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Hard Times in Bieber-ville


One of the world’s most inexplicable phenomenons – the rampant popularity of Justin Bieber – has taken some legal hits in recent weeks. Brink & myself discuss the Bieb’s latest legal headaches and even the potential disaffection of his hordes of ‘beliebers’.

Learn how Rob Ford, the mayor of Toronto came to defend the young pop star as well as how Britney Spears & twinkies are brought to bear in the discussion as well.

It’s another rollicking trek toward Entertainment, Information & a General Sense of Well Being…

An All Star Salute to the Glory of Bob Dole

Tonight as I viewed baseball”s All Star Game… and can I just give a brief congratulations to Kansas City”s fans?! Did you hear how they gave that classy cheer for Chipper Jones when he was announced in his last all star game… then also a hearty cheer for division rival Joe Mauer… and then proceeded to viciously boo all the New York Yankees in their own league lineup?! Eat that Evil Empire. But anyway…

During the contest a Pepsi ad played, featuring some auto tuned hip hop mogul (the Niki girl…) and some weird stop and go cinematography. I tweeted my strong feelings…


Well that moment of course led me down memory”s lane to all the glorious moments when pop culture intersected with the noble world of Bob Dole. We don”t have enough casino online Bob Dole in our lives anymore people. So let us together travel back to an age when an elderly senator gave us mirth via his graceful good humor. First – here”s the infamous Pepsi spot in which Senator Dole utters the legendary phrase “Easy Boy”. If you”d like to avoid the bountifity of Britney”s bare midriff… skip to 1:18 for the simple glory of Bob Dole and his pet dog…


Now let”s journey just a bit further back… here”s Bob Dole in a 1997 Super Bowl commercial for Visa with another memorable slogan…


Here”s more Bob Dole promoting Pepsi… in a beautifully crafted dig at himself promoting Viagra…


And here”s Bob Dole busting up the Jay Leno show to make fun of himself promoting Viagra…


Listen to that! The people love Bob Dole. Bob Dole!

Here”s Bob Dole weeping. Because that is what real men do when they are terribly sad.


There you go. Consider your All Star evening enhanced! Bob Dole!

The Fiesta of Favre – TWG 33

pg2_a_favre_4001The joys and the potential pitfalls of Brett Favre in Minnesota on this special edition of This Week with Goose. How will the legendary pigskin hurler”s addition play in the lockeroom? With Rosenfels and Jackson? Will it translate into wins on the field? More importantly, would it be wise to start a car dealership with this man?! We examine all and leave no stone unturned as Angry Journalist David Gregory (read David”s spirited recap of the day here) joins us for the full episode. Goose and Gregory disect the joys and sorrows of Vikings & Packer faithful the Upper Midwest.

Also, Miley Cyrus” pole dance at the Teen Choice Awards… how do you deal with a 16 year who is bent on becoming the reincarnation of Britney Spears?

And lastly, in our efforts to proffer you a heaping plate of politics to go with your sports and culture, we analyze the current standing of Obama-care! This is sure looking at lot like 1993 isn”t it? Granted, we were 8 then…

It”s entertainment, information, and a general sense of well being on TWG…

Pigs, Pelulas, Dan Gladden & Obama’s Bowling – TWG

We beg Barack Obama to intercede in the plight of the Hawaiian Pelula bird, and save them from wild boars with his effective community organization skills.

A look is taken at the recent flap over Obama’s “Special Olympics” comment, and the host may not say what you expect.

Prophecy Goose goes after Minnesota Twins’ radio color guy Dan Gladden.

The History Channel, Gilmore Girls, John Boehner, and American Idol all make it on This Week with Goose. Saddle up your headphones and prepare to be proffered entertainment, information, and a general sense of well being.

An Angry Young Obama Supporter Is Our Guest – This Week with Goose Volume 21

An angry phone call from a passionate Obama supporter turns into a humorous discourse on Obama-mania.

Prophecy Goose speaks of The Bachelor, Hillary, and sweet and sour chicken.

The Week in Summation gives you the lowdown on this week’s spending bills, Britney Spears, and why humans aren’t impressive overall.

It’s entertainment, information, and a general sense of well being in an audio package wrapped with love.

Johnny Raincloud on Obama’s Big Day

Look, the day IS historic. This man is the embodiment of victory over decades of terrible injustice doled out simply because of skin color. He represents the triumph of tolerance (the good kind) and hard work. For this, today did deserve hearty celebration.

*8 and 3/4 month pregnant pause*

However, it ought not be forgotten that there are other potent truths this man represents. He is the product of a campaign that ran on a platform of two planks. Plank 1 – Bush had destroyed life as we once knew it, and I can fix all the problems George W. Bush has visited upon your life. And Plank 2 – I am the embodiment of hope and change. I will instill hope because I will bring change. We need change because George W. Bush has ruined your life. See Plank 1.

