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If Americans had heard from the beginning that health-care reform meant a new tax, the legislation probably wouldn’t have gone far. This is especially so, given that the tax primarily will be on the backs of middle-class Americans who can least afford it. Who else, after all, is going to be hardest-pressed to find extra funds to purchase insurance?

The Obama administration knew this. The legislation’s authors in Congress knew this, which is why you may not have heard it before the Supreme Court ruled. This is to say, Obama won the day almost by accident — and not at all because his commerce clause justifications were constitutionally sound.

Kathleen Parker | The Washington Post

That’s a Six Month Withdrawal, Right Mr. President?

I think this might be the story to watch with a keen eye. Or two eyes as often as you can spare them as Gandalf the Gray might intone. CNN reports tonight that Obama met with top foreign policy and military gurus to ask that they devise a plan for a military drawdown in Iraq. Vice President Joseph the Deleware-an was present as well. I’ll bet that made everyone very calm. He has a great deal of foreign policy experience. Too much sarcasm? Ya, you’re probably right.

_45395963_obama_bush_afp226The Child had promised to do this in campaign speeches, sort of a neat line of dramatic rhetoric. Possibly also a countermeasure to Lady Hillary’s ‘ready on day 1′ themes. But in campaign season he promised ad-infinitum to remove any and all US forces from the Middle Eastern nation within 16 months. Today, the report from team Obama was that the new Cheif had asked for, “…A responsible military draw down in Iraq.” Do you notice that nowhere in this sentence is there any mention of a 16 month guarantee? Ya. I noticed that too.

That’s not saying he will not eventually do so, but drawing attention to the possibility that he may be paving the way to flub on that commitment. I think its rather ‘responsible’ to note the lackage of the 16 months in the release. The Reuters news wire reports the story and forgets to mention this point. I’m shocked guys. Really. *If you think that was funny you are an undoubtedly smart and good looking person* The AP release actually mentions this! Go AP! Gold star.

By the way, is it wise to let our troops go home? Oh absolutely… considering much of the tough and deadly work of securing the country is done and Iraqi solidiers are closer and closer to being ready to defned their own country. But this also has been the policy of President Bush for years. Oui. But dress the buzzard up in new wrapping and suddenly he looks like a swan. A swan with some occasional hypocrisy issues. When you think of it this way, you start to realize that Obama was actually putting foward a policy on Iraq that was almost identical to George W. Bush’s when it comes to the removal of troops. Then you sit back in your chair and say ‘wow, that’s somewhat emotional’.



The old inaugural verbiage snafu from yesterday was amended today when the, we can only imagine chagrined, Chief Justice John Roberts sallied forth to The Child’s new digs at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and “re-administered” the oath of office with the words placed as they were in the constitution. Obama’s hordes are doing a good job of playing it, saying that ‘of course’ the oath given at the innagural was efficacious and binding – they’re just being ultra-cautious. It’s actually probably a good idea, but at the same time it brings up a compelling thought. If The Child wasn’t President legally until tonight… who was President this morning? Yay constitution.


Meanwhile, John McCain spent the day further endearing himself to me. He was leading the charge for Hillary Clinton’s confirmation as secretary of state. Beautiful. Worst Republican nominee in…

(Still thinking…)


BBC reporting Obama says its time to set a new tone in our relations with the Muslim world. I hope Osama Bin Ladin, Hamas, and Hezbollah get the memo. (And no, I don’t think all Muslim’s are terrorists. I think OBL, Hamas & Hezbollah are terrorists. Yay political correctness.)


I think that about sums it up this evening. Still planning on busting forth with an audio version of TWG yet this week. There was also a tiny window last night when the site was down for maintenance. Many and hearty apologies if you attenpted to find us during that time!

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