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Obama Ditches the Shame


When the President ran for the White House the first time, he indicated he needed to go and rescue the nation from an executive branch that – under President GW Bush – was just bullying the rest of the government around and basically doing whatever it very well wanted. He said he would go in there and return us to the way the constitution said things should be between the branches of government and champion people’s rights and that stuff.

Well, here we are just over 5 years into his presidency, and he’s expanded the power of the presidency even further than that other guy. Just in the last weeks’ comes news that he’s changing the dates when the employer mandate to provide insurance under that sweet new healthcare law goes into effect. Not changing the settled, passed law of the land mind you (as sucky as that thing is…). He’s just doing it, and the HHS is telling people that’s the way it is.

Brink and I are, as you might expect, displeased. We discuss how this phenomenon, exhibited as well in regards to the minimum wage and issues like gay marriage, could possibly be gaining this kind of steam in light of the President’s campaign rhetoric. In the end, we decide it has a lot to do with the collective level of shame in the halls of the District of Columbia.

It’s a General Sense of Well Being that President Obama can’t veto below…

Donald Trump Is a Buffoon

Note – I usually try to avoid calling people names — it’s not too classy and often lazy… but I couldn’t resist how well the word buffoon captures Mr. Trump and his exploits.

Donald Trump is now a serious, legitimate candidate for the highest office in the land. In fact, he’s probably the best hope the Republicans have! He connects with our fit-to-be-tied base far better than any other man could ever dream!

This is what I have learned in the past few days from Fox News & Laura Ingraham… and from even some of my own non-media Conservative Brethren! I don’t spend a lot of time pondering reality tv stars and outrageous people in general, so normally I wouldn’t be punching the keys to speak of this man. But reportedly he’s going to run and doubtless he’ll continue to be slathered with attention. So I sense this may be the time for some important review on our new Conservative savior.

10 years ago Donald Trump tried to win the Presidential nomination… of the Reform Party. In 2001 he became a Democrat. In 2004, The Donald said this to Wolf Blitzer:

“Well, you’d be shocked if I said that in many cases I probably identify more as a Democrat…. And it just seems that the economy does better under the Democrats than the Republicans. But certainly, we had some good economies under Democrats as well as Republicans. But we’ve had some pretty bad disasters under the Republicans. Including a thing called the Depression.”

Trump claimed George W Bush was the worst President in US history, hoped the “impressive” Nancy Pelosi would impeach the man who drew us into Iraq with “lies”… and just 2 days ago he said that if he didn’t win the 2012 GOP nod, he’d probably run as an independent!

On the subject of ideological allegiances… I thought it would behoove me to Google what political figures he’s donated to. Some highlights…

Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, Tom Daschle, Joe Biden, Harry Reid, Rahm Emanuel, Hillary Clinton, Anthony Weiner, Charles Schumer, Kirsten Gillibrand, and Charles Range

This man has never shirked from an opportunity to further himself by whatever publicity available. But make no mistake about it, this isn’t man has no core of Conservative principles. The fact that many Conservatives on the radio and FoxNews are lofting him a willing bullhorn and not asking him to explain his… incredible past speaks to their complete lack of judgment and complete focus on ratings. Donald Trump doesn’t belong in the Oval Office. The man is a buffoon.

My Beautiful, Dark, Twisted Year

GooseRadio Reviews 2010 — See the Top 10 Albums of the Year

Is he a prophet? Is he a genius? Is he the voice of this generation?

No. Kanye West is a megalomaniac rapper, and that is where his influence should logically end. But logic ends where West’s Twitter feed begins. In a year when the omnipresence of Train’s “Hey Soul Sister” caused me to punch myself in the tooth, West’s tweets made as much sense of the chaos as anything else could. Look back now through a glass dimly with Taylor Swift’s biggest bully guiding the way.


How did you pronounce 2010? Did you say “2010” or go with the more traditional “2010”?

Many famous people released books this year, from celebrities like the Kardashian sisters to politicians like George W. Bush to celebriticians like Sarah Palin. Unfamous people wrote books as well, but being unfamous, their works did not matter.

With two book releases and a television show in a little over a year, Palin isn’t considering a presidential run in 2012 (wink).

Mel Gibson was talking neither about art nor fashion when he verbally abused his wife in a series of taped telephone conversations that were leaked to the public. To Kanye’s credit, Gibson’s blue rant about fall scarves was met with nary a negative word.

