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Johnny Mac Disses Lil Kim (…Jong un)


Not used to saying this… .

“This guy [Kim] is a clown. He’s a fool, so was his father and so was his grandfather. But they do have nuclear weapons. they do have missiles… in caves is artillery which can be fired before we can take them out,” McCain said on Fox News. “There’s a city of Seoul with millions of people. This is very dangerous business. Now logically, would he ever contemplate such a thing? I think it’s pretty clear this guy and his father and grandfather didn’t think like us.”

“The key to this is China. The Chinese can control what the North Koreans do.”

Johnny Mac – Interesting the Spontaneous Protesters Had RPGs

Well I know if I’m headed out for a nice afternoon in Benghazi… I’m definitely making sure that my rocket propelled grenade apparatus is in the trunk. You just never know really when that is going to come in handy…

And yet… for some reason… the Obama administration doubles down that this is exactly what happened. Even while the President of Libya says the exact opposite.

Methinks we have not heard the last of this…

Fidel, Miley & Barack – Passing out GooseRadio’s Christmas Gifts

The holiday cheer is flowing here at GooseRadio! We want to spread the joy, so we’ve got some gifts to hand out! Miley Cyrus, President Obama, and Fidel Castro highlight our gift list — and you won’t want to miss out on hearing who gets what.

Andrew Carter checks in to talk about President Obama’s up and down year, and what we’ve learned so far about the Chief Executive. He also shares an extraordinary heads up regarding the war on terror.

Entertainment, Information, and a General Sense of Well Being lie only a click away!…

TWG Turns 5,000

The TWG Podcast surpassed 5,000 listens this week. Here’s Goose with a celebratory look back and some favorite moments…

The Top 5 Most Listened to Podcasts….

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#2Longfellow, Punto, and the Pandemic of Partial Nudity -December 14th, 2008

#1Pigs, Pelulas, Dan Gladden, and Obama’s Bowling – March 22nd, 2009

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The Wisdom of a 12 Year Old on The State of the Union

Also, check out our of the address, and the rest of the GooseRadio contributors” response to the speech with some hours to mull it over.

Okay here goes. Let me get this out of the way right away, I voted for President Obama. So if that disqualifies the proceeding comments in your mind, that is okay. But I hope it doesn”t. I don”t believe that I have “blindly chosen to remain deceived”. In fact that statement is pretty hurtful in my opinion. But that is a conversation for another time and probably a different forum.

I tried to listen to the speech with an open mind last night, knowing that I (like everyone else) would most likely hear what I wanted to hear. There were some things that I liked and agreed with, there were also some things that I didn”t agree with. The bottom line is that we have heard it all before (or something similar) from our previous President, and the one before that, and the one before that…etc. States of the Union (or is it, State of the Unions) are a lot of applause interrupted by moments of talking about things that sound good, but will most likely not happen. So rather than get into the details of the speech, I will share something that happened while we were watching.

My 12 year old son was going in and out of the room and about halfway through the speech he asked me, “Why www.atoledo.com does everyone hate him so much?” My first response was quick, I said something like, “well, a lot of people don’t agree with decisions he has made…blah blah blah.” He took that as an answer and left the room again. I didn’t think much more about his question until this morning and it kind of shook me that he used the word ‘hate’. Maybe hate is too strong a word and I think (I hope) that even in disagreement, hate is not the emotion felt towards our President. But what I Full Tilt Poker to grow offering with &#8216 casino online style games&#8217 Full Tilt Poker is anticpated to be reborn as Full Tilt Gaming, moving which will begin to see the historical poker-only outfit add casino online games to the offering. continue to come back to is that in the mind of a 12 year old, hate is what he perceived. That’s at least a little scary isn’t it?

I started playing back the tapes in my head of all the times I may have perpetuated that perception with comments about President Bush, who I didn’t always agree with, or John McCain, or probably, more recently, Sarah Palin. My son’s statement hit me harder today than it did last night. Our leaders talk about not leaving a debt load on the next generation. I wonder if the financial deficit we leave them, might be the least of our worries! It seems like way too much energy is being spent (dare I say wasted) on tearing down those we disagree with and destroying what little common ground we have to work with. We need to find another way to have this conversation, a way that teaches our children how to settle their disagreements in a civil manner.

