Proof – Parents Have Been Mailing It In for Past Two Decades or So

The ‘Occupy Wall Street’ youngins apparently have brethren down in Atlanta who are, creatively, ‘Occupying Atlanta’. Here’s a video of some of them literally all sitting in a semi-circle in a park performing systematic listening rituals and attempting to democratically decide whether or nay to listen to Congressman John Lewis…

If that doesn’t make you question the future of our great land… well… you have a slightly more gifted positive side than I…

The Youtube user who took the video expertly points out the virtues of Marxism being employed by the group leader… who takes great care to remind his repetitive, seemingly entranced, mostly bearded, followers that they’re all equals in a sort of great collective.

Yyyyyikes. Parents? Why did you allow your children to turn out like this?!

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