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My Beautiful, Dark, Twisted Year

GooseRadio Reviews 2010 — See the Top 10 Albums of the Year

Is he a prophet? Is he a genius? Is he the voice of this generation?

No. Kanye West is a megalomaniac rapper, and that is where his influence should logically end. But logic ends where West’s Twitter feed begins. In a year when the omnipresence of Train’s “Hey Soul Sister” caused me to punch myself in the tooth, West’s tweets made as much sense of the chaos as anything else could. Look back now through a glass dimly with Taylor Swift’s biggest bully guiding the way.


How did you pronounce 2010? Did you say “2010” or go with the more traditional “2010”?

Many famous people released books this year, from celebrities like the Kardashian sisters to politicians like George W. Bush to celebriticians like Sarah Palin. Unfamous people wrote books as well, but being unfamous, their works did not matter.

With two book releases and a television show in a little over a year, Palin isn’t considering a presidential run in 2012 (wink).

Mel Gibson was talking neither about art nor fashion when he verbally abused his wife in a series of taped telephone conversations that were leaked to the public. To Kanye’s credit, Gibson’s blue rant about fall scarves was met with nary a negative word.

I feel like this tweet sort of covers Joe Biden, in this or any other year.

In his second year at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, President Barack Obama fell victim to the old maxim that people who project a messianic aura and then aren’t messianic tend to put people off. (Ok, that’s not really a maxim, but what are you doing reading maxims anyway? For the articles, I’m sure.)

Senator Harry Reid was nearly the victim of a backlash against the democrat majority, as he barely held on to his seat from Nevada in the midterm elections. It might behoove him to stand a little farther away from the president in the coming term.

With a scuffle at the border in November, the Koreas renewed their sibling rivalry. I know I’m supposed to like one Korea more than the other, but I think they both look the same. Does that make me racist? Let’s move on.

In June, the world mourned the one-year anniversary of child safety in California.

Steve Jobs continued to print his own money with the success of the iPad and iPhone. At this point, hipsters ’round the world have to admit that if they had been offered an apple in the Garden of Eden, they would have stood in line to give up their immortality.

After eight years of dating, England’s Prince William finally proposed to Kate Middleton. Middleton is different than future mother-in-law Camilla Parker Bowles, in that her pictures don’t induce vomiting.

In the life isn’t always fair file, the US and Great Britain lost out on getting to host the 2022 and 2026 World Cups, respectively, when Russia and Qatar allegedly bribed the voting members. Liberals can now feel free to start making their “No more Soccer for Oil!” signage.

Interviewing Kanye West became more difficult after this tweet. Sample questions included, “How ’bout that weather?” and “What WON’T that Brian Williams say?”

Is West Nile Virus still a thing? Do you think mosquitos are upset that swine — the flu, and obesity — had more negative influence on humanity in 2010? Are they plotting an even more devious scheme to become the most reviled life form? I think Keith Olbermann has that title pretty well sewn up.

Obama’s Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel resigned in October to run for mayor of Chicago, Ill.

Most of America felt this way about witches, too. That is, until Christine O’Donnell unleashed her cauldron, er, campaign for congress. To be fair, she’s still far from the craziest O’Donnell out there. Looking at you, Rosie. You too, Neal.

Only held back by their own spelling, the sign-toting members of the Tea Party influenced the midterm elections with an emphasis on smaller government. Notably absent at most Tea Party get-togethers: tea.

This was proven untrue when WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange released confidential US foreign policy documents and ended his post with “ROFL.”

In April, BP’s Deepwater Horizon started gushing oil into the Gulf of Mexico. It killed legion of animals and filled days of space on CNN. At the time of this writing, BP has yet to move forward with my idea to fight oil with oil.

Despite this tweet’s best efforts, Twitter remained a relevant part of everyday communication in 2010.

PHIL DAVISON. GREATEST POLITICAL SPEECH IN THE HISTORY OF THE SPOKEN WORD. Go listen to Goose’s breakdown of Davison’s breakdown. I’ll wait.