Last week, my wife and I took our 3rd grade daughter to visit a new school that we were considering for open enrollment. That particular night was mainly intended for incoming Kindergarten kids, but older students were welcome too. In the course of the night, the kids were asked to sit around a table for an activity they would be working on. As the chairs filled up, one little girl was left without a place to sit. The teacher leading the activity pulled a chair next to a little boy and said she could sit down there. The girl looked up at her with a completely serious face and said, “But I don’t like boys that much.” The teacher without missing a beat said, “well, in Kindergarten we sometimes have to sit by boys.” Brilliant! Whether its Democrats or Republicans that you “don’t like that much”, sometimes in life we have to sit by each other.
Pull up a chair…

“It’s Not Me, It’s You. And George Bush. And the Supreme Court.” – State of the Union Play by Play

Also, check out the rest of the GooseRadio contributors’ response to the speech with some hours to mull it over and a thoughtful response from the other side of the aisle.

In the past few days, Republicans have been feeling an extra ounce of chutzpa with a surprise election victory in liberalisms’ heartland of Massachusetts. In the wake of this shocker, the prospects of Obama-care’s success have receded like so much tide when pulled by the moon (that’s how that works, yes?). Anyway, President Obama has decided to respond in the most serious and potent way he knows. And so, tonight, he is giving a speech to congress. Come join me as we learn how things really is (yes, that was on purpose)…

8:02 PM – Michelle Obama is cloaked all in purple. I’m reminded of Dwight Schrutes’ beet farm.

8:06 – “Madam Speaker, the President of the United States.”

Here he comes – striding & glad-handing like the days of yore.

8:07 – Harry Reid lurking behind the President. I imagine he’s treasuring every moment he has in the capitol these days… come November he’s expected to receive the boot from Nevadans. Call it ‘receiving the Daschle’ if you will.

8:10 – *Prez begins his ‘thank you’s*

8:12 – ‘Times are tough.’

8:13 – ‘George Bush handed me a harrowing, ugly & bludgeoned economy.

I have mostly fixed it.’

8:14 – ‘I have done so many things!’

8:15 – ‘Children write me letters asking me why they have to move…

They need change.

They are angry.

Wall Street stinks.’

8:16 – ‘Let me tell you about these letters…’

8:17 – *Reprising FDR*

‘Government should be decent. Let me teach you how to be decent people.’

8:18 – ‘ Boy, those banks are sure ripping everyone off.

8:19 – ‘Man, I hated that bank bailout… we needed it, but I sure hated it…

Did you remember that it was George Bush’s idea???!

Let me tell you – I have invented a new fee for those banks!

*first split screen shot showing partying Dems doing standing O while Republicans sit and stare at Pelosi’s blingy necklace*

8:20 – ‘I have cut taxes. For parents. For children. For college students. For cartoon characters. For cougars!…’

Obama – “I thought I’d get some applause on that one.”

8:22 – ‘We have created / saved / pulled from the clutches of greed 2 million jobs.’

*Reid yawns*

‘The stimulus bill was awesome and everyone loved it.

Economists all say so. It would have been a disaster without it.’

*Break for extended story time*

8:24 – ‘I have saved the economy. Now we need to pass a new jobs bill.’

8:25 – *The Republicans just gave their first faux cheer after Obama explained that businesses drive the economy. He looked as though he was hoping people would be impressed he’d come to that conclusion.*

8:26 – ‘Let us take from the rich and give to the poor.’

Wall Street is King John? He IS Robin Hood!

8:27 – ‘WE NEED FASTER TRAINS! I have decided to build really, fast, trains.’

8:28 – ‘We will pay people for being green (pilgrim).

This will help us save. See?’

8:30 – ‘George Bush destroyed an entire decade!’

8:31 – I am not a part of Washington. Washington is out to get you. I am for the people. I am just the President. I am not part of Washington…

We need to be more like China.

We are better than China.’

8:34 – ‘Let me tell you about some other things I’ve done… I invested in some sort of solar power that will probably cure cancer…

I have invested in newfangled batteries…’

8:35 – *He wants to drill for oil offshore!!! Wow. Where is this coming from?!*

‘My cap and trade bill will do great things!’

*Ohhh no… we’re back to that again?!…*

‘I know no one likes it.

People who disagree with ’overwhelming evidence’ for climate change obviously didn’t go to Harvard like I did.’

*GOP lawmakers start giggling*

*Obama snarls in their general direction*

8:37 – ‘I will double our exports in 5 years!’


Are you going to knit hats and sell them at a swap meet in Brussels?!?

8:39 – ‘I have given children the ability to read.’

*camera shows Secretary of Education… I’ve never seen that guy!*

8:41 – ‘Time to take college loans out of the private sector and give the responsibility to those who really know what they’re doing – the government.’

