Old Yankees

New Yorker Yankees Cover

The New York Yankees are finally, in the words of Jeremiah Wright, observing their chickens come home to roost. After decades of doling out huge and lengthy contracts to big name stars, the likes of which other teams couldn’t touch for the most part, the Yankees are now discovering the flip side of that coin. […]

Celebrating Pettitte’s Farewell

Andy Pettitte

I’ve heard it said many times that Andy Pettitte is a swell guy. A good family man they say. And a man of faith to boot! What’s not to like?! That answer in a moment… Andy retired this week after nearly two decades of hurling. A baseball. The Bronx Bombers appear to be really concerned, […]

Definitive Proof that Cheering for the Yankees IS Just Like Cheering for the Soviet Union


With baseball’s postseason rapidly approaching, it is time once again to bemoan the greatest evil in America’s greatest game. Although squads like the Twins & Rays have had fabulous years, they will enter into the crapshoot quest for a World Series at a distinct disadvantage. That disadvantage takes the form of the number 206 million, […]

5 Reasons Why the Twins Will Beat the Yankees Again… Eventually


And the horrors continue for the Minnesota Twins in Yankee Stadium! After another series loss to the lovable A-Rod and friends, TWG reaches for the positives. Here’s 5 reasons why the Twins will beat the Yankees again… eventually. Minka Kelly, Barack Obama, good versus evil, Joe Nathan’s elbow, and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad all make appearances…