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Hillary, the President and Junior High

It’s finally happened.

The talking heads have long speculated that Hillary Clinton would attempt to somehow distance herself from the President in the run up to her expected second bid at the Oval Office. Recently, she opined that President Obama wasn’t doing the best at the whole foreign policy thing – particularly in the Middle East.

So what does this mean for the future? Can Hillary effectively distance herself from the foreign policy of an administration in which she served as the top foreign policy decision maker? We set proverbial sail towards answers.

Old Brink Brickly and myself tackle:

  • Can anyone stop Hillary Clinton from being the next President? Does she really even need to be perceived as strong on foreign policy?

“I don’t understand the sentiment that Hillary is unstoppable.” “Well but the polls say she is. And the polls are always right. Remember all of the elections that have been decided by polls.” “All of them.” “Yes”

  • How is the Obama foreign policy of Clinton & John Kerry sort of like junior high?
  • Considering how little President Obama seems to enjoy implementing a foreign policy of any sort, why didn’t he just stick to being a professor?
  • What is a community organizer?
  • Why don’t girls want to go on second dates with me?

Obama Stuns Nation, Switches Parties

Obama Change Meme

WASHINGTON DC, AF — This morning, in one of the most stunning reversals in American political history, President Barack Obama declared he has switched his political allegiance from the Democratic Party to the Republican Party, effective at noon tomorrow.

In a startling press conference in the Rose Garden early today, Obama stepped to the podium, smiling widely, and detailed the background to his history-making decision. He was joined on the dais by his pet Portuguese Water Dog & a familiar looking man in a dark suit, slightly reminiscent of that guy in the photo that comes inside a new picture frame. The transcript from his address is re-produced below in its entirety: Continue reading Obama Stuns Nation, Switches Parties

Obama Ditches the Shame


When the President ran for the White House the first time, he indicated he needed to go and rescue the nation from an executive branch that – under President GW Bush – was just bullying the rest of the government around and basically doing whatever it very well wanted. He said he would go in there and return us to the way the constitution said things should be between the branches of government and champion people’s rights and that stuff.

Well, here we are just over 5 years into his presidency, and he’s expanded the power of the presidency even further than that other guy. Just in the last weeks’ comes news that he’s changing the dates when the employer mandate to provide insurance under that sweet new healthcare law goes into effect. Not changing the settled, passed law of the land mind you (as sucky as that thing is…). He’s just doing it, and the HHS is telling people that’s the way it is.

Brink and I are, as you might expect, displeased. We discuss how this phenomenon, exhibited as well in regards to the minimum wage and issues like gay marriage, could possibly be gaining this kind of steam in light of the President’s campaign rhetoric. In the end, we decide it has a lot to do with the collective level of shame in the halls of the District of Columbia.

It’s a General Sense of Well Being that President Obama can’t veto below…

The State of the Union Is… Repetitive


We’ve had a week to digest the State of the Union. Was it weird that we didn’t hear anything new five years into the President’s term? Where was the whole Obamacare business in that speech? Brink & I tackle the speech & the opportunities the Presidents’ job performance may just offer the GOP this November. Brink also gets annoyed with John McCain. Sidle up to the play button below and voyage with us toward entertainment, information & a general sense of well being…

GooseRadio Demotivators

The End of Reagan-ism


The Great Charles Krauthammer finds the words to elucidate the meaning of President Obama’s Inaugural Address…

Historically, very important. Not memorable — there’s not a line here that will ever be repeated — but I think very important historically, because this was really Obama unbound. And, I think what’s most interesting is that Obama basically is declaring the end of Reaganism in this speech. … This speech today was an ode to big government. It was a hymn to big government. … This speech was a declaration — the era of big government is back, I’m the man that will do it.

It was really sad to see a good & capable man defeated by a motivational speaker for the nation’s top job, but it is far more stark of an emotion to grasp the totality of what the selection means. As Mitt Romney said just after the primaries were effectively concluded, if Barack Obama were given a second term, he would ‘remake’ America. So it appears.

Via HotAir

Mitt Romney for President

It’s just hours away from the moment when we’ll finally know who our next President will be. It’s time to name GooseRadio’s pick for the vanilla abode (and yes, if you’ve read & listened for some time you’re laughing because you already know without a doubt who the pick is…).

Yes, it’s about the economy… about America’s role in the world… and about strengthening families across our land. But come join us at the play button as we surprise you with this: perhaps the most eloquent case to elect Mitt Romney was made by a certain Illinois Senator in 2008. Click play below to immerse yourself in a bevy of audio cheer!

How Much Can the President Actually Do?

Okay, so one thing that’s really been bugging me in the election season this year is the presidential candidates making claims about what they’re going to do when they get into office: lower taxes, balance the budget, decrease the deficit, bring troops home, create jobs, etc. etc. etc.

What frustrates me is that the vast majority of the promises and claims the candidates are making are outside the realm of power that the executive office holds! The president, for example, cannot raise or lower taxes, only Congress can. So, I started researching the powers in the executive office and, since it’s a hot topic, how the federal budget is made. It turns out, the president is not as powerless as I thought, but not nearly as powerful as Obama and Romney seem to think. What follows is my findings about the responsibilities and limitations of the presidential office. After all, if it’s our job to choose a man to fill the job of president, we should probably know what that job entails. Continue reading How Much Can the President Actually Do?