Favre Might Be, Could Be Somewhat Indecisive – but Will Be Fun to Watch

Brett Favre

“Meh.” That was my first reaction. Brett Favre is returning to the Minnesota Vikings. For the second straight summer, he is swooping in as conquering hero to “have fun out there” and lead his team to playoff glory. The fact he is returning should not come as a surprise. Brett Favre is the NFL’s all-time […]

The Evil Bush, A Fickle Man’s Foot, and the Great Campaigner


The economic recovery hasn’t exactly panned out, even after all those stimulus dollars. But it really is Dubya’s fault. So say Dems everywhere. Will blaming Bush really work as the main campaign thrust for Democrats all over the country in 2010 – 2 years after the man left office? We question the political strategy of […]