I feel like this tweet sort of covers Joe Biden, in this or any other year.

In his second year at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, President Barack Obama fell victim to the old maxim that people who project a messianic aura and then aren’t messianic tend to put people off. (Ok, that’s not really a maxim, but what are you doing reading maxims anyway? For the articles, I’m sure.)

Senator Harry Reid was nearly the victim of a backlash against the democrat majority, as he barely held on to his seat from Nevada in the midterm elections. It might behoove him to stand a little farther away from the president in the coming term.

With a scuffle at the border in November, the Koreas renewed their sibling rivalry. I know I’m supposed to like one Korea more than the other, but I think they both look the same. Does that make me racist? Let’s move on.

In June, the world mourned the one-year anniversary of child safety in California.

Steve Jobs continued to print his own money with the success of the iPad and iPhone. At this point, hipsters ’round the world have to admit that if they had been offered an apple in the Garden of Eden, they would have stood in line to give up their immortality.

After eight years of dating, England’s Prince William finally proposed to Kate Middleton. Middleton is different than future mother-in-law Camilla Parker Bowles, in that her pictures don’t induce vomiting.

In the life isn’t always fair file, the US and Great Britain lost out on getting to host the 2022 and 2026 World Cups, respectively, when Russia and Qatar allegedly bribed the voting members. Liberals can now feel free to start making their “No more Soccer for Oil!” signage.

Interviewing Kanye West became more difficult after this tweet. Sample questions included, “How ’bout that weather?” and “What WON’T that Brian Williams say?”

Is West Nile Virus still a thing? Do you think mosquitos are upset that swine — the flu, and obesity — had more negative influence on humanity in 2010? Are they plotting an even more devious scheme to become the most reviled life form? I think Keith Olbermann has that title pretty well sewn up.

Obama’s Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel resigned in October to run for mayor of Chicago, Ill.

Most of America felt this way about witches, too. That is, until Christine O’Donnell unleashed her cauldron, er, campaign for congress. To be fair, she’s still far from the craziest O’Donnell out there. Looking at you, Rosie. You too, Neal.

Only held back by their own spelling, the sign-toting members of the Tea Party influenced the midterm elections with an emphasis on smaller government. Notably absent at most Tea Party get-togethers: tea.

This was proven untrue when WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange released confidential US foreign policy documents and ended his post with “ROFL.”

In April, BP’s Deepwater Horizon started gushing oil into the Gulf of Mexico. It killed legion of animals and filled days of space on CNN. At the time of this writing, BP has yet to move forward with my idea to fight oil with oil.

Despite this tweet’s best efforts, Twitter remained a relevant part of everyday communication in 2010.

PHIL DAVISON. GREATEST POLITICAL SPEECH IN THE HISTORY OF THE SPOKEN WORD. Go listen to Goose’s breakdown of Davison’s breakdown. I’ll wait.

Is Kanye suggesting that God is marijuana? In related news, the state of California rejected a measure to legalize weed, much to the chagrin of Frito-Lay stockholders.

Basketball star LeBron James left Cleveland for the beaches of Miami, and Cavaliers’ owner Dan Gilbert responded with a screed typed out in Comic Sans. Here’s a tip: don’t convey anger in a font that has the word “Comic” in it.

The economy has stabilized somewhat in the first year of the new decade, but for those still unemployed, take solace: the trappings of wealth aren’t conducive to a good night’s sleep.

Just a reminder that Andy Griffith is still alive! Can you believe that? God bless him. And God bless you in 2011.

More GooseRadio Year End Coverage >> Top 10 Albums of 2010

The Kid with the Flag on His Bike & the Circle of Life

Lunatics running a school in Central California made a young man flying an American flag on his bicycle take it off, so that it wouldn’t offend people. Indeed. I express frustrations, particularly in light of the whole American public schools being funded by American tax payers thing.
Also, reading George W Bush’s new book has caused me to realize that the lives of Bush, Gore, Clinton, Obama and Bush Sr. are just like Mufasa’s ‘Circle of Life’ from the Lion King.

