With Landslide Victories – Has the Tea Party Made the GOP Safe for Conservatives Again?

Say what you will about “establishment” candidates and the mentality of the Washington elites being that of a “ruling class,” if it’s negative, it’s probably all true. And everyone is saying it. The media, desperate to portray the Republican take-over of the House of Representatives as anything other than anger with Obama, has called this season one of “anti-incumbent” sentiment. And happily, there’s some truth to that. The Tea Party’s success in ousting establishment republicans was just as noteworthy as their success in campaigning against Democrats. Even when they lost, the Tea Party favorites came very close–far closer than any Republican has come in decades.

So is the country ready to embrace the Tea Party? Is the Republican Party safe for conservatives again? I doubt it. What happened on Tuesday was the country responding to two years of unabashed, unashamed socialism poured down our throats. And like the last time government effected such solutions, disaster was the result. The economy was on everyone’s mind, and it finally became clear to middle America and all the “independent” voters out there, that liberal policies kill the economy.

We’ve been telling them that for years. Heck, even the Democrat’s campaign ads have subtly acknowledged it, “John Smith is for Big Business–so don’t vote for him. Vote for me, cause I’m for the little guy.” Well the little guy is out of a job and he finally gets that Big Business isn’t the enemy. Business is the answer. Our government has spent and wasted billions and billions of our dollars and our children’s dollars trying to fix the economy. It didn’t work from 1933 through 1939 (in fact the evidence shows it made it worse). So Viva la Reagan RevoluciĆ³n! Yes, it seems that America has finally wizened up, and now they understand liberals are bad for the economy. I don’t believe that for a minute.

Election day happened to be a Tuesday I was volunteering at a food shelter in downtown Minneapolis. There weren’t very many people there. There never are at the beginning of the month. I don’t believe all the welfare people were out voting, and in many respects I hope they were not. Constructive and responsible civic duty is usually not the homeless’ forte. It is a foregone conclusion that they would vote Democrat, though–the party of other people’s money (hereafter, O.P.M.) Once someone is hooked on O.P.M. it’s extremely hard to shake it. They make allowances for it; they plan their lives around it. They get their O.P.M. fix early in the month, gorge themselves on it, waste it, then survive the rest of the month on us at the shelter, until their next fix. This addiction transcends all race, color and creed. Except for the strong of character. Those people who pull themselves up by their bootstraps don’t stay hooked for long, and are usually ashamed they ever touched the stuff. It’s the people who accept the path of least resistance that get hooked indefinitely, and they will always vote for the guy that wants to give them more.

What strikes me is how willingly most people ignore this addiction that is destroying lives and inner cities. It’s politically incorrect to ask poor people to provide for themselves and be productive members of society. The average middle American means well enough, he wants to help those less fortunate so ordinarily he wouldn’t vote this way, but in a recession he needs to know his job is secure, so the Republican gets elected.

The swing voters that made this Republican sweep possible are people who are engaged economic production. They are people who have jobs and want to keep them, or don’t have jobs but want them; and that’s the issue they took to the polls. They all voted for the Republican because pro-business is pro-jobs.

The only people who voted Democrat are people who don’t need to care about the economy. Those are people with guaranteed jobs (government/union), or people who don’t need to work or people who don’t want to work. It’s alarming that when it really comes down to it, that’s where the line in the sand is. Liberal economic policies are so socialist that the only people that support them are those who don’t need to worry about what happens to the economy. Either they’re the super rich or the super poor (or have a government job.)

So has America wizened up? Are we ready to face the O.P.M. addiction that’s decaying our country from the bottom-up? I really don’t think so. As soon as the economy recovers and the average American is secure in knowing his beer and Cheetos will always be there for him, he’ll go back to voting for issues other than the economy, and supporting candidates that are bad for business. Because, hey, who doesn’t want to help out the little guy, right? It’s sure easier than volunteering time.

Image Credit – floridapundit.com