Apologies, Talking to Girls & Way up High in Canada


It’s Entertainment, Information & General Sense of Well Being brought to bear on the big apology this past week from President Obama on his epic health care promise. It was sort of weak right? I mean… it had iterations… & like manifold layers. We discuss whether we feel apologized to or nay. Then it’s […]


If Americans had heard from the beginning that health-care reform meant a new tax, the legislation probably wouldn’t have gone far. This is especially so, given that the tax primarily will be on the backs of middle-class Americans who can least afford it. Who else, after all, is going to be hardest-pressed to find extra funds to purchase insurance?

The Obama administration knew this. The legislation’s authors in Congress knew this, which is why you may not have heard it before the Supreme Court ruled. This is to say, Obama won the day almost by accident — and not at all because his commerce clause justifications were constitutionally sound.

Kathleen Parker | The Washington Post