Clintons on Obama – A Phony, Not Ready

I’ve read precisely 6 pages of the new and explosive book Game Change, and already it has more than paid for itself in sheer political mirth. It is unfortunate that Senator McCain did not have this book during the campaign in ’08. If he had, he could have centered his entire campaign around the assessment of one Barack Obama given on the eve of Iowa’s Caucus and detailed on pages 5 and 6.

The ones offering said assessment? Bill and Hillary Clinton.

But mostly Bill was enraged with the media, which he believed had brutalized his wife while treating Obama with kid gloves. This is bull****, he said. The guy’s a phony. He has no experience, he has no record; he’s not nearly ready to be commander in chief.

“He’s a United States senator,” Hillary snapped. ‘That’s nothing to laugh at.’

He’s only been in the Senate three years and he’s been running the whole time for president, Bill replied. “What has he really done?’

‘We have to be real here – people think of that as experience,’ Hillary said.

Oh. My. Gosh.

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