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The Venerable Dave Clutter on Debt Dealing, Ronaldus Magnus & 2012

The noble Twin Cities radio staple Dave Clutter joins us for a special edition of the podcast.

Starting off is banter of the recent debt deal. Did the GOP do what it ought to do? Should we be joyful or saddened?

Then we talk Sarah Palin’s Mitt Romney put down from yesterday – Dave has an insightful point on her will she or won’t she status. He also asks me why the media doesn’t pick on my boy, Mitt Romney.

Also on the docket are the Minnesota nice-no-more Bachmann / Pawlenty throw down and Dave offers his Bill Clinton impersonation – which is worth the listen even if you hated everything else you heard… which we strongly believe is highly unlikely! Entertainment, information and a General Sense of Well Being await! Click play below to listen

Fidel, Miley & Barack – Passing out GooseRadio’s Christmas Gifts

The holiday cheer is flowing here at GooseRadio! We want to spread the joy, so we’ve got some gifts to hand out! Miley Cyrus, President Obama, and Fidel Castro highlight our gift list — and you won’t want to miss out on hearing who gets what.

Andrew Carter checks in to talk about President Obama’s up and down year, and what we’ve learned so far about the Chief Executive. He also shares an extraordinary heads up regarding the war on terror.

Entertainment, Information, and a General Sense of Well Being lie only a click away!…

My Beautiful, Dark, Twisted Year

GooseRadio Reviews 2010 — See the Top 10 Albums of the Year

Is he a prophet? Is he a genius? Is he the voice of this generation?

No. Kanye West is a megalomaniac rapper, and that is where his influence should logically end. But logic ends where West’s Twitter feed begins. In a year when the omnipresence of Train’s “Hey Soul Sister” caused me to punch myself in the tooth, West’s tweets made as much sense of the chaos as anything else could. Look back now through a glass dimly with Taylor Swift’s biggest bully guiding the way.


How did you pronounce 2010? Did you say “2010” or go with the more traditional “2010”?

Many famous people released books this year, from celebrities like the Kardashian sisters to politicians like George W. Bush to celebriticians like Sarah Palin. Unfamous people wrote books as well, but being unfamous, their works did not matter.

With two book releases and a television show in a little over a year, Palin isn’t considering a presidential run in 2012 (wink).

Mel Gibson was talking neither about art nor fashion when he verbally abused his wife in a series of taped telephone conversations that were leaked to the public. To Kanye’s credit, Gibson’s blue rant about fall scarves was met with nary a negative word.

I feel like this tweet sort of covers Joe Biden, in this or any other year.

In his second year at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, President Barack Obama fell victim to the old maxim that people who project a messianic aura and then aren’t messianic tend to put people off. (Ok, that’s not really a maxim, but what are you doing reading maxims anyway? For the articles, I’m sure.)

Senator Harry Reid was nearly the victim of a backlash against the democrat majority, as he barely held on to his seat from Nevada in the midterm elections. It might behoove him to stand a little farther away from the president in the coming term.

With a scuffle at the border in November, the Koreas renewed their sibling rivalry. I know I’m supposed to like one Korea more than the other, but I think they both look the same. Does that make me racist? Let’s move on.

In June, the world mourned the one-year anniversary of child safety in California.

Steve Jobs continued to print his own money with the success of the iPad and iPhone. At this point, hipsters ’round the world have to admit that if they had been offered an apple in the Garden of Eden, they would have stood in line to give up their immortality.

After eight years of dating, England’s Prince William finally proposed to Kate Middleton. Middleton is different than future mother-in-law Camilla Parker Bowles, in that her pictures don’t induce vomiting.

In the life isn’t always fair file, the US and Great Britain lost out on getting to host the 2022 and 2026 World Cups, respectively, when Russia and Qatar allegedly bribed the voting members. Liberals can now feel free to start making their “No more Soccer for Oil!” signage.

Interviewing Kanye West became more difficult after this tweet. Sample questions included, “How ’bout that weather?” and “What WON’T that Brian Williams say?”

Is West Nile Virus still a thing? Do you think mosquitos are upset that swine — the flu, and obesity — had more negative influence on humanity in 2010? Are they plotting an even more devious scheme to become the most reviled life form? I think Keith Olbermann has that title pretty well sewn up.

Obama’s Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel resigned in October to run for mayor of Chicago, Ill.

Most of America felt this way about witches, too. That is, until Christine O’Donnell unleashed her cauldron, er, campaign for congress. To be fair, she’s still far from the craziest O’Donnell out there. Looking at you, Rosie. You too, Neal.

