Hard Times in Bieber-ville


One of the world’s most inexplicable phenomenons – the rampant popularity of Justin Bieber – has taken some legal hits in recent weeks. Brink & myself discuss the Bieb’s latest legal headaches and even the potential disaffection of his hordes of ‘beliebers’. Learn how Rob Ford, the mayor of Toronto came to defend the young […]

The Fiesta of Favre – TWG 33


The joys and the potential pitfalls of Brett Favre in Minnesota on this special edition of This Week with Goose. How will the legendary pigskin hurler's addition play in the lockeroom? With Rosenfels and Jackson? Will it translate into wins on the field? More importantly, would it be wise to start a car dealership with this man?! We examine all and leave no stone unturned as Angry Journalist David Gregory (read David's spirited recap of the day here) joins us for the full episode. Goose and Gregory disect the joys and sorrows of Vikings & Packer faithful the Upper Midwest.

Also, Miley Cyrus' pole dance at the Teen Choice Awards… how do you deal with a 16 year who is bent on becoming the reincarnation of Britney Spears?

And lastly, in our efforts to proffer you a heaping plate of politics to go with your sports and culture, we analyze the current standing of Obama-care! This is sure looking at lot like 1993 isn't it? Granted, we were 8 then…

It's entertainment, information, and a general sense of well being on TWG…

Pigs, Pelulas, Dan Gladden & Obama’s Bowling – TWG

We beg Barack Obama to intercede in the plight of the Hawaiian Pelula bird, and save them from wild boars with his effective community organization skills.

A look is taken at the recent flap over Obama’s “Special Olympics” comment, and the host may not say what you expect.

Prophecy Goose goes after Minnesota Twins’ radio color guy Dan Gladden.

The History Channel, Gilmore Girls, John Boehner, and American Idol all make it on This Week with Goose. Saddle up your headphones and prepare to be proffered entertainment, information, and a general sense of well being.

An Angry Young Obama Supporter Is Our Guest – This Week with Goose Volume 21

Obama Guy Header

An angry phone call from a passionate Obama supporter turns into a humorous discourse on Obama-mania. Prophecy Goose speaks of The Bachelor, Hillary, and sweet and sour chicken. The Week in Summation gives you the lowdown on this week’s spending bills, Britney Spears, and why humans aren’t impressive overall. It’s entertainment, information, and a general […]