This is not socialism. This is the government giving you everything you need. There’s a difference. Really.

8:42 – He’s cleaving to his health insurance reform bill!

‘I know no one like my health care bill. Let me tell you a story from a letter I got…’

8:46 – ‘The more I spend, the more the deficit goes down… see?

I went to Harvard.’

8:49 – ‘Remember when Bill Clinton filled the land with wealth, prosperity, and pride?.

Remember when George Bush destroyed everything and made kind, tender grandmothers who bake cookies cry?!’

8:51 – *Prez proposes spending government freeze for next 3 years.*

8:55 – Super awkward moment: Obama tells Dems not to worry, spending freeze won’t take effect until next year…

Republicans burst out laughing…

Obama, clearly miffed… raises his finger like a bespectacled schoolmarm and lectures to them:

“That’s how budgeting works”

This makes Republicans laugh even harder.

8:57 – ‘I don’t work with lobyists.’

*Republicans laugh yet again*

8:58 – Obama lectures Supreme Court, sitting write smack in front of him, for striking down John McCain’s campaign finance reform bill as unconstitutional.

Supreme Court looks ticked and somewhat spooked. Sorta felt like Obama was pulling a Vito Corleone for a moment and the Supremes might want to worry about sleeping with the fishes sometime soon…

8:59 – “I’m not naive”


9:00 – “We can’t wage a perpetual campaign”


9:01 – Everyone else is motivated by politics. I am the embodiment of the will of people.

9:03 – “I’m not interested in litigating the past”

*Republicans giggle*

9:05 – *Al Franken sighting – nice work, Minnesota*

9:16 – There’s a catholic priest in the house!

‘I, I, I, I, I, I…’

9:18 – ‘I can do hard things.’

You certainly can sir. Choosing a dog is a difficult, difficult decision…

9:20 ‘We don’t quit, I don’t quit.’



Not only did President Obama not turn to the center as many had prophesied he would do… had to do tonight. Instead, he rooted his feet squarely into his idealogical ground and told us all (Massachusetts especially) that we were wrong and he was right. After a year of so, very, many, words and Blame It On Bush… methinks the veneer is beginning to wear mighty thin.

The Anatomy of a Liberal Part I – the Weapon of Compassion

In Conservative circles, the term ‘liberal’ gets lofted around more than funnel cakes at a county fair. Often, it’s applied to so many folks and ideas – with varying degrees of accuracy – that we lose touch with what a good old fashioned liberal really is. Therefore, we set out on the task of re-discovering these remarkable beings – a quest to provide you further information, entertainment, and a general sense of well being. Here is Part I of our series – The Anatomy of a Liberal.

Fawning Obama Supporters“If you’re not a liberal when you’re young, you don’t have a heart…” – W. S. Churchill

If you found yourself at a campaign rally for any Democratic politician in the most recent election cycle (and ‘found yourself’ meaning you were geographically there as opposed to your discovering some deep and mystical truth about your personage) – the one thing you almost certainly experienced was a flutter in your chest as someone attempted to pull your heart strings. From prospective city councilmen to presidential hopefuls, the foundation of the modern Democrat party’s outreach to voters is compassion. Our elephant brethren stretch out their hands and offer help and hope to folks who can’t get adequate medical care, feel they have been shortchanged by someone (corporations are a favorite target) or don’t believe America cares sufficiently for them (the John Edwards campaign!). The Democrats care (rightly so by the way in many cases) and are ever willing to back their care up with $$$.

But compassion IS good. And there ARE real problems with education, health care, etc. But the simple downfall of the Democrat’s compassionate ways and policies is that they just don’t work. Over the short term, the government investment that liberals advocate to fix problems often makes a positive difference in the lives of those who are being helped. But the devil is in the big picture – when the government gives to one group it inevitably must take away from another. As Margaret Thatcher noted famously, “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.” This inescapable fact has been noted by President Obama when he’s mentioned that to pay for his health care reforms, taxes will have to be raised on wealthy folks.

John Maynard Keynes Time CoverIt’s an odd quirk of history that we’ve essentially been having the same economic debate in the western world over and over since the 1930s. And it all started with one man – John Maynard Keynes. One day Keynes had an idea – that if a government spent more money than it actually had it could create economic prosperity. This idea was celebrated and has become known as Keynesian Economics. *Side note – on a recent visit home to my family’s farm my dad told me story about a local man who is remembered for bringing a noxious weed into the valley – it struck me that the unfortunate gentleman was a bit like Keynes.* Keynes provided the philosophical excuse for liberals in Britain and America to go nuts. And so they did.

