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Macklemore & Self Awareness


Ever since the release of ‘Same Love’, Macklemore’s follow up to the smash hit ‘Thrift Shop’, there’s been a remarkable shift in the way the rapper is viewed. With his foray into the world of gay activism, the picture has been painted of a concerned, caring citizen Macklemore politely raising his hand and thoughtfully adding to the national conversation.

Unfortunately, the reality is quite different. ‘Same Love’ is the entertainer’s musical beat down to those who fail to reach his conclusions on same sex marriage. Spoiler alert! We’re bigots again! 

Look in verse 1 where he pillories ‘right wing Conservatives’ who think orientation is a choice for not properly understanding their own, deeply held faith… and then turns directly around to say the bible isn’t really legit because… it’s old. Note that he mocks ‘America the Brave’ for being run by fear because it doesn’t have the wisdom to agree with his opinion. 

Verse 2 includes this gem…

‘It’s human rights for everybody, there is no difference!’

…in reference to the battles for gay marriage & an end to slavery. A person can believe that’s true all day long, but to declare it’s true simply because you believe it’s true is to paint an awful lot of people as successors to racism who just flat out don’t deserve it.

Throughout, he dismisses a religious objection to gay marriage using the very verses and lessons about love he’s gained from the Christian faith. He takes what he wants and leaves what’s inconvenient for his opinion, yet doesn’t quite explain how that works out for him.

This is a guy making profound, impact-ful truth claims to a wide audience based solely on his opinion. While I am all for the airing of one’s take on the big issues of the day, there comes a point when you’ve got to take a peek around you and realize who you are & what responsibility you have for the implications of what you’re saying.

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Rob Bell Now for Gay Marriage

This would be really funny if he didn’t have so many thoroughly good people who look up to him and respect what he says.

Rob Bell has come out for gay marriage. Humorously, this news breaks on the same day as Hillary Clinton’s reversal on the issue. Maybe it’s not as funny as I think it is. It’s late. Anyway. Here’s the money quote… Continue reading Rob Bell Now for Gay Marriage

MSNBC Considers Reporting on Something

I remember back in the glory days when I could turn over to MSNBC in the evening and see the brooding visage of Keith Olbermann lowering at me. Man I miss that guy. Though we never agreed on anything, he made me laugh. Now days, the MSNBC folks are mad and particularly unfunny. And it’s this new state of affairs which spurred me to make the network the inspiration for our newest GooseRadio Demotivator

MSNBC's Reporting
MSNBC’s Reporting

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A Little Fun @ North Dakota’s Expense

As a native of Montana living in Minnesotan or South Dakotan exile for most of the past decade, I’ve had the… experience… of traversing the state of North Dakota more times than I can recollect. The thing that just really gets brought him when you’re making that effort from Fargo to Bismarck to Dickinson — how is there this much North Dakota?! We celebrate this phenomenon with our latest GooseRadio Demotivator

North Dakota Bad News Demotivator

A Prescription for Recovery

“In this economy!”

If I hear that phrase one more time I’m going to… …develop something just epic to mark the occasion.

Things haven’t been swell lately for American families from Nome to Nashville, for people seeking work, or for companies across the nation. What shall we do? Is there hope for a recovery from the Obama recovery? In answer, our latest GooseRadio Demotivator

Recovery Demotivator

Celebrating Rudy’s Delusions

Old Rudolph Giuliani has been telling everyone who will incline an ear that he’s really, really considering a run for President in 2012. This is an interesting development, because history tells us that most Presidential candidates who are expected to do as well as he was in 2008… and instead do as poorly as he did… usually head off into a dignified sunset to lick the wounds inflicted by the rejection of the American people. Instead, the former Mayor appears a glutton for punishment. In his honor, we’ve struck our newest GooseRadio Demotivator for your enjoyment and edification…


The Return of Grandpa Ron

The kickoff GOP Presidential Debate tonight felt a bit like a minor league baseball game. You’re not too emotionally invested in the thing because you don’t really think it’s too big of a deal. T-Paw was okay, Herman Cain was entertaining, Gary Johnson had a panic attack on stage… but – of course – this debate belonged to Grandpa Ron Paul. His epic question will ring through the ages… “How many people here would use heroin if it were legal?” Indeed, Ron. Indeed.

In celebration, we offer you a GooseRadio Demotivator inspired by Grandpa Ron…