Is Kanye suggesting that God is marijuana? In related news, the state of California rejected a measure to legalize weed, much to the chagrin of Frito-Lay stockholders.

Basketball star LeBron James left Cleveland for the beaches of Miami, and Cavaliers’ owner Dan Gilbert responded with a screed typed out in Comic Sans. Here’s a tip: don’t convey anger in a font that has the word “Comic” in it.

The economy has stabilized somewhat in the first year of the new decade, but for those still unemployed, take solace: the trappings of wealth aren’t conducive to a good night’s sleep.

Just a reminder that Andy Griffith is still alive! Can you believe that? God bless him. And God bless you in 2011.

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With Landslide Victories – Has the Tea Party Made the GOP Safe for Conservatives Again?

Say what you will about “establishment” candidates and the mentality of the Washington elites being that of a “ruling class,” if it’s negative, it’s probably all true. And everyone is saying it. The media, desperate to portray the Republican take-over of the House of Representatives as anything other than anger with Obama, has called this season one of “anti-incumbent” sentiment. And happily, there’s some truth to that. The Tea Party’s success in ousting establishment republicans was just as noteworthy as their success in campaigning against Democrats. Even when they lost, the Tea Party favorites came very close–far closer than any Republican has come in decades.

So is the country ready to embrace the Tea Party? Is the Republican Party safe for conservatives again? I doubt it. What happened on Tuesday was the country responding to two years of unabashed, unashamed socialism poured down our throats. And like the last time government effected such solutions, disaster was the result. The economy was on everyone’s mind, and it finally became clear to middle America and all the “independent” voters out there, that liberal policies kill the economy.

We’ve been telling them that for years. Heck, even the Democrat’s campaign ads have subtly acknowledged it, “John Smith is for Big Business–so don’t vote for him. Vote for me, cause I’m for the little guy.” Well the little guy is out of a job and he finally gets that Big Business isn’t the enemy. Business is the answer. Our government has spent and wasted billions and billions of our dollars and our children’s dollars trying to fix the economy. It didn’t work from 1933 through 1939 (in fact the evidence shows it made it worse). So Viva la Reagan Revolución! Yes, it seems that America has finally wizened up, and now they understand liberals are bad for the economy. I don’t believe that for a minute.

Election day happened to be a Tuesday I was volunteering at a food shelter in downtown Minneapolis. There weren’t very many people there. There never are at the beginning of the month. I don’t believe all the welfare people were out voting, and in many respects I hope they were not. Constructive and responsible civic duty is usually not the homeless’ forte. It is a foregone conclusion that they would vote Democrat, though–the party of other people’s money (hereafter, O.P.M.) Once someone is hooked on O.P.M. it’s extremely hard to shake it. They make allowances for it; they plan their lives around it. They get their O.P.M. fix early in the month, gorge themselves on it, waste it, then survive the rest of the month on us at the shelter, until their next fix. This addiction transcends all race, color and creed. Except for the strong of character. Those people who pull themselves up by their bootstraps don’t stay hooked for long, and are usually ashamed they ever touched the stuff. It’s the people who accept the path of least resistance that get hooked indefinitely, and they will always vote for the guy that wants to give them more.

What strikes me is how willingly most people ignore this addiction that is destroying lives and inner cities. It’s politically incorrect to ask poor people to provide for themselves and be productive members of society. The average middle American means well enough, he wants to help those less fortunate so ordinarily he wouldn’t vote this way, but in a recession he needs to know his job is secure, so the Republican gets elected.

The swing voters that made this Republican sweep possible are people who are engaged economic production. They are people who have jobs and want to keep them, or don’t have jobs but want them; and that’s the issue they took to the polls. They all voted for the Republican because pro-business is pro-jobs.

The only people who voted Democrat are people who don’t need to care about the economy. Those are people with guaranteed jobs (government/union), or people who don’t need to work or people who don’t want to work. It’s alarming that when it really comes down to it, that’s where the line in the sand is. Liberal economic policies are so socialist that the only people that support them are those who don’t need to worry about what happens to the economy. Either they’re the super rich or the super poor (or have a government job.)

