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Kristi Noem Tees off on Herseth-Sandlin in New Ad

2010 sure boasts its share of topsy-turvey November races. One of the most fun is South Dakota’s contest for the state’s lone congressional seat. The oft-described ‘hottest race in the nation’ features an incumbent Democrat in what continues to shape up as a terrifying year for both. Stephanie Herseth-Sandlin has somewhat surprisingly stayed competitive in polling throughout the summer. Granted, her blue dog status and voting against ObamaCare has allowed her some wiggle room. That wiggling though, shouldn’t get her off the hook this time round. The GOP newcomer, Kristi Noem, might be somewhat to blame in that her message through the spring and early summer was fixated on tying together her opponent and Nancy Pelosi – and not specific enough in connecting the dots from Herseth-Sandlin to the real life effects of Democrat largess in the capital.

If one of her Noem’s newest ads is any indication, that shouldn’t be a problem any longer. Bam!