Only held back by their own spelling, the sign-toting members of the Tea Party influenced the midterm elections with an emphasis on smaller government. Notably absent at most Tea Party get-togethers: tea.

This was proven untrue when WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange released confidential US foreign policy documents and ended his post with “ROFL.”

In April, BP’s Deepwater Horizon started gushing oil into the Gulf of Mexico. It killed legion of animals and filled days of space on CNN. At the time of this writing, BP has yet to move forward with my idea to fight oil with oil.

Despite this tweet’s best efforts, Twitter remained a relevant part of everyday communication in 2010.

PHIL DAVISON. GREATEST POLITICAL SPEECH IN THE HISTORY OF THE SPOKEN WORD. Go listen to Goose’s breakdown of Davison’s breakdown. I’ll wait.

Is Kanye suggesting that God is marijuana? In related news, the state of California rejected a measure to legalize weed, much to the chagrin of Frito-Lay stockholders.

Basketball star LeBron James left Cleveland for the beaches of Miami, and Cavaliers’ owner Dan Gilbert responded with a screed typed out in Comic Sans. Here’s a tip: don’t convey anger in a font that has the word “Comic” in it.

The economy has stabilized somewhat in the first year of the new decade, but for those still unemployed, take solace: the trappings of wealth aren’t conducive to a good night’s sleep.

Just a reminder that Andy Griffith is still alive! Can you believe that? God bless him. And God bless you in 2011.

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Mike Huckabee Is a Whiner!

Big profile on The Huck in Politico this week, and the Governor can’t get over why nobody will talk about him…

“I just don’t understand how it is that a person can read these polls day after day and the narrative is constantly everybody but me,”… “Whether I do it or not, the fact is that if one looks at the overall body of information that’s available, nobody would be in a better position to take it all the way to November.”

The piece goes on to detail The Huck’s fascination with the amount of attention people are paying to Parasalin relative to the amount of time people are spending speaking of him. The rest of the piece speaks to the Huckabee’s friends and backers belief that the former Arkansas Gov will indeed make another run in 2012.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard The Huck complaining. Before, during, and after 2008, he continually informed people that he wasn’t accepted into the Republican holy of holys as it were because he was from the south and he grew up poor – bathing himself with lava rock soap or something to that effect because he couldn’t afford… bar soap?!. He complained that Mitt Romney was distorting his record, that Rush Limbaugh was an elitist, and – just in past weeks – he tweaked the Bushes because they hadn’t supported him in ’08. While Parasalin has certainly been granted more media volume for her complaints than The Huck of late – about everything from the media to ‘the machine’ to ‘the Washington elite’ – Huckabee was Sarah Palin before Sarah Palin was Sarah Palin.

I really enjoyed Karl Rove’s recent response to all the complaining from both of these critters when he was on the radio program of Palin’s fan club secretary Laura Ingraham. Rove said they should both just get into the 2012 race and stop whining. It’s not Presidential, and it doesn’t accomplish anything. It just makes you look foolish. He also mentioned The Huck’s tweak of the Bush’s and drew the comparison between what Huck said, and how Ronaldus Magnus went about his business. Could you ever imagine Reagan saying something like that against George H W Bush (who did run against him in the 1980 primaries)? NO! The man was forward thinking, magnanimous and optimistic! The Huck (and also Parasalin most of the time) is a whiner! Stop complaining about the wealthy, the well connected, and the machine Michael! Don’t bust out the politics of victim-hood! Go sell your children’s Christmas book in peace, man!

Who’s on Top of the GOP 2012 Pile?

As Pelosi, Reid, and Obama brace for the defeat that is rapidly approaching in the November mid-terms, minds can’t help but stray a bit further down the road. Conservatives will make many gains in less than 2 months – barring an epic national mood swing – but what are their odds of wresting away the Oval Office from the Libs in ’12? There’s no question that a whole lot depends on who they put forward to oppose the bringer of hope and change. And who will that creature be??? As of today, here are the top 5 prospects…

#5 – “Fig Newton” Gingrich

All good lists need 5 people, so Newt gets to hang out. The former speaker of the house and architect of the 1994 Republican revival has long been making the rounds as a political prognosticator, speaker, and author. But his comments recently that he’s again considering a Presidential run have garnered the obligatory buzz about his chances.

His public statements have recently been taking on more of a barbed nature. He opined that the President has a “Kenyan, Anti-Colonialist” view on life! Epic! I actually think that’s a perspective with no small amount of merit, but an interesting one coming from Gingrich – who at times tries to be the public face of calm moderation in the GOP.

