Huckabee Won’t Run in 12 (Video)

Listen to this… The Huckster appearing with Greta Van Sustren on FoxNews there. Logic would dictate that the former Arkansan executive ought not use the phrase ‘likely the beginning of the reelection of BO‘, if he was intent on gearing up for a run at said BO in a couple years. I think we might […]

An Obama Musical & the Crazy in Ron Paul’s Eyes


Volume 38 – What is Germany’s latest contribution to the world? It’s a new musical about Barack Obama. Carrie Underwood’s Engagement is lamented by GooseRadio’s Alex Whitworth. A hairy libertarian, GooseRadio Contributor Tim Shaw, explains why the President’s statist economic policies aren’t working.

Beck & Palin Make News


The Talking Points Memo had these moving pictures from Sarah Palin’s interview earlier today with Glen Beck… You gotta give Glenn major plaudits for the follow up question. Can you see Sean Hannity pressing that inquiry? NAY! That man would have simply reached for his script and recited whatever silly bullet point was called for […]

Laura Ingraham Isn’t Terribly Pleasant – Video


I imagine that it would be stressful to be in moving pictures and have to prepare compelling content every night… but this… Further proof that just because you agree with someone 90% of the time, which I do in Miss Ingraham’s case, doesn’t mean they aren’t a really mean and overbearing individual.