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Mike Huckabee Is a Whiner!

Big profile on The Huck in Politico this week, and the Governor can’t get over why nobody will talk about him…

“I just don’t understand how it is that a person can read these polls day after day and the narrative is constantly everybody but me,”… “Whether I do it or not, the fact is that if one looks at the overall body of information that’s available, nobody would be in a better position to take it all the way to November.”

The piece goes on to detail The Huck’s fascination with the amount of attention people are paying to Parasalin relative to the amount of time people are spending speaking of him. The rest of the piece speaks to the Huckabee’s friends and backers belief that the former Arkansas Gov will indeed make another run in 2012.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard The Huck complaining. Before, during, and after 2008, he continually informed people that he wasn’t accepted into the Republican holy of holys as it were because he was from the south and he grew up poor – bathing himself with lava rock soap or something to that effect because he couldn’t afford… bar soap?!. He complained that Mitt Romney was distorting his record, that Rush Limbaugh was an elitist, and – just in past weeks – he tweaked the Bushes because they hadn’t supported him in ’08. While Parasalin has certainly been granted more media volume for her complaints than The Huck of late – about everything from the media to ‘the machine’ to ‘the Washington elite’ – Huckabee was Sarah Palin before Sarah Palin was Sarah Palin.

I really enjoyed Karl Rove’s recent response to all the complaining from both of these critters when he was on the radio program of Palin’s fan club secretary Laura Ingraham. Rove said they should both just get into the 2012 race and stop whining. It’s not Presidential, and it doesn’t accomplish anything. It just makes you look foolish. He also mentioned The Huck’s tweak of the Bush’s and drew the comparison between what Huck said, and how Ronaldus Magnus went about his business. Could you ever imagine Reagan saying something like that against George H W Bush (who did run against him in the 1980 primaries)? NO! The man was forward thinking, magnanimous and optimistic! The Huck (and also Parasalin most of the time) is a whiner! Stop complaining about the wealthy, the well connected, and the machine Michael! Don’t bust out the politics of victim-hood! Go sell your children’s Christmas book in peace, man!

Sarah Descends on the Tea Party – GooseRadio Play by Play

Sarah Palin addressed the throngs of the Tea Party Saturday Evening in Nashville. Her address was sweet music to the audience. Barack Obama was skewered thoroughly. Come, Share the Experience with us, moment by moment…

8:04 pm – She steps to the podium, like a Queen treading before her troops.

There are 2 massive blocks of ice-esque substance behind her… An Alaska theme? A Narnia theme?!

8:05 – The hair is down tonight. I miss the up-do.

*wishes happy birthday to Ronaldus Magnus*

“America is ready for another revolution!”

8:06 – Her first usage of the phrase ‘common sense conservative’

1st Scott Brown reference! I wonder if the GOP had actually just put the infamous Brown Truck on the ballot if it could have defeated Coakley all by itself. Would have been GM’s first win in some time…

8:07 – She’s very energetic this evening. She makes me feel so old – and I’m 24.

8:09 – Speaking of Brown over Coakley – ‘If there’s hope in Massachusettes, there’s hope everywhere.’

‘Common Sense Conservative’ usage countdown – 2

8:10 – ‘Contested primaries aren’t civil wars’

You know what WAS a civil war? The Civil War!

8:11 – ‘Don’t allow any one leader to define you…’

This becomes an interesting theme. The prognosticators are all saying this speech IS her effort at becoming said leader. Later she juxtaposes the subject of her future with a restatement that the movement shouldn’t have a leader.

8:12 – ‘You Teapartiers are bigger than Obama and his teleprompter.

Urban areas stink!’

‘Common Sense Conservative’ usage count – 3 (she switched the 2 adjectives around that time)

8:14 – ‘Obama is afraid to call war, ‘war’, suicide bombings become ‘manmade disasters’.

8:17 – Here’s the best line of the evening – “We need a commander in chief – not a professor of law, standing at the lectern”

8:18 – Obama is writing letters to dangerous dictators. Machmoud, someone’s talking to you…

8:19Obama hates Japan!

*accidentally says ‘Alaska’ when she meant ‘America’*

8:20 – She loses her place momentarily… Think the ‘Alaska, America’ reference got her rattled…

‘Obama…. Obama…’

Ok… she’s got it back now… found her place…

8:21 – *makes a talking face with her left hand, Barack Obama’s Washington is Sarah Palin’s hand…* This is truly human drama…

8:22 – ‘Obama should man up and stop picking on George Bush…’

Quotes Barry Goldwater! She’s been compared to Barry!

8:23 – ‘The government is taking over.’

She keeps quoting people. She includes more quotes in her addresses than any political figure I’ve ever heard of…

8:24 – Populism! Wall Street wants to eat you alive!

8:26 – Making fun of Joe Biden’s tough guy image and inability to oversee things!

“How’s that hopey, changey stuff working out for you?!”




Is this wise syntax considering… everything…

8:29 – Obama gave a Democrat party man a government contract to somehow stimulate some portion of the economy.

“Is that hope? Nope.”

8:30 – ‘Washington thinks we are all stupid!’

8:32 – ‘We are freedom lovers, and we are ticked off!’

On dealing with multiple governmental challenges at once – “If you can’t ride 2 horses at once, you shouldn’t be in the circus.”

8:33 – ‘I threw oil barons in jail!’

You know who else should be in jail… the guy in the audience who showed up to this speech in a blue baseball cap…

8:34 – Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy reset button, bequeathed to Vladimir Putin, should be used on B Obama’s health care bill.

8:36 – ‘We need to seize the oil from the sod, and stop giving money to sheiks.’

Also, from John Thune of SoDak – ‘If you’re ever the victim of a shotgun shooting, band-aids are not going to help.’

8:38 – ‘John McCain is an American hero.’

Common Sense Conservative’ Count – 4

8:40 – I anticipate we’re ramping up for a conclusion here. It’s coming rapid fire now…

‘The constitution!

You are all patriots!

You are all kind!

You are all good!


Small businesses!

Shining city on a hill!

Our best days our yet to come!

8:45God bless the tea party & God bless America!

*Exits to raucous applause*

Ode to an Election – This Week Volume 14

The Child Is Triumphant. We survey the damage, give you the raw data and insight on Palin’s foibles, the ultra-tight Minnesota senate race, and what is going on in people’s heads.

All this tempered with hopefulness drawn from the wisdom of our founders and the ever watchful hand of providence. Prepare for a general sense of well being to grab hold of you and bring you from the dank despair foisted upon you by Tuesday’s results.