Caution on GOProud


In my channel clicking endeavors, I occasionally stop on MSNBC for a few moments. It’s sense of what it’s like to be a liberal for a while. The experience alternates between fascination, education, the occasional LOL, sympathy, and the random wave of indignant disgust. But earlier tonight my short glimpse of Lawrence O’Donnell’s interview with […]

Frustration & Hope on Obama-Care Passage

Nancy Pelosi - The Financial Times

You can’t help but slap your forehead repeatedly and think to yourself… this health care bill is going to smack the economy around at a time when it really isn’t prudent. All we have to do is look across the Canadian border and across the pond to see this won’t work! And man, how did […]

A Classical Liberal’s Response to Collectivism


Two accomplices get arrested for a number of crimes. The police have enough information to assure they both get a two year sentence. But they think they could connect them to another, much bigger crime, so they make both criminals an offer. If one informs on the other, he’ll go free, while the other will […]