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The Venerable Dave Clutter on Debt Dealing, Ronaldus Magnus & 2012

The noble Twin Cities radio staple Dave Clutter joins us for a special edition of the podcast.

Starting off is banter of the recent debt deal. Did the GOP do what it ought to do? Should we be joyful or saddened?

Then we talk Sarah Palin’s Mitt Romney put down from yesterday – Dave has an insightful point on her will she or won’t she status. He also asks me why the media doesn’t pick on my boy, Mitt Romney.

Also on the docket are the Minnesota nice-no-more Bachmann / Pawlenty throw down and Dave offers his Bill Clinton impersonation – which is worth the listen even if you hated everything else you heard… which we strongly believe is highly unlikely! Entertainment, information and a General Sense of Well Being await! Click play below to listen

TWG Turns 5,000

The TWG Podcast surpassed 5,000 listens this week. Here’s Goose with a celebratory look back and some favorite moments…

The Top 5 Most Listened to Podcasts….

#5TWG 19 – January 1st, 2009

#4An Angry Young Obama Supoorter – March 4th 2009

#3Sarah, Rush, and the NRA – April 5th 2009

#2Longfellow, Punto, and the Pandemic of Partial Nudity -December 14th, 2008

#1Pigs, Pelulas, Dan Gladden, and Obama’s Bowling – March 22nd, 2009

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Dems Belly up, Bonanza Theology & Guest Dave Clutter – TW/Goose Vlme 16


In our new feature, we offer you everything you need to know about the week in 60 seconds. Bam. The proposed auto bailout, the Lifetime Movie Network, Mike Huckabee, and a meteor in Alberta make the cut.

Dave Clutter, DJ at the Twin Cities’ (MN) KTIS radio, joins us and talks politics, life, and what it’s like to be substantive and a man of faith in the fluffy industry of media.