So has America wizened up? Are we ready to face the O.P.M. addiction that’s decaying our country from the bottom-up? I really don’t think so. As soon as the economy recovers and the average American is secure in knowing his beer and Cheetos will always be there for him, he’ll go back to voting for issues other than the economy, and supporting candidates that are bad for business. Because, hey, who doesn’t want to help out the little guy, right? It’s sure easier than volunteering time.

Image Credit – floridapundit.com

With Polls Bleak & November Near – It’s Obama Guy in Pain

I’m in for a big surprise when the fowl phone rings and it’s no other than James, the Obama Guy, once more. He’s got quite a bit to say about being down on his luck at Dominoes Pizza, and that’s just the start of it.

James is pretty depressed about the state of our land and doesn’t understand how his beloved Barack Obama can be sagging in the polls so badly. He also discusses his feelings on Christine O’Donnell, The Tea Party, and the Pelosi – Reid duet. It’s an emotional time on the newest GooseRadio Podcast…

On Christine O’Donnell, Ideology and Judgement

If you are reading this in Delaware, you should vote for Christine O’Donnell in November.

But we could have done so much better…

While much of Conservative World celebrates another evening of shocking primary triumphs, the results of the Delaware GOP senate contest continue to spawn no small amount of angst inside the party of Lincoln. Karl Rove’s controversial comments last evening on Hannity sum up why (via Politico) —

“I’ve met her. I wasn’t frankly impressed by her abilities as a candidate…. One thing that O’Donnell is now going to have to answer in the general election that she didn’t in the primary is her own checkered background….

There were a lot of nutty things she has been saying that don’t add up…. Why did she mislead voters about her college education? How come it took nearly two decades to pay her college bills so she could get her college degree? How did she make a living?”
Ya. Those are some pretty significant points right there. Rove’s honesty earned him a roar of disapproval from the Mama Grizzly herself. Even the all knowing, all seeing, Maha Rushie came after the venerable Rove today. That last one is hard for me to stomach because I spent many hours at the proverbial knee of El Rushbo as a young lad in a tractor somewhere in Eastern Montana. But Rove is right to ask the questions and Rush is wrong. Bam.

Christine O’Donnell has done some extremely good things. She’s spent much of her adult life advocating for traditional values, and she and I probably agree on 90% or more of the issues facing America today. When it comes to ideology, she is an excellent Conservative. Verily, I have thrown up my hands in frustration and disbelief at liberal Republicans like Arlen Specter and Olympia Snowe time and time again as they’ve sided with Democrats. I want to be joyful when Conservatives trounce moderates!

Thing of it is – many of the judgments Christine O’Donnell has made in her personal life raise serious questions about her judgment. Judgment is something you need in high office. A Conservative with poor judgment is not going to be great for representative for Delaware or for the country as a whole. Fact of the matter is – there are a ton of Conservatives out there with good judgment. Perhaps even a few dozen in Delaware.

What Palin and O’Donnell are calling ‘Republican Cannibalism’ is just a lot of Republicans asking why on earth we’re circling the wagons around a candidate who gave sincere impressions that she didn’t have what it takes to serve her state and party well.

A solid candidate needs Conservative principles & good judgement. Nobody’s perfect, and no one will be baggage free. But we could have done a whole lot better on this one, and – in the future – we need to.

Photo Credit – Politco

Scott Munsterman Deserves a Look in GOP’s Race for South Dakota Governor

Middle America Politics

With the Tea Parties galvanizing the ire of a large segment of the American electorate, GOP candidates who might sail with ease to their party’s nomination in most years are facing much more competitive contests this time around. It’s not just that candidates born from tea-party-dom are rising up and attempting to carry the banner of tea-party-ness forward into battle – although that is happening. Politicians already in the ring are seeing a golden opportunity to seize a ready made and riled up constituency. The whole situation is making for some very entertaining political theater.

