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Glenn Beck – ‘Mike Huckabee Is John McCain’

Today on his radio progrum, Glenn-abus Beck-abus made me happy. He declared former guv Mike Huckabee ‘a progressive’ and aptly summarized, ‘He’s John McCain’. Here’s the audio…

Did you catch that epic aside on Jim Wallis?! Wow!

But I’m so pleased to hear the Huck lampooned on his fiscal record. As FoxNews and most other Conservative outlets continue to let the former gov’s fiscal past completely slide, it’s refreshing to hear someone ask the basic questions and make the logical conclusions. Also great to hear it pointed out that the Huck was a willing and constantly loving companion of McCain’s primary run in 2008. He never missed the opportunity to tweak Romney’s ads against Yosemite Sam as a great crime against an American hero. And in West Virginia the Huckabee and McCain delegates even got together in common cause, simply to deny Romney the victory! Huckabee! You hoser!

Hat tip to The Competent Conservative

An Obama Musical & the Crazy in Ron Paul’s Eyes

Volume 38 – What is Germany’s latest contribution to the world? It’s a new musical about Barack Obama. Carrie Underwood’s Engagement is lamented by GooseRadio’s Alex Whitworth. A hairy libertarian, GooseRadio Contributor Tim Shaw, explains why the President’s statist economic policies aren’t working. Continue reading An Obama Musical & the Crazy in Ron Paul’s Eyes

Beck & Palin Make News

The Talking Points Memo had these moving pictures from Sarah Palin’s interview earlier today with Glen Beck…

You gotta give Glenn major plaudits for the follow up question. Can you see Sean Hannity pressing that inquiry? NAY! That man would have simply reached for his script and recited whatever silly bullet point was called for next. This Beck guy is something.

I don’t think this is further proof that Palin is uneducated or non-refined at all. It looks like she just couldn’t pull a specific name, tensed up there and tried to buy some time to think of a father. It happens. Washington was pretty impressive.

Also happened upon this clip from Beck’s show this morning (ht to Media Matters) before his tv interview with the governor. Concerning her 2012 prospects…

Glenn Beck Is Right

On a day President Obama surprised a lot of Conservatives by coming out (if the sentenced stopped there that really would be big news) against the proposed re-instatement of the Fairness Doctrine, Glenn Beck’s new piece on NoxFews.com is epic-ly poignant. In essence he says – The Child knows what he’s doing, and like the schemes of a James Bond antagonist, his plans have quite a few layers to them.

Say what you will–this guy’s either a moron or a genius. After watching him bob and weave through the longest campaign season in our nation’s history, it’s clear that this guy knows all the right moves when it comes to imaging a message (or lack thereof). He might be new, but he’s obviously no dummy. So I guess that rules out “moron”– leaving us with “genius.” But not a Reagan-style genius in tune with the hearts and mind of a nation. No, I’m thinking Obama’s more of a Bond villain-type genius.

He continues to get things right when he says…

It’s a variation on an old magician’s trick–misdirection. Keep the audience looking at the right hand so they don’t see what the left hand’s doing. Look at what President Obama has done in just a few weeks: He’s started to close the U.S. prison at Guantanamo Bay, dropped the charges against the guy who bombed the USS Cole, just about moved the Census into the White House, and hooked us up with the #2 attorney general who stood up for child pornographers. Then…there’s TARP 2.0 and all the other clowns in Washington with scandals like Tim Geithner, Tom Daschle, Charlie Rangel and Chris Dodd.

While Mr. Obama has done things today and throughout his young administration that I do applaud, I can’t help agreeing with Beck. We cannot let these misdirecting actions lose focus on the fact that this gentleman’s ideology and plans will move us profoundly to the left of where we ought be.