Why I’m Against a Marriage Amendment


There’s something rather disturbing happening in America, and, frankly, I’m surprised not more people are picking up on it. After all, if a serious philosophical shift was happening in a country, you’d expect intellectual leaders of all stripes raising their voices as one, yet I haven’t seen anything of the kind. So, by way of […]

The Death of the Christian College

Christian college campus

Well, health care reform is now a fact in America. The President has promised to make big changes to the way business is done in this country. He promised to reduce the deficit, make colleges more affordable, and freeze governmental spending for three years in 2011 among many other things. My biggest worry after listening […]

‘Avatar’ Dazzles, but Has Old Grudges to Settle

Avatar Still 1

Last year’s blockbuster hit “Avatar” amazed audiences with incredibly beautiful vistas, intense action, and… humanistic naturalism with anti-military undertones? If you’re inclined to see the film, which I highly recommend doing if just for the gorgeous CGI work, I won’t spoil anything for you. That said, the film’s protagonist is a paraplegic marine sent to […]

The Post Christian America

Big Ben Clocktower

In a recent article in Breakpoint, evangelical leader Chuck Colson brought to light the British government’s stance against any reference to Christianity in the constitutions of its St. Helena, Tristan da Cunha, and Ascension territories. The constitutions of the islands generally declare that “religion finds its expression in moral living and social justice.” Thus they […]