The Week in Rants 4/19

Quite a bit of stuff happened this week…

Jennifer Knapp Is a Lesbian! Wow!

Jennifer Knapp -

The interwebs lit up this week with news that the former Christian music starlet has been in a same-sex relationship for years. The immediate reaction had little to do with Knapp and was mostly directed against Evangelical-dom. On TV & across the verdant prairies of Facebook and Twitter it went a bit like this: ‘Those narrow-minded hosers in churches across the fruited plain drove another poor girl away! They chased her to exile on the beaches of Australia because of her forbidden love!’ The gale-force reaction proved that what was at issue was more than being gay or straight. The talking heads once more tried to make Knapp’s story a referendum on the belief that there are right things and wrong things. In today’s world, that sort of belief is approximately as popular as polka’s greatest hits. Since Evangelicals are the largest and most influential group out there still cleaving to the quaint notion that right and wrong exist – they’re the favorite target for folks who don’t want to deal with such thoughts, and time’s like these are prime chances to sling ye olde mud.

The buzzword in a lot of Christian circles after the news was ‘love’. People were angry that other believers weren’t reacting to Jennifer in love. This is a fair and important point! Nobody should be bludgeoning the young lady. At the same time, the ‘love’ camp would be wise to reserve some of its commentary for the fact that homosexuality is… well… wrong. There. I said it.

Bill Clinton Really Was Better for the Dems than Barack Obama.

"I did not... have... many... beliefs... deep down..."

Bill Clinton was back in the news this week, saying that angry Conservatives like Palin, Limbaugh, and Beck were probably going to incite some lunatic to blow people up. That comment was reckless and irresponsible, but Clinton’s reappearance reminded me of how he operated. He mastered the art of wafting all over the political spectrum – placating liberals with traditional leftist support for abortion and gay rights, while also appealing to folks on the right with things like welfare reform and balanced budgets. Clinton watched the latest poll numbers like a vulture circling a bunny in the forest. They were sort of his compass.

Barack Obama does not concern himself with such poll watching. It appears he has a moral and ideological compass! Unfortunately, that compass appears to veer unceasingly to the left. Since becoming Chief Executive of America Inc., he’s pushed with every sinew of his liberal being to bring health care, stimulus bills, leftist judges, and climate legislation into being. When he’s been defeated, he’s simply lowered his crown and pushed even harder.

Both Democrats were or will be (in Obama’s case) treated to massive losses in congressional elections in their first mid-term trial run. But whereas Clinton was able to defeat Bob Dole for a second term in 1996, telling voters he was a moderate who looked out for everyone, Obama will be forced to run as the liberal purist he has been in office. For the Democrats, wish-wash Clinton is proving to have been healthier than pure-as-the-driven snow Obama.

Social Justice Is Everywhere!

Including places you wouldn’t expect them. Last weekend I was in Minneapolis and attended one of the campuses of a well known church that’s widely known as a theologically conservative fiesta. The senior pastor – who may or may not be an internationally recognized author / speaker / tweeter – was gone and a fill in occupied the pulpit. Halfway through a rather whimsical sermon, the guest orator made the comment that he was, “So tired of hearing about dead white men and their great awakenings!” I was a bit befuddled at the seemingly out of place and purpose-less comment until my friend explained that it was a buzz-phrase of a modern group of folks who belief much of Christian history to be completely outdated and un-useful because it was lived exclusively by white folks. Reverse-racism anyone?

People in England Are Really Befuddled on Who to Elect to Parliament. WHY?!

David Cameron & Gordon Brown
The first British parliamentary election since the Tony Blair years will take place on May 6th. The liberal Labor Party has been calling the shots in Great Britain since 1997. That’s thirteen years!!! The main contenders are Labour and the Conservative Party. The leader of the party with most seats in the House of Commons becomes Prime Minister.

Britain’s piece of the world-wide recessional pie has been even less tasty than most, and much of the blame lies squarly at the door of current Prime Minister, and non-impressive-Scot, Gordon Brown. Before taking over from Tony Blair several years ago, Brown directed England’s finances as the British equivalent of our Secretary of the Treasury. Brown spent and borrowed and spent some more in the good years. Then, when the bad times came, he convinced everyone that the thing to do was spend and borrow even more because the economists said it was neccessary.

Why in the name of Churchill and the Beatles would the Brits even think of sending this man back to power?! Has the grand island become that depend on all the fluffy luxury of cradle to the grave socialism? Unfortunately, Brown has remained within striking distance in British polls – though most show Conservative leader David Cameron slightly on top. A new wildcard has emerged in Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrat party. Apparently Nick did well in the recent (and first ever) TV debate and folks are flocking to his 3rd party as well now, creating quite a complicated mess of politicians. Here’s hoping the British ask themselves when liberalism has ever worked for them in the past. The answer might be instructive.

Kate Gosselin Is Wrenched Away from Her Children… to Do a Reality Dancing Competition? EXCUSE ME?!

This is just…

I’m sorry, but why are you crying, Miss Gosselin? You’ve been torn away from your children to do what? Dance with the stars? Those same children that you raised on television… on another reality show? Did someone force you to dance with the stars?! Your book sales and tv royalties weren’t satisfactory to keep you with the chillun?! This was necessitated by your poverty?!!!

God loves Kate Gosselin, but I sure don’t care for her.

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