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The Wisdom of a 12 Year Old on The State of the Union

Also, check out our of the address, and the rest of the GooseRadio contributors” response to the speech with some hours to mull it over.

Okay here goes. Let me get this out of the way right away, I voted for President Obama. So if that disqualifies the proceeding comments in your mind, that is okay. But I hope it doesn”t. I don”t believe that I have “blindly chosen to remain deceived”. In fact that statement is pretty hurtful in my opinion. But that is a conversation for another time and probably a different forum.

I tried to listen to the speech with an open mind last night, knowing that I (like everyone else) would most likely hear what I wanted to hear. There were some things that I liked and agreed with, there were also some things that I didn”t agree with. The bottom line is that we have heard it all before (or something similar) from our previous President, and the one before that, and the one before that…etc. States of the Union (or is it, State of the Unions) are a lot of applause interrupted by moments of talking about things that sound good, but will most likely not happen. So rather than get into the details of the speech, I will share something that happened while we were watching.

My 12 year old son was going in and out of the room and about halfway through the speech he asked me, “Why www.atoledo.com does everyone hate him so much?” My first response was quick, I said something like, “well, a lot of people don’t agree with decisions he has made…blah blah blah.” He took that as an answer and left the room again. I didn’t think much more about his question until this morning and it kind of shook me that he used the word ‘hate’. Maybe hate is too strong a word and I think (I hope) that even in disagreement, hate is not the emotion felt towards our President. But what I Full Tilt Poker to grow offering with &#8216 casino online style games&#8217 Full Tilt Poker is anticpated to be reborn as Full Tilt Gaming, moving which will begin to see the historical poker-only outfit add casino online games to the offering. continue to come back to is that in the mind of a 12 year old, hate is what he perceived. That’s at least a little scary isn’t it?

I started playing back the tapes in my head of all the times I may have perpetuated that perception with comments about President Bush, who I didn’t always agree with, or John McCain, or probably, more recently, Sarah Palin. My son’s statement hit me harder today than it did last night. Our leaders talk about not leaving a debt load on the next generation. I wonder if the financial deficit we leave them, might be the least of our worries! It seems like way too much energy is being spent (dare I say wasted) on tearing down those we disagree with and destroying what little common ground we have to work with. We need to find another way to have this conversation, a way that teaches our children how to settle their disagreements in a civil manner.

Last week, my wife and I took our 3rd grade daughter to visit a new school that we were considering for open enrollment. That particular night was mainly intended for incoming Kindergarten kids, but older students were welcome too. In the course of the night, the kids were asked to sit around a table for an activity they would be working on. As the chairs filled up, one little girl was left without a place to sit. The teacher leading the activity pulled a chair next to a little boy and said she could sit down there. The girl looked up at her with a completely serious face and said, “But I don’t like boys that much.” The teacher without missing a beat said, “well, in Kindergarten we sometimes have to sit by boys.” Brilliant! Whether its Democrats or Republicans that you “don’t like that much”, sometimes in life we have to sit by each other.
Pull up a chair…

With Some Hours to Think on It – State of the Union Reaction

We now have a good amount of hours between us & President Obama’s State of the Union. With these have come time for pondering just what the address meant, how it was received, and what the future holds. Here now, are the GooseRadio contributors, with their lively post-game reactions to the speech. Also, check out our live blog play by play of the address, and a thoughtful response from the other side of the aisle.

Marshall Mullet – Was Biden agreeing or nodding asleep?

Alex Whitworth – So, it’s not that Americans don’t want national health care, it’s that the great orator didn’t communicate effectively? Sure, that makes sense. You know what? Scratch that, it’s Dubya’s fault. The last eight years…

Tim Shaw – Do supreme court justices have to go to some kind of scowling school? If it’d only been the conservative wing that didn’t like getting called out, that’d be one thing, but Sotamayor and Ginsberg were not amused.

Goose Nissley – I think the Supreme Court scowl is going to get a lot of coverage! I was a bit taken aback by the combativeness in his tone. He tried to continue proffering hope and unicorns in a more intense, almost scowling at times, way. It was a new, and I don’t think very effective, Obama.

