Beck & Palin Make News

Goose Nissley —  January 13, 2010 — Leave a comment

The Talking Points Memo had these moving pictures from Sarah Palin’s interview earlier today with Glen Beck…

You gotta give Glenn major plaudits for the follow up question. Can you see Sean Hannity pressing that inquiry? NAY! That man would have simply reached for his script and recited whatever silly bullet point was called for next. This Beck guy is something.

I don’t think this is further proof that Palin is uneducated or non-refined at all. It looks like she just couldn’t pull a specific name, tensed up there and tried to buy some time to think of a father. It happens. Washington was pretty impressive.

Also happened upon this clip from Beck’s show this morning (ht to Media Matters) before his tv interview with the governor. Concerning her 2012 prospects…

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