There’s a tremendous amount of good will for what the man has accomplished and the good ideas he continues to have, but for Gingrich to gain the nod would require epic stumbles from the frontrunners in the opinion of this fowl.

#4 – “The Huckster” Huckabee

The Huck has continued to steadily make more Americans aware of his folksy existence since his loss in 2008. Along with his weekend variety show on FoxNews, he’s also taken up Paul Harvey’s old radio musing slot. Not only that, he’s now doing another weekday tv variety show that the Fox parent network is testing in select markets.

While Huckabee continues to enjoy enormous goodwill in much of the party, there’s a good bit of suspicion that he’s happy with his budding media career and won’t make a run. If he does decide to wade into the grandeur of the contest, he would have a strong base in Iowa after his 1st place finish last time. However, a Palin run would prove the most prickly for the Huck. The Social Conservatives in the GOP are the strongest base of both their support – and if each ran the resulting split may just make things much easier for Mittens or the Mittens-alternative.

#3 – “T-Paw” Pawlenty

The Minnesota Governor still isn’t well known outside of the Great White North, but he’s been by far the most relentless in festooning his person upon the early voters in Iowa in New Hampshire. He’s aggressively endorsing statewide candidates across the fruited plain, and has a pretty swell web presence after the hope & change model.

Pawlenty has an interesting personal story – something about being lifted from poverty by the great game of hockey, Sam’s Club, and a pseudo-Mullet. He’s also gaining some important friends in high places within the party. He’s also done a bang-up job as his state’s chief executive – compiling a very nice record on budget battles and social issues. If enough Republican big-whigs come to the belief that Romney should not be the man – Pawlenty may well be positioned to become what ParaSalin would call ‘The Establishment’s’ choice.

#2 – “ParaSalin” Palin

Mom to the newest cast member of Dancing with The Stars – ParaSalin remains the most talked about woman in the Western World. Her recent exploits include a spat with the Governator, the creation of Christine O’Donnell, and lots and lots of endorsements and FoxNews appearances.

She continues to display the innate ability to galvanize a large segment of the Right in a way that no one else on this list can. We simply identify with her apparently. She can draw a crowd like no other, and she can certainly stick to her message. But her judgment, her perceived lack of policy know-how, and her circus-like personal life haven’t changed a smidgen.

The woman is like a carnival ride at the fair. You have absolutely no idea where you’re going or if you’ll survive, but the experience is unforgettable. She’ll never be President, but that may not stop her supporters from seeing her nominated.

#1 – “Mittens” Romney

The Rom-Bot has an enormous early (insanely early, to be sure) lead in New Hampshire polling, and has been spending an awful lot of time there of late. He’s steadily at or near the top of opinion polling nationally on who the GOP wants in 2012. Lately, he’s running around to 25 states in a matter of weeks to endorse everyone within site.

Romney has emerged as the sensible choice – with his economic background seemingly a perfect fit to the times. But will a ‘sensible’ choice be able to garner enough support in a party where seemingly every conventional wisdom on who should win and who should lose has been turned on its head? Will Tea Party activists be able to reconcile a vote for Romney with his healthcare plan and his Mormon faith?

He’s got challenges aplenty, but Mittens still has the most plausible path to being the top dog in 2012.

Photo credits – Angrywhitedude.com

On Christine O’Donnell, Ideology and Judgement

If you are reading this in Delaware, you should vote for Christine O’Donnell in November.

But we could have done so much better…

While much of Conservative World celebrates another evening of shocking primary triumphs, the results of the Delaware GOP senate contest continue to spawn no small amount of angst inside the party of Lincoln. Karl Rove’s controversial comments last evening on Hannity sum up why (via Politico) —

“I’ve met her. I wasn’t frankly impressed by her abilities as a candidate…. One thing that O’Donnell is now going to have to answer in the general election that she didn’t in the primary is her own checkered background….

There were a lot of nutty things she has been saying that don’t add up…. Why did she mislead voters about her college education? How come it took nearly two decades to pay her college bills so she could get her college degree? How did she make a living?”
Ya. Those are some pretty significant points right there. Rove’s honesty earned him a roar of disapproval from the Mama Grizzly herself. Even the all knowing, all seeing, Maha Rushie came after the venerable Rove today. That last one is hard for me to stomach because I spent many hours at the proverbial knee of El Rushbo as a young lad in a tractor somewhere in Eastern Montana. But Rove is right to ask the questions and Rush is wrong. Bam.

