer of steroid use. Goose also summarizes the week that was from Washington… to Cairo… to the Metrodome. It’s entertainment, information, and a general sense of well being for all. LISTEN HERE, or by clicking the blue play button right below this text… or by clicking the gray player to your right! OPTIONS!

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