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Rove on Bush; Blackburn; and Rebecca Saint James

This Picture Has No Significance until You Read FurtherKarl Rove out with a piece defending the Bush years. I always find it surreal and interesting to read about historical events from someone who helped to shape them. Along with Richard the Bruce Cheney, Rove is probably in the top three people most loathed by lefties. I can’t really imagine any higher praise. My favorite part of the Rove article:

But despite facing challenges and crises few others have, the job did not break George W. Bush. Though older and grayer, his brows more furrowed, he is the same man he was, a person of integrity who did what he believed was right. And he exits knowing he summoned all of his energy and talents to defend America and advance its ideals at home and abroad. He didn’t get everything right — no president does — but he got the most important things right. And that is enough.

The one major disagreement I found I possessed with Rove’s writing was the portion where he cast the President as implementing “spending restraint”. I don’t really pretend to understand everything that happened leading to the spending binge that’s taken place in the past years, but I do know that term can’t hold hands with G W Bush, much less give him a smooch. That said, I still like and admire the man… I do believe history will add a much sunnier disposition to his presidency.


Mentioned several days ago the way that the media seemed to be equating the accidental, yet tragic, deaths of Palestinian civilians with victims of Hamas’ suicide bombings. This eve I stumbed across an article in the Wall Street Journal written by a hoser who interviewed Benjamin Netanyahu… which is not only fun to say but is indeed a human person who might be the next (and former humorously enough) Prime Minister of Israel. Therin, a beautiful quote from this man regarding the civilian casualties in Palestine and the cold reality they underscore:

“We grieve for every child, for every innocent civilian that’s killed either on our side or on the Palestinian side. The terrorists celebrate such suffering, on our side because they openly say they want to kill us, all of us, and on the Palestinian side because it helps them foster this false symmetry, which is contrary to common decency and international law.”

The write-up also mentions that Netanyahu didn’t get along with Bill Clinton when he was Prime Minisutr. That is to say that Clinton was not Prime Minister but indeed the President of the United States. Which was unfortunate. Anyway, another gold star for this guy – that can only betoken good things.


SI.com says the Houston Astros have asked Roger Clemens not to show up at Spring Training this year. Kinda emotional for the guy – what with being a rather significant person at one point. Probably a tactical error with the steroids, sir. Probably.


I discovered just now that I had been able to creatively tuck away the horrifying memories of the one hundred and sixty-third game of the Minnesota Twins season just concluded. Time really does heal! The Star and Sickle says Nick Blackburn is healthy and ready to bust up some peeps this year. Also points to some interesting stats about his run support lackage and amount of garnered double plays that makes me appreciate the bloke more.


Lastly, I once again have a crush on Rebecca Saint James.

Have a tremendous evening :).

Tragedy & Stupidity – Reporting the Conflict in Gaza

A word on the Israeli strike against Gaza. Any war is horrific, but Israel’s action is a measured, necessary response to terrorist rocket strikes against its own settlements and people.

Hamas is an organization entirely devoted to the destruction of the Jewish state, and they continue to employ (and admit they do so) the deliberate killing of Israeli civilians to accomplish their goals. Israel’s action in Gaza is an attempt to root out the ability of the Hamas operatives to launch these rocket strikes, and in so doing, better protect its citizens. Israel is doing everything in its power to avoid civilian casualties (which I’ll flesh out in just a moment). The civilian deaths that are happening are tragic, and we all pray they might be as few possible. But the terrorists are, in many cases, choosing to cloak themselves in highly populated areas for the sole purpose of the media coverage the deaths will generate. Rather beyond cold hearted if you ask me.

In the media, this is being reported as something to the effect of ‘Hot-headed Bully Israel Continues to Pound Innocent Gaza into the Ground, Butchering Civilians on the Way’. Putting out of the question journalistic integrity (because in most cases its as antiquated now as eight track tapes), there’s a monstrous stupidity in the assertion given the difference between a military response against terrrorists on the one hand and deliberate civilian killers on the other.

To watch CNN, one would hear of the plight of the resiliant “insurgents” in Palestinian territory. Suicide bombings targeting civilians and rocket launches into homes whose only crime is being Israeli aren’t the works of “insurgents”… they’re barbaric acts of terrorism. And for the United Nations to tell Israel that it must stop its actions, and for many UN diplomats to decry the actions as ‘genocide’ is so devoid of reason and sense that it’s breathtaking.

They conveniently miss noting that (as the BBC reports), Israel continues making telephone calls and dropping flyers in Palestinian settelements warning civilians to stay away from potential targets and Hamas leaders. Is this the act of a blood thirsty tyranny out to kill and kill? Also, Israel knows from long experience that every move it makes militarily is going to be subject to the hostile scruitny of media members the world over. Would this really be a wise environment for it to get out its real desire for targeting civilian populaces?

To hear many elite American East and West Coast well dwellers and Europeans speak, it’s little different than what talking heads from the Hamas side offer when guests on the news networks – that Palestine is subject to the over-reaching and hateful militarism of the powerful Israelis. This blasted propoganda is the stuff of Goebbles and Himmler. Where is the international condemnation of the suicide bombing and terror Israel has faced ever since 1948 simply for the crime of existing?

*Deep breath* I’m done on that one for now.

Mark Driscoll is a name getting a lot of mention in Evangelical Christian circles lately, and the New York Times (the mere mention of which should make you take what you’re about to hear with at least eighty large grains of salt) now has a piece up talking about his church in Seattle, his Calvinism, and his emphasis on Jesus’ strength and masculinity. He seems like a remarkable fellow, and he’s obvioulsy brining a lot of young people to church, who heretofore couldn’t have given six beans about God. But I have to admit I’m not totally sold on him just yet. I feel as though he might be taking things a bit far when it comes to denouncing the modern church and the modern male. Let me know what you think.

On a personal note, I’ve recently relocated to Sioux Falls, South Dakota. There are hay fields right next to my workplace and appartment! It’s awesome! But, until I’m a bit more settled there will be a bit of a delay on the next audio version of This Week with Goose. Thanks for sticking with us. You are tremendous.