Marshall – I agree wholeheartedly. His message was lost in a partisan display of disingenuous-ness. He pointed fingers and then said there was too much finger pointing. The few good points about increasing exports and job creation was lost on a totally hope-less denunciation of everyone not Obama. Or Michelle. I think what we have here is a failure to communicate.

David Gregory – *response not printable on family friendly website*

Carl O’Brien – As Mr. Bennett said, “He simpers and smirks and makes love to us all…” but there was very little substance to all his flatteries. He cracked-wise, flattered those on Main Street, and flirted with Blue Collars while attempting to save us from the highwaymen of the banking business. He made lots of promises but did not speak as to how these promises would come about. How will you increase export? How will cutting discretionary spending cut the deficient when the money saved equals to 1% of the national debt? I heard no answers to the nation’s problems, just a lot of “hope.”

Ryan Howard – Hmm… I, for one, am skeptical that this performance is up to the high and exacting standards of the Tonight Show. I know you’re trying, Mr. O, but some of your stuff is just falling flat.

There’s definitely some quality stuff here, like when you say you believe “the true engine of job creation in this country will always be America’s businesses,” but that earlier bit, when you’re asking for applause? Not as classy.

I think my favorite bit was when you said that China and India have good economies partially because “they’re making serious investments in clean energy.” It might be a bit too highbrow for primetime, though. I’m just not seeing your intended demographic knowing that those two countries snubbed world attempts to push cap and trade on them in Copenhagen last year.

I guess I have two words of advice: bone up on your delivery, and maybe stick to cable, where you can be a little more edgy. Who knows? Maybe in a few years, Comedy Central will invite you to a roast.

Mark Seignious – I’m late to the party once again… is Obama president? When did that happen? State of the Union? He probably said the word “I” like 130 times probably…

Kristina Bjorkman – The State of the Union Address = the day of the year that Congress gets as raucous and rollicking as Parliament. Hooting and Hollering, up and down, up and down.

It is difficult to take talk of bipartisanship and “not a perpetual campaign” seriously, when Obama travels to Massachusetts to campaign for faltering candidates of his party.

Check out other offerings & bios from and about each of these good folk on the Contributors page.

“It’s Not Me, It’s You. And George Bush. And the Supreme Court.” – State of the Union Play by Play

Also, check out the rest of the GooseRadio contributors’ response to the speech with some hours to mull it over and a thoughtful response from the other side of the aisle.

In the past few days, Republicans have been feeling an extra ounce of chutzpa with a surprise election victory in liberalisms’ heartland of Massachusetts. In the wake of this shocker, the prospects of Obama-care’s success have receded like so much tide when pulled by the moon (that’s how that works, yes?). Anyway, President Obama has decided to respond in the most serious and potent way he knows. And so, tonight, he is giving a speech to congress. Come join me as we learn how things really is (yes, that was on purpose)…

8:02 PM – Michelle Obama is cloaked all in purple. I’m reminded of Dwight Schrutes’ beet farm.

8:06 – “Madam Speaker, the President of the United States.”

Here he comes – striding & glad-handing like the days of yore.

8:07 – Harry Reid lurking behind the President. I imagine he’s treasuring every moment he has in the capitol these days… come November he’s expected to receive the boot from Nevadans. Call it ‘receiving the Daschle’ if you will.

8:10 – *Prez begins his ‘thank you’s*

8:12 – ‘Times are tough.’

8:13 – ‘George Bush handed me a harrowing, ugly & bludgeoned economy.

I have mostly fixed it.’

8:14 – ‘I have done so many things!’

8:15 – ‘Children write me letters asking me why they have to move…

They need change.

They are angry.

Wall Street stinks.’

8:16 – ‘Let me tell you about these letters…’

8:17 – *Reprising FDR*

‘Government should be decent. Let me teach you how to be decent people.’

8:18 – ‘ Boy, those banks are sure ripping everyone off.

8:19 – ‘Man, I hated that bank bailout… we needed it, but I sure hated it…

Did you remember that it was George Bush’s idea???!

Let me tell you – I have invented a new fee for those banks!

*first split screen shot showing partying Dems doing standing O while Republicans sit and stare at Pelosi’s blingy necklace*

8:20 – ‘I have cut taxes. For parents. For children. For college students. For cartoon characters. For cougars!…’

Obama – “I thought I’d get some applause on that one.”

