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Farewell Cuddy? An Elderly Williams Sister & Perishing Bees

Last winter the mood among Minnesota Twins was something akin to resignation. Granted, there was the old Chicago Cub, ‘anything can happen’ spirit present. As for real hope that the Twins were going to challenge in 2008, not a whole lot of such a thing was there. And then 2008 happened, and the Twins young buck starting pitching started to go ape and mature sooner than anyone expected. Fresh off such a surprisingly positive year, the Twins go into this winter with lots of hope, few free agents needing resigning, but also some big decisions with which to grapple.

The fate of Michael Cuddyer now appears to be one of the aforementioned items. The big old hoser is rumored to be trade bait, with the Twins offering ye olde Colorado Rockies his services, possibly along with a superfluous starter to the moutain-dwellers for Garret Atkins. As much as Cuddyer would be missed for his arm and his pleasant demeanor, Atkins is the third basemen with some potency in his bat that the Twins have sought ever since the melancholy departure of Corey Koskie. He’s clubbed at least 20 home runs for three straight years with no fewer than 99 RBIs in each campaign.

The Twins also appear interested in Casey Blake, who hit 20-something home runs last year for the Indians and Dodgers. He seems like an acceptable bloke as well, although a bit older than Atkins. As a free agent though, Blake would require a respectable salary but no talent in a trade as the Rockie would.

From baseball to insects – It appears that the British are rioting to save their bees. The little dudes have just been dropping like… well they’ve been dying like crazy all over the place. No one really knows why, but beekeepers all over the place have just been losing them, as if they misplaced something. In this case, that something is bees. Also strange is that individual dead bees aren’t really being found, the bees just sally forth from the hives and don’t come back. It’s like they’re just getting lost or something. Scientist blame everything from genetic uniformity to cell phone towers.

Watching women’s tennis is like a morning stroll through an Iowa barnyard what with all the braying and bellowing. Venus Williams, who I believe is now eligible for senior meals at many family restaurants, is taking on a Russian lass in Qatar today. It must be a very comfy place for the American, as a commercial for the ever Yankee-friendly Aljazeera television network is being displayed in the backround. The two sound-friendly females are racketing it up in the Sony Ericsson Chapionships.

Want to say bye today with a look at the real reason John McCain lost.