What Is the Point?

Befuddled Child Feature

“It is a tale told by an idiot – full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.” – William Shakespeare, “Macbeth” Act 5, Scene 5 Donald Trump has caused me to think deeply about something. Don’t cue the laugh track. This is not a drill. The enormous popularity of the Reality TV sensation in the GOP presidential horse […]

Sarah Descends on the Tea Party – GooseRadio Play by Play


Sarah Palin addressed the throngs of the Tea Party Saturday Evening in Nashville. Her address was sweet music to the audience. Barack Obama was skewered thoroughly. Come, Share the Experience with us, moment by moment… 8:04 pm – She steps to the podium, like a Queen treading before her troops. There are 2 massive blocks […]

Ode to an Election – This Week Volume 14

The Child Is Triumphant. We survey the damage, give you the raw data and insight on Palin’s foibles, the ultra-tight Minnesota senate race, and what is going on in people’s heads. All this tempered with hopefulness drawn from the wisdom of our founders and the ever watchful hand of providence. Prepare for a general sense […]