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Obama Guy — The Return

Just as GooseRadio rises once more from the ashes, our old nemesis James the Obama Guy is back. He finds his way back to our airwaves and he’s as angry as ever. He first takes aim at Mitt Romney for wanting to take away his stuff and give it to rich people, along the way explaining how President Obama gave him a car & a job at Dominoes. In his anger, James attempts to occupy our phone line. Also on the agenda are capitalism, the Hunger Games, the true meaning of the Osama Bin Ladin episode, and Bruce Springstreen.

It Was All a Big Mistake!

Election Kids

Our dear friend, James the Obama Guy, is taking Tuesday night’s mid-term election debacle pretty hard.

He gathers himself & explains that it was all really due to —

  1. Christine O’Donnell’s withcraft
  2. George W. Bush‘s book tour
  3. And people not adequately appreciating his need for government provided medical care and haircuts.

Obama Guy also lauds President Obama’s upcoming trip to India, and explains why all the coconut trees in the nation should be bulldozed to make way for the President and his teeming entourage.

Prepare for an even heartier-than-normal dose of entertainment, information, and a general sense of well being…