South Dakota holds its primary on June 8th, and in the race for Governor and for the state’s lone US House seat some interesting story lines are developing. The race for the congressional nod features a doctor, a rancher, and the secretary of state. On the governor’s side, the candidates getting the most press are current Lieutenant Governor Dennis Daugaard and the state senate majority leader Dave Knudson. Apparently Daugaard is doing fantastically in the polling against the likely Democrat nominee, Scott Heidepriem. Knudson holds his own as well. And then, for good measure, there’s Gordon Howie from the western part of the state – a wildcard making a serious play to be the ‘Tea Party Republican’.

Additionally, it appears that Daugaard built a house with his own hands and Knudson can fix any broken piece of machinery that presents itself. So that’s something to consider.

Scott Munsterman

These guys are probably swell, but I came away quite impressed this week when I had a chance to interview the other guy in the race, Scott Munstermann. The former mayor of Brookings, South Dakota – Munstermann came off as articulate and intelligent. He’s got a unique background as a health care professional before (and during) his public service career, which lends itself well to some new ideas he has on the topical health care debate. He’s got strong fiscally conservative credentials.

All that is great, but what really stayed with me was how open and honest he was about his Christian faith. He spoke unprompted and at length about how central a role it has played in shaping who he is, and how it informs his worldview. He didn’t back away from the issue of abortion either, explaining that from his earliest medical studies he has understood that life begins at conception.

Scott Munsterman is a candidate that deserves your time, and – if you’re a proud South Dakotan – your consideration as you decide where to cast your ballot for governor. You can find out all you could hope to know about the man on his website. The guy even wrote a book about what he’d do as governor and has an audio version right there on the interwebs. New Media savvy stuff.

Sarah Descends on the Tea Party – GooseRadio Play by Play

Sarah Palin addressed the throngs of the Tea Party Saturday Evening in Nashville. Her address was sweet music to the audience. Barack Obama was skewered thoroughly. Come, Share the Experience with us, moment by moment…

8:04 pm – She steps to the podium, like a Queen treading before her troops.

There are 2 massive blocks of ice-esque substance behind her… An Alaska theme? A Narnia theme?!

8:05 – The hair is down tonight. I miss the up-do.

*wishes happy birthday to Ronaldus Magnus*

“America is ready for another revolution!”

8:06 – Her first usage of the phrase ‘common sense conservative’

1st Scott Brown reference! I wonder if the GOP had actually just put the infamous Brown Truck on the ballot if it could have defeated Coakley all by itself. Would have been GM’s first win in some time…

8:07 – She’s very energetic this evening. She makes me feel so old – and I’m 24.

8:09 – Speaking of Brown over Coakley – ‘If there’s hope in Massachusettes, there’s hope everywhere.’

‘Common Sense Conservative’ usage countdown – 2

8:10 – ‘Contested primaries aren’t civil wars’

You know what WAS a civil war? The Civil War!

8:11 – ‘Don’t allow any one leader to define you…’

This becomes an interesting theme. The prognosticators are all saying this speech IS her effort at becoming said leader. Later she juxtaposes the subject of her future with a restatement that the movement shouldn’t have a leader.

8:12 – ‘You Teapartiers are bigger than Obama and his teleprompter.

Urban areas stink!’

‘Common Sense Conservative’ usage count – 3 (she switched the 2 adjectives around that time)

8:14 – ‘Obama is afraid to call war, ‘war’, suicide bombings become ‘manmade disasters’.

8:17 – Here’s the best line of the evening – “We need a commander in chief – not a professor of law, standing at the lectern”

8:18 – Obama is writing letters to dangerous dictators. Machmoud, someone’s talking to you…

8:19Obama hates Japan!