Christine O’Donnell has done some extremely good things. She’s spent much of her adult life advocating for traditional values, and she and I probably agree on 90% or more of the issues facing America today. When it comes to ideology, she is an excellent Conservative. Verily, I have thrown up my hands in frustration and disbelief at liberal Republicans like Arlen Specter and Olympia Snowe time and time again as they’ve sided with Democrats. I want to be joyful when Conservatives trounce moderates!

Thing of it is – many of the judgments Christine O’Donnell has made in her personal life raise serious questions about her judgment. Judgment is something you need in high office. A Conservative with poor judgment is not going to be great for representative for Delaware or for the country as a whole. Fact of the matter is – there are a ton of Conservatives out there with good judgment. Perhaps even a few dozen in Delaware.

What Palin and O’Donnell are calling ‘Republican Cannibalism’ is just a lot of Republicans asking why on earth we’re circling the wagons around a candidate who gave sincere impressions that she didn’t have what it takes to serve her state and party well.

A solid candidate needs Conservative principles & good judgement. Nobody’s perfect, and no one will be baggage free. But we could have done a whole lot better on this one, and – in the future – we need to.

Photo Credit – Politco

Mr. Beck Goes to Washington

I have never before beheld anything quite like Glenn Beck’s massive rally on the National Mall today. It was epic! If there is another instance of a super-star national political commentator leading a revival meeting, I’m unaware of it. CNN captures the crux of Beck’s impassioned address…

There were several instances where Beck grew tearful. This man!… just… wow… Incidentally, the lads at Inside Cable News caught CNN with their proverbial trousers down over some issues with their live broadcast of the event.

Another remarkable facet of the rally was that Sarah Palin was upstaged. With Beck holding forth, Palin was relegated to the under-card. Here’s what Sarah Barracuda had to say…

There was so much going on at once out there today. You had Beck tearfully calling us back to God, the angst of the Al Sharpton / MSNBC crowd believing Glenn was sullying and stealing the memory of MLK Jr., and then you had the Tea Party movement seemingly reaching its massive apex. Man.

I’m really pleased to hear a high profile call for faith to return to prominence in our national life. Cold secularism and political correctness has too oft held sway in these past decades. Honoring the troops is tremendous too. And getting people excited about our history and motivated to being better citizens is fantastic as well. There was just so much going on that I’m really not sure what happened.


The Palin Video – What People Are Missing

So Sarah Palin’s been in the news.

And what distinguishes this from any other week in the past 2 years?!

Well this week it’s epic youtube video footage! A video of her confronting an Alaskan who’s created a banner making fun of the former Governor. Hubbub has been generated. First, you’ve gotta watch this thing. If it is nothing else, it is entertaining…

The lion’s share of chatter about these moving pictures is over the look that Palin gives her daughter (the hooded female who notes that Alaska’s loss of her mother has now become America’s gain) after she learns the angsty woman’s profession. Admittedly, not a tremendous moment for Palin. If the look is meant to express something to the effect of, ‘Teacher’s unions are usually super liberal and I’m not surprised a member of one wouldn’t care for me…’ then that’s pretty legit. Unfortunately, not the best way to express it… on moving pictures… on the interwebs. Though it does appear this particularly filming experience was somewhat unconventional – note the strange dance that Todd Palin and the large looking bald gentleman undertake in an apparent effort to discourage the camera operator.

I actually think the more damaging moment is earlier in the video. The teacher’s beef is that Palin resigned as governor before her term expired… that she quit on Alaska. Palin attempts to blunt the woman’s attack by saying she is now free to fight. Then she notes this fighting is so other Conservatives can get elected to public office. Then this chain events will lead to our constitution being protected and our military being maintained to promote freedom o’er the globe.

Whahawahawaha?! On the one hand she dismisses the importance of holding her public office, but her reasoning for doing so is to elect others to public offices? And then we somehow make a leap towards the protection of our constitution and our troops overseas?! This is just not a logical or good bit of reasoning on the gov’s part.

To be fair!… It’s very possible this woman with the sign in the cold is also a super liberal who ideologically is predisposed to dislike the Alaskan who has become the rallying point for the Tea Parties. The motive for this is probably deeper than just the quitting. But this is the most obvious line of attack that any Republican opponent would have against Palin in a potential 2012 primary.

If an angry voter in Alaska can reduce Palin to this startlingly weak response on her biggest vulnerability, what could Mitt Romney do in a debate in New Hampshire?

TWG Turns 5,000

The TWG Podcast surpassed 5,000 listens this week. Here’s Goose with a celebratory look back and some favorite moments…

The Top 5 Most Listened to Podcasts….

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#1Pigs, Pelulas, Dan Gladden, and Obama’s Bowling – March 22nd, 2009

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