Hailing from the wind swept prairies of Eastern Montana, a love for small town life and simplicity were planted early on in Goose’s life. Another product of Saint Paul’s Northwestern College, he earns his keep as a radio personality in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Goose’s interests in politics, sports & culture are evident in the This Week with Goose podcast and his blog entries, which you can peruse below.

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Tall, dark, and often hairy, Tim is a graduate of Northwestern College and a would-be historian. He enjoys exploring the great Minnesotan wilderness, wearing cloaks, eating meat, and reading Egyptian Hieroglyphs. When he deigns to speak English, he represents the Libertarian element of conservative thought for Goose Radio.

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Kristina is a Minnesota girl and a Northwestern College graduate currently studying in Singapore. She loves to learn about practically anything but especially history, culture, and how this crazy world works. If she was not busy being what she already is, she would probably be a tree-hugging hippy feminist. Find more of her work at

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The daughter of a professional sports executive and a hippie stay-at-home mom, there’s bound to be some quirky contradictions behind the name. Her favorite things include sea glass, dairy cows, cityscapes, good coffee, old buttons, and fashion magazines. Her heart often aches for the famous and longs to remind the world that they’re still just people. Oh, and yes, she is a Northwestern College grad.

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Andrew Carter is an evil capitalist who enjoys top hats, monocles, cigars, installing puppet governments and bludgeoning the poor down with polo mallets in the company of his close friends. An Iowan in exile, he currently resides in the hellish artic wasteland that is Minnesota.

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