On Tucson & Thome


It’s been a tough week for having much interest in the same old political back and forth. Here’s some thoughts a week after Tucson on our country’s leaders – left and right – and a wish that we could have some more who wouldn’t always look for petty advantage when there are much more important […]

TWG Turns 5,000


The TWG Podcast surpassed 5,000 listens this week. Here’s Goose with a celebratory look back and some favorite moments… The Top 5 Most Listened to Podcasts…. #5 – TWG 19 – January 1st, 2009 #4 – An Angry Young Obama Supoorter – March 4th 2009 #3 – Sarah, Rush, and the NRA – April […]

Do We Get Days Off from Feeling Bad about Being American? – GooseRadio Volume 26

This week’s holiday and the patriotism surrounding it makes us wonder why so many liberal educators, professors, and pontificators want so badly to blame every problem in sight on the United States.

Hillary Duff and her advertisement for not using the word ‘gay’ improperly are the target of our TWG spotlight. We point out the term was pretty much seized to begin with, and Noah Webster was definitely not consulted.

Prophecy Goose tackles Keith Olbermann and Nancy Pelosi… not physically.

And the week in summations runs down the latest in Twins territory, Rush Limbaugh, and President Obama’s recent hypocrisy.

It’s the only podcast tirelessly dedicated to providing you entertainment, information, and a general sense… of well being. Listen here

Sarah, Rush, the NRA, Joe Mauer & The Stormin Mormon – This Week with Goose

Rush Limbaugh is angry with Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney and Eric Cantor.

Sarah Palin was listed in Time magazine’s recent 100 Most Influential People list, and now has a hand crafted assault weapon on its way from the NRA.

Joe Mauer is the man.

Also, Miley Cyrus. Where ARE you Billy Ray?!

Also making appearances – A-Rod, Madonna, and Carrie Prejean. All in a tireless effort to provide entertainment, information, and a general sense of well being.

President Abandons What Elected Him, Embraces Bush Policy on Iraq

Ya, it’s kind of a big deal! How many times did the enraptured Obama-cons joyfully behold their leader as he spoke to them of his fervent opposition to this hateful, mistake laden, terrible mar upon US history that was George Bush’s war on Iraq? It was more than a few times. In fact, it was the anchor upon which he ran his whole campaign. Particularly early in the primary campaign, he battled with the likes of Dennis Kucinich to be the heartiest anti-war candidate he could be. (*Be all that you can, beeeeeeeee!*)

A fast forward to today finds him announcing a date for “troop withdrawal” that comports almost exactly with what George Bush’s plans were. Additionally (and the reason for the dreaded quotation marks), he plans to leave a ‘transitional force’ in the country of 35,000 to 50,000 soldiers past his withdrawal date of August 2010. Sounds a bit like “Leaving when the Iraqis are ready and capable of governing themselves”… or “What President Bush’s policy has been on Iraq for years”.