Newton? Is that you?!

Newt Gingrich Is Still Alive?

Newton Leroy Gingrich has returned from the grave. Recently, he’s been appearing on the moving picture box and telling people he’s thinking about running for president. Well – he’s telling folks that he’s thinking about possibly thinking about running for President. But not until after November, you understand.

The former Speaker of the US House and frequent foil of one WJ Clinton, hasn’t been fully deceased of course. He’s continued popping up frequently on FoxNews and as a columnist on the interwebs. But as an active participant in politics? Old Newt hasn’t held elected office since 1999, when he stepped down as speaker in the wake of some unfriendly headlines and a sort of mini-coup from fellow Republicans. That’s over 11 years since he’s been in the game. The man’s been churning out books and good ideas, sure – but now he wants to be President? The prospect of Newton being the GOP nominee does not tantalize me.

Newt’s done some tremendous things for Conservatism. His brainchild, the Contract with America, swept Republicans into power in 1994 and forcibly brought Bill Clinton’s presidency to the center. However, the man also had quite a bit of difficulty in the scandal department, which had a hand in his exit from active politics. Those difficulties would come back to haunt him if he was attempting to lead the party of family values in a general election against Barack Obama.

The distance from now to the age in which Newt made his mark is an issue for me as well. I don’t think we need a fresh faced puppy as our nominee by any means, but Gingrich is a bit dated. Newt was a fixture of the age of Clinton. This is the age of Obama. Recycling a 2008 hopeful is one thing, but recycling a speaker of the house who announced his retirement 12 years ago doesn’t seem like a winning strategy to me.

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