Boehner’s Epic Last Stand on Health Care (Video)

John Boehner

The House Minority Leader, John Boehner, gave what was undoubtedly the best speech of his life last night. A last ditch effort to convince Dems to vote against Obama-care, the GOP leader summarized poignantly the awful-ness that was the bill… Much more on the epic day in Washington and the delightful news of Joe Mauer’s […]

Sarah Descends on the Tea Party – GooseRadio Play by Play


Sarah Palin addressed the throngs of the Tea Party Saturday Evening in Nashville. Her address was sweet music to the audience. Barack Obama was skewered thoroughly. Come, Share the Experience with us, moment by moment… 8:04 pm – She steps to the podium, like a Queen treading before her troops. There are 2 massive blocks […]

Watson, Healthcare Woes & a Man Forgets His Clothes – TWG 31

Democrat Health Care Plan News Conference

Democrat Health Care Plan News ConferenceWe give you the week that was – from Obama’s health care issues to Hillary Clinton to new polling on 2012. Is there finally a reason for Conservatives to crack a smile?

In our Sit Down with the Professor, Mark Seignious notes his special connection to golfing legend Tom Watson. Also discussed is the speed with which President Obama seems to be attempting to shove through his health care bill, and a gentleman in the midwest who was arrested for admiring flowers… minus his clothing.

It’s a veritable romp, but one devoted to providing you entertainment, information, and a general sense of well being. Listen Here.