In the late 1930s and early 1940s, liberals FDR and Atlee took power on either side of the pond. While there’s been great debate about the short term effects that Roosevelt’s massive spending had in the US, there have been fewer questions as to the cost of compassion in Britain. The British economy has never been the same. Granted, the World Wars had such massive influence on economic activity that it would be easy for the lessons of the 30s and 40s to be clouded. Let me throw out some other names – Lyndon Johnson and the “great society”, Jimmy Carter. I’m no economist, but when you compare the results of liberal policies enacted out of compassion for people to the results of conservative economic policies under Reagan and others – there’s a significant difference.

But instead of capitalizing on the consistent and profound failures of these efforts, modern Conservatives have come to be viewed by many as a bunch of rich dudes palling around at the country club in tweed. Even worse, we have at times tried to outdo the Democrats on their own terms – such as McCain’s plan to buy everyone’s mortage in ’08 in the name of compassion (see the cardinal rule of political engagement #1 – Never try to out-promise a Democrat. You will lose.) Conservatives have the weight of history on their side. The great challenge going forward for Conservatives is to show that an economic system that can provide prosperity for all is far more compassionate than one that promises everything for some and delivers nothing for anyone.

Goose NissleyGooseRadio

Meghan McCain – Those Darned Conservatives Aren’t Hip

2009_0313_getty_mccain_meghan_bitesBoy, I’m struggling with a difficult political issue. I can’t quite decide what to do or what to think. My gosh. What am I going to do???


Meghan McCain, former 1st daughter hopeful, has apparently decided that is precisely the scenario that young politically-minded folk go through daily. Therefore, she has set up shop on a site referred to as The Daily Beast. Promising. Confident that this was not sufficient marching orders for the teeming masses that seek her counsel, she also has begun to blog on the aptly named McCain Blogette.

It’s not like me to simply take shots at young, blonde, female people. At my rapidly advancing age it’s wise not to narrow the field by even one. But Miss McCain has painted the target upon her golden locks with her recent political offerings. In a wide ranging piece that started a feud, she went after Anne Coulter and Laura Ingraham.

“…Offensive, radical, insulting, and confusing all at the same…”

Meghan is entitled to her views on Miss Coulter. She is certainly a rather excitable creature, even though we find ourselves agreeing with her a large amount of the time. Additionally, it appears that Maverick’s daughter (Meghan) is cute despite accusations that flowed forth ex post facto from Miss Ingraham regarding her girth. We want to like you young lady. Alas, it is not to be.

As USA Today details, Meghan then went on to make liberals smile wide.

She does appeal to the most extreme members of the Republican Party—but they are dying off, becoming less and less relevant to the party structure as a whole. I think most people my age are like me in that we all don’t believe in every single ideal of each party specifically. The GOP should be happy to have any young supporters whatsoever, even if they do digress some from traditional Republican thinking.

Oh Meghan. It doesn’t require a spy glass and a Dr. Watson to connect the dots on this quotable. Describing herself earlier in the piece as a “Progressive Republican” concerned with the hipness of her party, she is embarrassed [like her father before her] at “Extreme Conservatism” (her quote). You can be pretty certain that those ‘dying off’ firebrand folks Meghan is harpooning are none other than the Religious Right. This video offers some enlightenment on her own views regarding those darned social issues Yep. It’s us again!

But you know, maybe Maverick Daughter is right. Maybe if we abandon our unpopular and non-hip views on the family and small government that make us about as relevant as “Donny Osmond” (Meghan’s phrasing), people will like us! We just need to… feel the pulse of young people in America… show them we care. Tell them we feel they’re pain, and we’re going to offer them health care, better schools, an equal playing field, possibly even chocolate muffins. After all, no candidate embodies that model better than her venerable father. John Sidney McCain. And we all know how that worked out.


Obama Stole McCain’s Mortage Plan?

Some cries today from the McCaniacs! They say His Royal Highness, The Child Barack H. Obama‘s recently announced plan to buy up bad mortages in an attempt to stabalize the pyrotechnic economy was stolen from the Old Warrior himself. FoxNews has a write up detailing the controversy. McCain’s former economic guru – something called Douglas Holtz Eakin – says it looks an awful lot like what the Big Mac “campaigned for a long time” on. *Notably the article also contains McCain’s comment at the time of his proposal that he was following in the footsteps of Hillary Clinton… who in their right mind would want to claim such a thing*

But McCain didn’t campaign on it for a long time at all as alleged in the write up. He busted out the proposal in the second to last debate with The Child, and had Conservatives scratching their heads and wondering if the old warrior had finally lost it. This is particularly plausible given the fact that the plan of Democrat President Obama actually is cheaper than the one McCain proposed. Although, it hard to say by how much because it’s a cornucopia that could cost as “little” as 75 billion and as much as 275 billion. Aren’t these numbers just surreal at this point?

