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Our Old Foil Returns

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TWG strikes at the heart of the matter – Barack Obama’s 12 year old daughter believes that the world’s tigers need to be saved and her dad is the man for the job. The hazards of home ownership and are discussed and the potential for angry neighbors touched upon. With all the stuff we have to do these days, it’s hard to find any downtime to relax and enjoy life. But what about people back in Bible times? Didn’t they get bored milking cows?

And why doesn’t the NFL have a minor league system? And what about this Brett Favre character?


That was my first reaction.

Brett Favre is returning to the Minnesota Vikings. For the second straight summer, he is swooping in as conquering hero to “have fun out there” and lead his team to playoff glory. The fact he is returning should not come as a surprise. Brett Favre is the NFL’s all-time leader in touchdowns, interceptions, consecutive games started and un-retirements.

The man’s employment status was a touchstone for many NFL fans in the latter half of the previous decade. His “will he/won’t he” flip-flopping raised questions of what Packer fans actually meant to Favre, and what his offseason actions meant to his legacy. In the middle of his third consecutive year of un-retirement, I believe the American sports fan has finally accepted that this uncertainty is part of the Gunslinger’s character, for better or worse. He is a player bound for Canton when -if – he can pull the trigger on a lasting retirement.

While the rest of the country leans toward ambivalence, joyful Viking fans can place their Tavaris Jackson jerseys back into storage. The nice thing about finally coming to accept Favre as indecisive is that his comeback is limited to a purely football issue. And in football, Favre remains relevant.

He had perhaps his best statistical season in ’09, and minus a characteristically boneheaded interception that killed Minnesota late in the NFC Championship game against New Orleans, was the offensive MVP for the Vikes. Favre has certainly earned the right to return, the right to be courted by a planeful of teammates begging him to come back. With no. 4 behind center, Minnesota plans to contend again for a trip to the Super Bowl.

I’ll be in the stands for the Vikes’ home opener against my Dolphins (sorry, born into it) on Sept. 19, and the game will be more exciting for Favre’s presence. His crazy, heroic, and questionable throws are still viable, despite what I said last year before his return (and I’m eating those words now). It wouldn’t be a shock to see the Vikes in the Super Bowl, winning it or losing it because of Favre.

In the meantime, his crazy, heroic (for Vikes’ fans) and questionable returns to the game will be met with that “meh” reaction. Alert me when the regular season starts, and Favre does something that’s not half-hearted: throwing the ball.

The economic recovery hasn’t exactly panned out, even after all those stimulus dollars. But it really is Dubya’s fault. So say Dems everywhere. Will blaming Bush really work as the main campaign thrust for Democrats all over the country in 2010 – 2 years after the man left office? We question the political strategy of our campaigner in chief, Barack Obama, with GooseRadio’s David Gregory.

Also, Brett Favre’s ankle is being looked at by a wise doctor. Will the old warrior return once more after his most recent rumored retirement?

And what’s the deal with this crazy flight attendant leaping off the plane after being smacked with food by an irate passenger? David explains why there’s still hope for humanity, in spite of this further demonstration of general stupidity.

Our heartiest & warmest condolences to the denizens of Viking nation.

The joys and the potential pitfalls of Brett Favre in Minnesota on this special edition of This Week with Goose. How will the legendary pigskin hurler's addition play in the lockeroom? With Rosenfels and Jackson? Will it translate into wins on the field? More importantly, would it be wise to start a car dealership with this man?! We examine all and leave no stone unturned as Angry Journalist David Gregory (read David's spirited recap of the day here) joins us for the full episode. Goose and Gregory disect the joys and sorrows of Vikings & Packer faithful the Upper Midwest.

Also, Miley Cyrus' pole dance at the Teen Choice Awards… how do you deal with a 16 year who is bent on becoming the reincarnation of Britney Spears?

And lastly, in our efforts to proffer you a heaping plate of politics to go with your sports and culture, we analyze the current standing of Obama-care! This is sure looking at lot like 1993 isn't it? Granted, we were 8 then…

It's entertainment, information, and a general sense of well being on TWG…

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Ever see an actor in person and feel like they look different on film? Or hear a musician live and find the sounds incomparable to what’s on your iTunes? Well, I just saw an image that looks completely different to me than the photoshopped versions that have existed for months – a photo of Brett Favre in Vikings gear.

Brett Favre Vikings CampAnd, just like those other examples, something feels a little off.

Three weeks after declaring that he couldn’t convince his body to undergo the strain of another full season (and three weeks after I compared him to Meg Ryan on this site), Favre has signed on to be the Minnesota Vikings quarterback. Just hours after getting off the team’s personal jet in St. Paul, Favre was taking snaps at practice, getting ready to start in Friday’s exhibition against the Kansas City Chiefs.

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Brett Favre has decided to remain retired, eschewing a chance to start for the Minnesota Vikings in favor of filming Wrangler jean commercials. The former Green Bay Packer star had led Minnesota on in the fashion of a junior-high dalliance (does Brad Childress like me in his offensive set? Check yes or no), but ultimately returned to the solitude of Mississippi tractors and the memory of Mary.

Brett Favre The Star Tribune first reported that Favre contacted the Vikings on Tuesday – he will continue his now one-year-plus retirement that has had fits and jumps (Lambeau leaps?) since he tearfully said goodbye after the 2007 season to a state of mourning cheeseheads.

Since he wet that Wisconsin podium, he has played a full season with the New York Jets.

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