Trigg, Duct Tape & the End of the World – TWG 32


Learn more about Lost, Mythbusters, and the Obama health plan this week – all the while experiencing entertainment, information, and a general sense of well being.

Alex Joseph joins us for the Heartbeat of the 20 Something. We bandy about new developments with the President’s increasingly embattled health care legislation. This week the President’s folks (not his parents, but the dudes who do his bidding) introduce a new email address where they ask individuals to report those spreading misleading info about Obama-care. Yikes… Also hear Alex’s take on Sarah Palin’s remarks about the effect the Obama plan would have upon disabled folks.

And the Great White (Aaron of stops by to fill us in on developments from the San Diego Comic-Con convention. He speaks of Lost, Mythbusters… and yes, duct-tape. Listen here.

Injured Limbs, Leftists & the Meaning of Life – TWG 28

Palin Fist

Palin FistAlex Whitworth joins us to gague and explore the heartbeat of the 20 something. Whitworth claims that recent supreme court appointee Sotomayor’s recent leg injury and financial distress will only increase her level of empathy for injured people and poor financial managers. Thereby, she will be an even greater jurist.

Goose and Alex discuss the fact that a huge portion of the cultural values we have as 20 something creatures are being shaped by an entertainment industry that leans so far left it’s miraculous they don’t spend the majority of their day falling down.

The week in summation profiles Sarah Palin’s eventful east coast trip and Iran’s elections and new UN sanctions! LISTEN HERE