The President Has Exited the Closet

I’m mostly just posting this because I think the Drudge headline is epic… as is his wont… but there was some pretty big news today. Probably not a ton of you are surprised that President Obama supports gay marriage, but I was the tiniest bit surprised he announced it publicly. Apparently, he really did get scooped by Biden over the weekend and his comfort with the concept of gay marriage! Man! Joseph again. That guy is a loose cannon.

I sincerely disagree with the President’s position. I think the very fabric of America is the family, and that there’s something important about a union between a man and woman… and having a mom & a dad for the kiddos. I’ve heard it said time and again from the other side that gay couples are being oppressed and made to feel lesser humans because they can’t get married. The goal posts in this argument are being moved in such a way that the opinion I just expressed becomes nearly bigotry. Surprise, surprise on that strategy from the extreme left eh!

But this isn’t about hating people and oppressing them, squelching their dreams… marriage is a privilege that’s been operating pretty darn well for thousands of years. If it’s going to be redefined, and it shouldn’t be, the burden of proof ought to be on the re-definers and not those who want to protect its traditional meaning. And that burden should demand a higher bar than… ‘You are making us feel bad because you can do things we can’t!’.

Carry on.

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