The Dems State of Mind, the Queen, and a Salute to Balloon Boy

The GooseRadio Podcast delves into what Democrats are thinking as the election lumbers ever nearer. What ace do they have up their sleeves to bring voters back into their camp? Or might we be hearing something about a certain Jorge Bush??? Also – why did Queen Elizabeth cancel the Buckingham Palace Christmas Party? And we salute Balloon Boy on the one year anniversary of the horrible scheme concocted by the Heene’s. Noble Californian Matt Pelishek brings us back to that fateful day. It’s entertainment, information, and a general sense of well being that will warm your soul…

Surprising Words from Tony Blair on Bush & Obama

Tony Blair’s recently released book is one of the few I’ve actually parted with funds to make my own. This guy is just fascinating for his central role in world affairs this past decade and his close friendship with two very ideologically different US Presidents as he led America’s closest ally. As a political liberal enjoying unprecedented success in his own country, he partnered with the Conservative George W. Bush to undertake wars in Afghanistan and Iraq despite the potential political cost.

You don’t even have to finish the introduction of A Journey to gain some really remarkable insight. Tony Blair paid a dear electoral price in Britain for his relentless and untiring commitment to the war effort in Iraq. Since many in Britain continue to see the whole episode as a vile concoction of George W. Bush, one might expect Blair to distance himself from the former President. But on Bush, this is what Blair says –

George W. Bush was straightforward and direct. The stupidest misconception was that he was stupid. He also had (has) great intuition. But his intuition was less – as in the case of Bill (Clinton) – about politics and more about what he thought was right or wrong….

And it gets warmer…

…However, over time, and more even in retrospect as events have continued to unfold since I left, I have come to admire the simplicity, the directness, almost the boldness of it, finding in it strength and integrity. Sometimes, in the very process of reasoning, we lose sight of the need for a destination, for finding the way out of the labyrinth to solid ground that stands the test not of a few weeks, months or even a year or tow, but of the vastness of the judgment of history.

That’s one of the best things about the British I think. They just summarize things in epic fashion.

The other really interesting comments are Blair’s words on Barack Obama’s youthful administration. The former PM does have glowing words for the great Mr. Obama. He notes they are of a certain ideological kinship. But then he writes this…

I think I understand what the new president is trying to do. He is less opposed to some of the aims of the previous president than is supposed, or even politically convenient to admit. He is under no illusions as to the scale of the economic or security challenges and in his own way, every bit as tough.

He also touches on Clinton at length, but I really don’t feel any inclination to discuss Bill Clinton right now. I just don’t. That man. Point being on the Obama quote – it’s fine to have closet feelings of actual agreement with your predecessor in office… except when you were elected precisely because you endlessly lampooned that same fellow as the embodiment and staging point for every ill of which our nation was afflicted. The phrase ‘hypocrisy of the highest order’ leaps to mind.

Tony Blair is a brave dude.  He stood for what he believed was right on Iraq and Afghanistan even when it was just about the last thing that could aid him politically. As I think about it, he has now firmly surpassed Howard Dean and become my favorite liberal. Here’s to you, Tony.

Photo Credit – Daily Telegraph

The Evil Bush, A Fickle Man’s Foot, and the Great Campaigner

The economic recovery hasn’t exactly panned out, even after all those stimulus dollars. But it really is Dubya’s fault. So say Dems everywhere. Will blaming Bush really work as the main campaign thrust for Democrats all over the country in 2010 – 2 years after the man left office? We question the political strategy of our campaigner in chief, Barack Obama, with GooseRadio’s David Gregory.

Also, Brett Favre’s ankle is being looked at by a wise doctor. Will the old warrior return once more after his most recent rumored retirement?

And what’s the deal with this crazy flight attendant leaping off the plane after being smacked with food by an irate passenger? David explains why there’s still hope for humanity, in spite of this further demonstration of general stupidity.

Minnesota Democrat Promises to Save State from… George Bush?!

Middle America Politics

The more things change the more they stay the same. It’s 2010, but to hear Democrat candidates across the fruited plain, there’s still a familiar villain in the Oval Office. This man is wreaking havoc on our economy, destroying our educational system, and sullying our reputation abroad. This man is George W. Bush!

Pay no mind to the fact that he’s been out of office for a year and a half. The horrors he unleashed upon our nation are so great that a year and half of a Democrat majority in both houses of congress & a Democrat president are simply not sufficient cleansing.  We must elect more Democrats to save this planet from Jorge Booosh!

Learn how Democrat candidate for governor of Minnesota’s great white north, Matt Entenza, will save our children from George Bush…

It’s the same track taken by the top liberal in the land, but will this blame game work at the ballot box 2 years after the election that handed Washington to the Democrats?