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7 Days in 7 Sentences – 3/8 to 3/14

Monday, March 8th

Lindsay Lohan sued ETrade.

Lohan claims that the ETrade Super Bowl commercial depicting market-savvy babies in some sort of relationship triangle has damaged her reputation. Apparently it’s still possible. And how – to the tune of $100 million dollars – the amount for which she’s suing the web trading gurus. In the commercial, a young lady baby accosted her male counterpart as to whether or nay “That milk-aholic Linsay’ was over. Then baby #3 pops into view and declares, “MilkaWHAT?!’

I think Lindsay should sue herself. Definitely a beautiful, stupid person at this point.

Tuesday, March 9th

Charlie Christ said Marco Rubio paid $130 to wax his back.

The chance to be the Republican candidate in the upcoming senate election in Florida certainly has gotten hairy… or hair-less in this case? Travel back in time not too long ago and Christ was being bandied about as a potential ’12 Presidential hopeful. How fickle time can be eh?

Wednesday, March 10th

Dan Rather apologized for Obama ‘Watermelon’ comment.

Poor Dan Rather inadvertently stumbled into the minefield of political correctness on Sunday as a guest on Chris Matthew’s moving picture program. Perhaps the most substantively shocking thing was that Rather doesn’t think President Obama is doing a good job. However, what made the news was his declaration that Obama is “A nice person…. very articulate” who “…Couldn’t sell watermelons if you gave him the state troopers to flag down the traffic.” Wednesday saw Dan apologizing for the racial undertones of the watermelon transaction business in the HuffPost.

I actually feel sorry for Dan. Granted, he has been in the tank for the left for a long time so I don’t have a tremendous amount of affection for him, but when you inadvertently and without malice say something racially charge, you just get blasted.

Thursday, March 11th

Twin Cities’ Columnist Jim Souhan delivered a tardy thow away line.

In his blog on the Minneapolis Star Tribune website, Souhan buried this line within the depths of his story – “I really don’t expect the Twins to wind up trading (Joe) Mauer….”. Souhan had set the blogosphere roaring just days earlier by being the first big name journalist to suggest that the Twins should start considering the possibility of trading Mauer. Souhan could have been a bit more clear in expressing that sentiment in his original piece, but perhaps that wouldn’t have generated as much buzz?! Buzz, buzz.

Friday, March 12th

Rev. Jim Wallis said Glenn Beck doesn’t particularly get Jesus.

Comments made by Beck at the beginning of the month on social justice really picked up steam this weak. Beck’s original statement, that Christians should investigate to see whether or nay their churches supported a philosophy of ‘social and economic justice’ and then ‘run as fast as you can’ if they did, were hit hard by Wallis. The progressive liberal Reverend hit Beck’s comments as a guest on Keith Olberman’s extraordinarily Christian-friendly ‘Countdown':

Left or right. We have different views on the role of government. Doesn’t matter, But justice is integral to the gospel. And across the spectrum, Christians are saying Glenn Beck got it wrong.

There’s no question that the church does have a duty to take care of the poor, the sick, and the elderly. But Beck’s point, while over the top as is his tradition, was oddly spot on. The practitioners of the philosophy of social and economic justice don’t end up under the Democratic banner 9 times out of 10 by accident. There’s a tremendous amount of Western, white, wealthy guilt; and belief in the government’s ability to fix the sins of the past and present, that’s come to be part of the package. The straw man came to visit the blogosphere with gusto, saying ‘Glenn Beck hates the poor!’. Foo.

Saturday, March 13th

Republican Sen. Scott Brown of Massachusetts said the President and his Democrat pals are on a “bitter, destructive and endless” drive to pass health care.

That’s just awesome. The quote that is… not the concept. Brown giving the Republican’s weekly radio address, went on to say:

“An entire year has gone to waste…. Millions of Americans have lost their jobs, and many more jobs are in danger. Even now, the president still hasn’t gotten the message… Somehow, the greater the public opposition to the health care bill, the more determined they seem to force it on us anyway.”

Sunday, March 14th

David Beckham announces he won’t play for England in this summer’s World Cup.

Did you know that David Beckham has been playing soccer in Los Angeles for like 2 years?! Did you know David Beckham is married to Posh Spice?!