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TWG Turns 5,000

The TWG Podcast surpassed 5,000 listens this week. Here’s Goose with a celebratory look back and some favorite moments…

The Top 5 Most Listened to Podcasts….

#5TWG 19 – January 1st, 2009

#4An Angry Young Obama Supoorter – March 4th 2009

#3Sarah, Rush, and the NRA – April 5th 2009

#2Longfellow, Punto, and the Pandemic of Partial Nudity -December 14th, 2008

#1Pigs, Pelulas, Dan Gladden, and Obama’s Bowling – March 22nd, 2009

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2009 In Review

2009 has been quite a year. Influenza terror, beauty pageant queens becoming national icons, and the day the world stood still while we thought a tiny and curiously named boy was flying hundreds of feet over Colorado in a balloon. In order to really ponder all the political, cultural, and sporting headlines from the year, David Gregory, and Goose Nissley join me to examine the highlights of the year that was.

Well, how can we not start this off by discussing our new Comrade, excuse me, Commander-In-Chief, Barack H. Obama? For me, the best part of his presidency so far is that it’s produced this SNL skit…

Goose Nissley – President Obama was definitely the big story this year (however slightly his lead is over balloon boy). How often does a guy buy General Motors, provide an entire nation with health care, win the Nobel Peace Prize, and appear on a promo for George Lopez Tonight… ALL IN ONE YEAR?!

Alex – Plus, he got the approval evangelicals via Rick Warren, Donald Miller and the always um, relevant, Relevant Magazine, all while letting the rest of the world know that we’re not a Christian nation. Win!

David Gregory – Obama ruled 2008, but 2009 is the year of Carrie Prejean. Who else can claim to have represented an entire voter base, committed actions to alienate it, and subsequently kept its support simply because of her heaving platforms? She is the epitome of the media world we live in: one sentence can make you, one sex tape can break you (or as I like to call this, the reverse Paris Hilton).

GooseRadio Year in ReviewAlex – Whoa, easy, David. Goose considers Miss Prejean a shining example of moral excellence for her stance against gay marrige in the face of that great mental giant, Perez Hilton.

Goose – SAY IT AIN’T SO CARRIE! You really wanted to cheer for her / date her, especially since she was being lampooned by that unpleasant Hilton dude. There is no joy in Mudville tonight.

Well you know what else was interesting… Swi… Iii mean H1N1 flu. For months, everyone was told that we were all going to do die. Then, suddenly, absolutely nothing happened…

Alex- I actually had it twice and died twice.

David – Yeah, the Swine Flu was so media driven and ultimately unsuccessful, I thought the United States was going to elect it.

Alex – Seriously though, Kathleen Sebelius is the one who really deserves the Nobel Peace Prize for teaching us all how to sneeze correctly. I used to think my farts were sneezes, boy was I confused.

Illinois+Governor+Rod+Blagojevich+Addresses+3bSA5tBkct-lDavid – That’s Alex’s Illinois education shining through again. Speaking of an Illinois education, we haven’t broached Helmet Hair yet…

Alex – Helmet Hair?

David – I’m sorry Alex, maybe you were unaware of a certain controversy in your home state. Governor Rod Blagojevich was impeached at the beginning of 2009 under the allegation that he sold former Senator Barack Obama’s congressional seat.

Goose – AND YET… he still garnered a book deal! Everyone wrote books this year! Helmet Hair, Mike Huckabee, Sarah Palin, Carrie Prejean, Andre Agassi…

Does anyone even read books anymore?

Alex – Nope, they’re too busy giving their snarky commentary on pseudo-political, pseudo-legitimate blogs.

I actually did read Don’t Waste Your Life by John Piper this year and now I feel bad about watching television no matter what I’m watching, even if it’s Christian television, like Joel Osteen or Desperate Housewives.

Goose – And who says Conservatives are narrow minded…

_45395963_obama_bush_afp226Alex – I’m just trying to embrace multiple worldviews, you know, coexist and such…

Then again, that sort of anything goes, Laissez-faire attitude is what caused our current economical woes, thanks a lot Dubya.