8:22 – ‘We have created / saved / pulled from the clutches of greed 2 million jobs.’

*Reid yawns*

‘The stimulus bill was awesome and everyone loved it.

Economists all say so. It would have been a disaster without it.’

*Break for extended story time*

8:24 – ‘I have saved the economy. Now we need to pass a new jobs bill.’

8:25 – *The Republicans just gave their first faux cheer after Obama explained that businesses drive the economy. He looked as though he was hoping people would be impressed he’d come to that conclusion.*

8:26 – ‘Let us take from the rich and give to the poor.’

Wall Street is King John? He IS Robin Hood!

8:27 – ‘WE NEED FASTER TRAINS! I have decided to build really, fast, trains.’

8:28 – ‘We will pay people for being green (pilgrim).

This will help us save. See?’

8:30 – ‘George Bush destroyed an entire decade!’

8:31 – I am not a part of Washington. Washington is out to get you. I am for the people. I am just the President. I am not part of Washington…

We need to be more like China.

We are better than China.’

8:34 – ‘Let me tell you about some other things I’ve done… I invested in some sort of solar power that will probably cure cancer…

I have invested in newfangled batteries…’

8:35 – *He wants to drill for oil offshore!!! Wow. Where is this coming from?!*

‘My cap and trade bill will do great things!’

*Ohhh no… we’re back to that again?!…*

‘I know no one likes it.

People who disagree with ’overwhelming evidence’ for climate change obviously didn’t go to Harvard like I did.’

*GOP lawmakers start giggling*

*Obama snarls in their general direction*

8:37 – ‘I will double our exports in 5 years!’


Are you going to knit hats and sell them at a swap meet in Brussels?!?

8:39 – ‘I have given children the ability to read.’

*camera shows Secretary of Education… I’ve never seen that guy!*

8:41 – ‘Time to take college loans out of the private sector and give the responsibility to those who really know what they’re doing – the government.’

This is not socialism. This is the government giving you everything you need. There’s a difference. Really.

8:42 – He’s cleaving to his health insurance reform bill!

‘I know no one like my health care bill. Let me tell you a story from a letter I got…’

8:46 – ‘The more I spend, the more the deficit goes down… see?

I went to Harvard.’

8:49 – ‘Remember when Bill Clinton filled the land with wealth, prosperity, and pride?.

Remember when George Bush destroyed everything and made kind, tender grandmothers who bake cookies cry?!’

8:51 – *Prez proposes spending government freeze for next 3 years.*

8:55 – Super awkward moment: Obama tells Dems not to worry, spending freeze won’t take effect until next year…

Republicans burst out laughing…

Obama, clearly miffed… raises his finger like a bespectacled schoolmarm and lectures to them:

“That’s how budgeting works”

This makes Republicans laugh even harder.

8:57 – ‘I don’t work with lobyists.’

*Republicans laugh yet again*

8:58 – Obama lectures Supreme Court, sitting write smack in front of him, for striking down John McCain’s campaign finance reform bill as unconstitutional.

Supreme Court looks ticked and somewhat spooked. Sorta felt like Obama was pulling a Vito Corleone for a moment and the Supremes might want to worry about sleeping with the fishes sometime soon…

8:59 – “I’m not naive”


9:00 – “We can’t wage a perpetual campaign”


9:01 – Everyone else is motivated by politics. I am the embodiment of the will of people.

9:03 – “I’m not interested in litigating the past”

*Republicans giggle*

9:05 – *Al Franken sighting – nice work, Minnesota*

9:16 – There’s a catholic priest in the house!

‘I, I, I, I, I, I…’

9:18 – ‘I can do hard things.’

You certainly can sir. Choosing a dog is a difficult, difficult decision…

9:20 ‘We don’t quit, I don’t quit.’



Not only did President Obama not turn to the center as many had prophesied he would do… had to do tonight. Instead, he rooted his feet squarely into his idealogical ground and told us all (Massachusetts especially) that we were wrong and he was right. After a year of so, very, many, words and Blame It On Bush… methinks the veneer is beginning to wear mighty thin.