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FoxNews Needs More Plain Women

I would just like to take this opportunity to point out that our culture is obsessed with beautiful people. I realize this is not groundbreaking information. However, this obsession has now seeped into the delivery of our information. People are now being hired to report the news based on the way they look. FoxNews is at the forefront of this phenomenon.

Now I’m not saying that all of these women are just pretty faces. Megyn Kelly and Jane Skinner, for instance, are/were (Skinner just retired) very good at their jobs. But it’s pretty clear there’s a trend of hotness happening here. FoxNews apparently believes we in the huddled masses will be more apt to watch their news broadcasts because there are attractive women on the screen. They are probably correct. However, this does not mean it is right that they do this. In fact, it is just plain wrong.

Where is the solidarity with plain people? Where?! It’s nowhere! Most folks aren’t gorgeous. The world needs to celebrate plain people, and place them on tv. Particularly if those plain people are good at reporting the news. This is one place where CNN, and even the howls at MSNBC, defeat Fox hands down. They’re not afraid to bust out a Candy Crowley or a Rachel Maddow.

FoxNews should not be afraid to place individuals before our eyes who are excellent reporters but perhaps wouldn’t appear in a clothing catalog modeling some sort of frock. Make it happen Rupert.

Obama’s Assault on FoxNews – Hypocrisy & Teddy Bears

In spite of the Conservatism flowing through my soul, you may be surprised to know that I’ve at times found myself unable to heartily enjoy FoxNews. While I appreciate the fact that they allow the right-ward voice to be heard, I think they go overboard many times in attempting to present news items in Conservative fashion. That isn’t really ‘fair and balanced’, and is just what CNN does in reverse (in the right way, you might be thinking… fair enough). And I’m reserving MSNBC for their own esteemed pathetic category simply because of the seething nature of the Olbermann, Madow bitterness – someone needs a hug.

fox-news-logoSo my interest was piqued earlier this month when Prez Obama’s interim Communications Director Anita Dunn declared war on the network:

We’re going to treat them the way we would treat an opponent. As they are undertaking a war against Barack Obama and the White House… we don’t need to pretend that this is the way legitimate news organizations behave.

Statements like these are just ill advised in addition to vastly hypocritical! When you believe you have the power to dubb news networks acceptable or nay that’s just heaps of fodder for folks like Rush and Sarah Palin when they declare liberalism to be the stuff of the Eastern Elite. And it also seems to give credence to a guy like Glenn Beck when he says the government is trying to snuff out all voices of dissent – because that’s precisely what it sounds like! But more on the hypocrisy in just a second.

Megyn Kelly O'ReillyThe thing of it is, I actually think Fox would better serve folks simply by reporting the news when they’re not broadcasting an opinion program. That opinion program concept is important and totally acceptable – that’s what Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, and Keith Olbermann are. Those shows are upfront (sometimes) about the views being expressed originating from the host. Entertainment and opinion are their purpose. But during the rest of a normal day on Fox, a casual viewer can find newspersons like Megyn Kelly and Julie Banderas injecting their opinions into the coverage. Oftentimes the stories themselves are set up in a way to present the Conservative viewpoint positively – the tea parties were defintely such a creature. BUT…

The White House should be ashamed of the sheer magnitude of their hypocrisy in this buffoonery. While snide and demeaning rhetoric from the left is the meat and potatoes of MSNBC, and CNN has been historically derided as the “Clinton News Network” for good reason, the Obama-cons say that it isn’t okay to report the news with an agenda?! And the cherry on top of this sundae of silliness –  Anita Dunn made her comments to the New York Times! A vessel of fairnessbalance… leftist propaganda for time immemorial! While I wish that Fox would actually be fair and balanced, beholding them under assault for simply doing the same thing as their opponent news networks in a Conservative way sort of makes you want to give them a big hug. Like some sort of giant Conservative teddy bear.

TWk/Goose Special – Why We’re Thankful

Melancholy on Thanksgiving? Prepare to have that dealt with… we have just the elixer for thy blues. Herein lie entertainment, information, and a general sense of well being.

Megyn Kelly, Bob Dole, and the Coming Palin/Romney Throwdown

As painful as it was to view the coronation of High King Obama yester-eve, one is always wise to look for a silver lining in all dark and dank situations.

There’s one! Megyn Kelly of Foxnews is apparently not a great speller but certainly has been gifted with a compelling personality and exterior. She made Fox’s election eve coverage fair, balanced, and also quite cute.

OK… now that’s out of the way. It looks like the fight to lead Republican-ism in 2012 is already on in full furry. Tucker Carlson, a man with no small affection for bow ties, writes that 2012 may well boil down to Mitt Romney versus Sarah Palin. If it so boils, he believes Romney might have the edge due to his self control:


But others, including hordes who gently reprimanded me for my words in Volume 14 of TWG (and my Dad), make the case that the charismatic Governor Palin is the next Ronaldus Magnus. Scott Horton accuses the venerable Bill Kristol of using his New York Times column to build up the Palin-ator along these lines while tearing down the campaign in which she was engaged:


The things I continue to see and read, not all of which do I think are posted with the intent of destroying Sarah Palin, are bolstering my uneasiness with the idea of her hands on the helm of Conservatism come 2012. To be fair, Sarah is denying all the charges levied against her:


Also, I miss Bob Dole. That guy was an empire. I’m very tempted to post the Youtube video in which the good former presidential candidate speaks to his pooch regarding Britney Spears’ frollicking endorsement of Pepsi products. Alas, I estimate that Ms. Spears hip movements and wardrobe could perhaps hurt the family friendly image of GooseRadio.com. Therefore, I’ll say farewell with Dole’s humorous handling of the issue of his own age in a 1996 debate with King Bill.