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Obama Guy Explains How We’ve Got It All Wrong

An angsty young Obama supporter – our old friend James “The Obama Guy” (Listen to all Obama Guy’s appearances here) – is pretty displeased at the way that President Obama is being portrayed right now. James explains to me that Obama capped the oil well, nominated a wonderful woman to the nation’s highest court, and is really looking out for all of our interests. And how did we thank him? Tanking poll numbers…

Lastly, Obama Guy explains the real story behind Lindsay Lohan’s substance abuse issues… You don’t want to miss the return of entertainment, information, and a general sense of well being.

3 thoughts on “Obama Guy Explains How We’ve Got It All Wrong”

  1. I’ve missed you. (Hugs) Glad James cleared up the oil spill issue. I thought for sure it was W’s fault but now I find out it was Rush. Of course, this makes perfect sense to me now. The drugs and all.
    Keep splattering your mirror with tooth paste. No worries. They say it makes the glass shinny and we all like the shinny things. Do hope Sioux Falls knows how lucky they are to have you!

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