And when one strays from the essential and ultra-fluffy two themes of Obama’s run for the White House and gets into the policies he does espouse, you find a man who believes we need to spend more money to fix huge budget shortfalls. You discover a President that is fervently pro choice and an advocate of the gay agenda. Your inquiries will meet a Chief who’s clung to an uber-liberal marching order so tightly in his caeer, as to render his high-flying rhetoric about bi-partisanship today of similar veracity to a Britney Spears program on abstinence only sex education.

So, not to be Johnny Raincloud – but the next four years may seem a bit like a longer version of the biblical battle when Joshua made the sun and moon stand still so the Israelites could beat the tar out of the Canaanites. (Oh Yasar Arafat, where have you gone…) Eloquent explication does not equal success. And a singular speech about happy-dappy-handholding across party lines does not erase a year of self-serving sandblasting of those whom the speaker disagrees.

*Large intake of breath*

I think in the song ‘Desert Rose’, Sting says something about dreams that are tied to a ‘horse that will never die’. That’s some food for thought.


Today’s not all bad though – I finally made it to the exercise room in my new appartment complex tonight. I even figured out how to use most of the weight machines the first time I tried. I imagine the sense of victory I feel is something askin to what Roosevelt and his Roughriders experienced after charging up San Juan Hill.


It’s been almost a month now since the last audio installment of This Week with Goose, and I extend my hearty apologies for visiting this travesty upon you (or not visiting a travesty on you depending who you talk to). The good tidings – the next volume is already in the works and will be avaliable later this week.

Have a tremendous mid-week!

Josef Stalin & Sarah Palin’s Face

Things are getting spooky in Siberia. Tomorrow, Russians may very well name Josef Stalin as the man they believe to be the greatest Russian in history.

Russia’s influential television outlet, Rossiya, is staging a year long poll for Russians the country over to weigh in on who they believe to be their greatest countrymen. From an original list of 500 cold-dwelling-Russophiles the tally has now been whittled to twelve. One of the remaining aspirants is Josef Stalin, murderer of millions and architect of the Cold War Soviet Union. Foxnews quotes the St. Petersburg Communist Party’s leader as saying that, “Stalin made Russia a superpower and was one of the founders of the coalition against Hitler in World War II….” How terrifying is it that the opinions of the millions of Russians who voted in the poll appear to be agree? Substantively terrifying.

The horses at Disney have decided to cease their support for producing the next planned Narnia film, “Voyage of the Dawn Treader”. Walden Media, which partnered with Walt’s Wonderful World to produce the first two movies, still has exclusive rights from Lewis’ estate to make movies from ye olde books and is now looking for other hosers to help out. Here’s hoping they’re successful, because the first two movies were actually good representations of what I saw in my head when I read Lewis, and also because Reepicheep the mouse was set to have a bigger role in this upcoming buzzard. I’m realizing I have very little hope of seeing my favorite of the books – the Horse and His Boy and The Last Battle – ever made into moving pictures. It’s emotional.

The buzz is a flutter about Sarah Palin potentially offering her grandeur to the senate instead of the Alaska statehouse. Moosevile will have a senate seat opening in 2010, and it’s being suggested that a run may be a boon of potential media coverage and an upgrade in influence for the woman some liberal radio humanoids have dubbed ‘Caribou Barbie’. Recent polling suggests that Alaskans would prefer her to current Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski, who is the daughter of former governor Frank Murkowski. The elder statseman was the founder of Palin’s popularity, as she ousted him to become chief executive herself. If Washington is everywhere she wants to be then she might have to continue beating up on the Murkowski’s.

I’ve recently noted to others that Palin will be 48 years of age in 2012, and I cant help wondering how aging might perhaps dampen the cute factor at work here in regards to potential presidential postualation. Her good looks were undoubtedly helping her with the portion of the male electorate that didn’t know Dan Quayle from Danny Tanner this go round. I’m not sure how much of an impact it will have. Age defying technology will also be four years older, and I’m certain there are a lot of cute 48 year olds running around too as some sort of precedent setter. But it’s undeniable that her appealing visage was a cornerstone of her ’08 mass popularity, and any diminishing of that might be harmful to her political hopes. Despite whatever conclusion is reached on that though, Palin remains enormously popular with Alaskans and Conservatives nationwide.

Britney Spears has apparently completed her comeback. For Spears, this means she is once again successfully removing all her clothing on television while music plays in the background. But, as she’s no longer shaving her head and running over people with her car, things are declared back to normal.