While the story rightly quotes McCain from during the campaign as declaring Obama and lefties all oer partially responsible for the whole shabang of the economic debacle by frantically pushing for the expansion and foolish policies of Freddy and Fanny, McCain’s idea to travel wholesale down the road of government intervention – litterally declaring he’d tell the treasury secretary to, “Immediately buy up the bad home loan mortgages in America and renegotiate at the new value of those homes…” seemed loony then. It even looks more loony know that we know he wanted to spend billions more than Obama. You really ought not try to outspend a Democrat. That battle is guaranteed to be a defeat.


Did you know the French still have colonies in the Caribbean Sea?! Well they do! And apparently they’re mad about something! The French are sending in the troops. This, on the heels of last week’s episode of a French nuclear submarine bumping into one of its British counterparts might make you think that the French are looking bad these days. My sense though is that Paris is pleased just to be discussed at this point. Come on – when an opportunity to tease France is presented it cannot be turned away without accepting with glee!

Have a tremendous evening!

That’s a Six Month Withdrawal, Right Mr. President?

I think this might be the story to watch with a keen eye. Or two eyes as often as you can spare them as Gandalf the Gray might intone. CNN reports tonight that Obama met with top foreign policy and military gurus to ask that they devise a plan for a military drawdown in Iraq. Vice President Joseph the Deleware-an was present as well. I’ll bet that made everyone very calm. He has a great deal of foreign policy experience. Too much sarcasm? Ya, you’re probably right.

_45395963_obama_bush_afp226The Child had promised to do this in campaign speeches, sort of a neat line of dramatic rhetoric. Possibly also a countermeasure to Lady Hillary’s ‘ready on day 1′ themes. But in campaign season he promised ad-infinitum to remove any and all US forces from the Middle Eastern nation within 16 months. Today, the report from team Obama was that the new Cheif had asked for, “…A responsible military draw down in Iraq.” Do you notice that nowhere in this sentence is there any mention of a 16 month guarantee? Ya. I noticed that too.

That’s not saying he will not eventually do so, but drawing attention to the possibility that he may be paving the way to flub on that commitment. I think its rather ‘responsible’ to note the lackage of the 16 months in the release. The Reuters news wire reports the story and forgets to mention this point. I’m shocked guys. Really. *If you think that was funny you are an undoubtedly smart and good looking person* The AP release actually mentions this! Go AP! Gold star.

By the way, is it wise to let our troops go home? Oh absolutely… considering much of the tough and deadly work of securing the country is done and Iraqi solidiers are closer and closer to being ready to defned their own country. But this also has been the policy of President Bush for years. Oui. But dress the buzzard up in new wrapping and suddenly he looks like a swan. A swan with some occasional hypocrisy issues. When you think of it this way, you start to realize that Obama was actually putting foward a policy on Iraq that was almost identical to George W. Bush’s when it comes to the removal of troops. Then you sit back in your chair and say ‘wow, that’s somewhat emotional’.



The old inaugural verbiage snafu from yesterday was amended today when the, we can only imagine chagrined, Chief Justice John Roberts sallied forth to The Child’s new digs at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and “re-administered” the oath of office with the words placed as they were in the constitution. Obama’s hordes are doing a good job of playing it, saying that ‘of course’ the oath given at the innagural was efficacious and binding – they’re just being ultra-cautious. It’s actually probably a good idea, but at the same time it brings up a compelling thought. If The Child wasn’t President legally until tonight… who was President this morning? Yay constitution.


Meanwhile, John McCain spent the day further endearing himself to me. He was leading the charge for Hillary Clinton’s confirmation as secretary of state. Beautiful. Worst Republican nominee in…

(Still thinking…)


BBC reporting Obama says its time to set a new tone in our relations with the Muslim world. I hope Osama Bin Ladin, Hamas, and Hezbollah get the memo. (And no, I don’t think all Muslim’s are terrorists. I think OBL, Hamas & Hezbollah are terrorists. Yay political correctness.)


I think that about sums it up this evening. Still planning on busting forth with an audio version of TWG yet this week. There was also a tiny window last night when the site was down for maintenance. Many and hearty apologies if you attenpted to find us during that time!

Have a Tremendous rest of your week.