An Obama Musical & the Crazy in Ron Paul’s Eyes

Volume 38 – What is Germany’s latest contribution to the world? It’s a new musical about Barack Obama. Carrie Underwood’s Engagement is lamented by GooseRadio’s Alex Whitworth. A hairy libertarian, GooseRadio Contributor Tim Shaw, explains why the President’s statist economic policies aren’t working. Also expounds on the tea partiers, Glenn Beck, and Sarah Palin’s speaking ability.

The WWE is touched on, as the classy Mr. Whitworth details his recent attendance at the “Raw” event in the Twin Cities. Find out if he saw anyone disemboweled! When you look in Ron Paul’s eyes, can you actually see the crazy? It’s been fun to watch the Conan, Jay feud & particularly watching hosts disparage their employer network on its own airwaves. I don’t get the affection for Conan.

Joel Osteen, Bret Favre & the Prayer of Jabez also make appearances.


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