*accidentally says ‘Alaska’ when she meant ‘America’*

8:20 – She loses her place momentarily… Think the ‘Alaska, America’ reference got her rattled…

‘Obama…. Obama…’

Ok… she’s got it back now… found her place…

8:21 – *makes a talking face with her left hand, Barack Obama’s Washington is Sarah Palin’s hand…* This is truly human drama…

8:22 – ‘Obama should man up and stop picking on George Bush…’

Quotes Barry Goldwater! She’s been compared to Barry!

8:23 – ‘The government is taking over.’

She keeps quoting people. She includes more quotes in her addresses than any political figure I’ve ever heard of…

8:24 – Populism! Wall Street wants to eat you alive!

8:26 – Making fun of Joe Biden’s tough guy image and inability to oversee things!

“How’s that hopey, changey stuff working out for you?!”




Is this wise syntax considering… everything…

8:29 – Obama gave a Democrat party man a government contract to somehow stimulate some portion of the economy.

“Is that hope? Nope.”

8:30 – ‘Washington thinks we are all stupid!’

8:32 – ‘We are freedom lovers, and we are ticked off!’

On dealing with multiple governmental challenges at once – “If you can’t ride 2 horses at once, you shouldn’t be in the circus.”

8:33 – ‘I threw oil barons in jail!’

You know who else should be in jail… the guy in the audience who showed up to this speech in a blue baseball cap…

8:34 – Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy reset button, bequeathed to Vladimir Putin, should be used on B Obama’s health care bill.

8:36 – ‘We need to seize the oil from the sod, and stop giving money to sheiks.’

Also, from John Thune of SoDak – ‘If you’re ever the victim of a shotgun shooting, band-aids are not going to help.’

8:38 – ‘John McCain is an American hero.’

Common Sense Conservative’ Count – 4

8:40 – I anticipate we’re ramping up for a conclusion here. It’s coming rapid fire now…

‘The constitution!

You are all patriots!

You are all kind!

You are all good!


Small businesses!

Shining city on a hill!

Our best days our yet to come!

8:45God bless the tea party & God bless America!

*Exits to raucous applause*

Unlocking the Wonders of the Liberal Mind & Tea Time

All over America today, people are taking to governmental locales with representations of tea bags to protest the hearty spending of our new President (the man who is playfully referred to by GooseRadio as The Child. If you are a political junkie you already know what it’s all aboot, but if not suffice it to say that people are harking back to the Boston Tea Party of the 1770s in which colonists dressed as native warriors went ape on a British merchant vessel carrying tea. These folks were displeased that King George III and his parliamentary hosers were hefting taxes on the 13 Colonies in the wake of Britain’s dust up with France for control of North America. While it’s an interesting idea to intertwine this patriotic vandalism of yester-year with a fervent desire for The Child to staunch the flow of trillions from Washington, I do think the Tea Parties are missing the mark ever so slightly. I’ll explain! But first…

Being pretty busy at my day job of late, I haven’t had a chance to read up too terribly much on the specifics of the Tea Parties. Oddly enough, this whole ball of wax caught my attention again because of a column I just read by Paul Begala! Ya! Angry liberal man Paul Begala! While his latest piece is in many ways chock full of Democratic offerings we’ve heard before, it’s really interesting in that it showcases so many profound differences in the world views of Liberals and Conservatives. A snippet if you will? Here’s his opening line…

Happy Patriots’ Day. April 15 is the one day a year when our country asks something of us — or at least the vast majority of us.

Even right off the bat, you note that Begala’s definition of ‘country’ is in fact ‘government’ – and he whole-heartedly embraces Joe Biden’s oft-repeated campaign comment that paying taxes is one of the most patriotic things we can do. Some more… After mentioning the tea party phenomenon that he believes has been concocted by FoxNews:

That a bunch of overpaid media millionaires would lead a faux-populist revolt is comical. They somehow held their populist instincts in check as George W. Bush and the Republicans cut taxes on the idle rich and put the screws to the working stiffs.

WOW! You don’t get this in it’s pure form this often! This is almost delightful because Begala really does believe what he’s saying. You won’t find a more clear cut philosophical breakdown of the class-warefare that the Democrat party has practiced for generations than this. