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And so it begins

The first weird stirrings of the race for the White House in 2016 have begun. The early moves of Governor Jeb Bush surprised me. The indications that Governor Mitt Romney might be game for another round of ‘Who Wants to be a President’ stunned me. Brink Brickley & myself delve into their early moves and offer analysis.

Is America ready for one immediate family to provide three separate Presidents? Does Romney deserve another look?

Who will run? Who could win? Will Hillary be the Maginot Line or the Great Wall? All is revealed on this latest effort to provide entertainment, information & a General Sense of Well Being.

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Considering ‘Mitt’

Entertainment, Information & a General Sense of Well Being makes its way to Netflix’s recently released documentary ‘Mitt’. This is no ordinary flick – a filmmaker found himself with intimate access to the Romney family for seven years & two presidential runs. So what did he find? What kind of cat was Mitt Romney really? Continue reading Considering ‘Mitt’

The Day DC Talk Phophesied Mitt Romney


It has taken me a long time to put all these pieces together, and I thought you finally needed to know the truth.

In 1996 – a full decade before he made the first tentative steps toward his initial Presidential bid – the Christian rock / hip hop band DC Talk prophesied that Governor Mitt Romney would be the Republican nominee for President in 2012.

Well. Not exactly. But they did talk about him by name in one of their songs.

At 2:41 in the legendary DC Talk tune “In the Light” featured on the ’96 album “Jesus Freak”, lead singer Kevin Max utters a phrase that sounds an awful lot like…

“The secrets that MITT ROMNEY…”

Riven with disbelief?! Listen for yourself… here’s the pertinent clip of those few moments of the song…

Continue reading The Day DC Talk Phophesied Mitt Romney

GooseRadio Demotivators

Mitt Romney for President

It’s just hours away from the moment when we’ll finally know who our next President will be. It’s time to name GooseRadio’s pick for the vanilla abode (and yes, if you’ve read & listened for some time you’re laughing because you already know without a doubt who the pick is…).

Yes, it’s about the economy… about America’s role in the world… and about strengthening families across our land. But come join us at the play button as we surprise you with this: perhaps the most eloquent case to elect Mitt Romney was made by a certain Illinois Senator in 2008. Click play below to immerse yourself in a bevy of audio cheer!

How Much Can the President Actually Do?

Okay, so one thing that’s really been bugging me in the election season this year is the presidential candidates making claims about what they’re going to do when they get into office: lower taxes, balance the budget, decrease the deficit, bring troops home, create jobs, etc. etc. etc.

What frustrates me is that the vast majority of the promises and claims the candidates are making are outside the realm of power that the executive office holds! The president, for example, cannot raise or lower taxes, only Congress can. So, I started researching the powers in the executive office and, since it’s a hot topic, how the federal budget is made. It turns out, the president is not as powerless as I thought, but not nearly as powerful as Obama and Romney seem to think. What follows is my findings about the responsibilities and limitations of the presidential office. After all, if it’s our job to choose a man to fill the job of president, we should probably know what that job entails. Continue reading How Much Can the President Actually Do?