David – And now we get to the heart of the matter: Dubya redux. Politically, socially and economically, 2009 was the year of people blaming the previous administration for everything that followed it. Why can’t Obama get anything done? He’s cleaning up the Bush mess. Why can’t Wall Street right itself? Too much free-market legislation in the previous two decades. Why can’t Hillary Clinton look like an attractive woman? Aging that occurred DURING THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION.

And so on.

Goose – Hohohoho…¬†Aging that occurred during… that was good stuff…

Hmmm. President Obama might want to look more northeast to seek the true source of the year’s ills. The Evil Empire is on the march once again. The New York Yankees purchased another World Series in 2009. Bleh.

Tiger Woods Elin NordegrenDavid – Umm… Tiger Woods has been in the news lately. He didn’t win a major championship this year. Which makes sense: it’s tough to beat the field when you’re playing it! (Jay Leno-like head bobble)...

Goose – If I was married to Elin Nordegren I wouldn’t have gone on the prowl that way.

I do think it’s time for us to declare our favorite happenings of the year…

For me it’s a tie between the Minnesota Twins win in Game 163 of the MLB season & Al Gore reading aloud his climate change poem on Harry Smith’s CBS program.

Alex – The Blink-182 reunion and subsequent reunion tour. A lot of old bands got back together this year; nostalgia was the new black. It’s probably because people really miss the days of Dubya.

David – From a sports perspective, the University of North Carolina men’s basketball team winning the national championship made me jump up and down unlike the Baptist that I am. From a cultural perspective, anything R Kelly does is the highlight of my American life.

A Very Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! May your holidays be filled with a general sense of well being.

Kutcher, Palin & Prejean

TWG Podcast Volume 36

carrie_prejean dove awardsWhat’s the lesson that Carrie Prejean’s recent exploits can teach us in the Christian right? And what do Carrie & Alex Rodriguez have in common?

Should Ashton Kutcher’s tweets be treated as a source of political wisdom?

Where do Palin, the Huck, and T-Paw stand as we look toward 2012?

Are the Yankees bad for baseball?

All these questions are answered by ‘The Angry Journalist’ David Gregory as he joins Goose on the 36th weekly edition of the TWG Podcast.

Carrie Prejean Has Heard the Voice of God

Now you may have heard that the Values Voter Summit was taking place over this weekend in Washington. We’ll have more on the straw poll & the old Arkansan – Massachusetts feud that was showcased once more in coming hours. But wanted to proffer you these moving pictures of Carrie Prejean’s speech to the assemblage….

Carrie has some good things to say, but – if I may go George W. on you for a moment – I just have a gut feeling that something isn’t quite right here. The stand she took at the pageant WAS admirable and she should continue to be commended for that. But she’s being lauded as a role model by all manner of Christian folk – including an appearance on Jimmy Dobson – and I don’t think she’s the whole package we think she might be. Note the whole ‘God chose me because I was strong enough’ business. And she’s previously stated that her life’s dream is to be a Victoria’s Secret underwear model. Carrie is a brave female personage. But a role model? What do you think?

Carrie, Santa & a Cauldron of Glee – This Week with Goose V 25

Ron Gardenhire, the Santa-like manager of the Minnesota Twins, has begun being a bit more forceful in throwing his players under the bus at times this year. Is this sage?

President Obama back tracks on two more tennants of his campaign now that he’s in the big old office. And our TWG spotlight falls upon the venerable Carrie Prejean. TWG also profiles the Michael Steele / Mitt Romney kerfuffle, Sarah Palin’s new book deal, and is brought to you this week by frogs everywhere.

Providing entertainment, information, and a general sense of well being – This Week with Goose.

Sarah, Rush, the NRA, Joe Mauer & The Stormin Mormon – This Week with Goose

Rush Limbaugh is angry with Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney and Eric Cantor. There is pizza involved.

Sarah Palin was listed in Time magazine’s recent 100 Most Influential People list, and now has a hand crafted assault weapon on its way from the NRA.

Joe Mauer is the man. We discuss.

Also, Miley Cyrus… Where ARE you Billy Ray?! You’re breaking our achy breaky hearts.

Also making appearances – A-Rod, Madonna, and Carrie Prejean. All in a tireless effort to provide entertainment, information, and a general sense of well being.

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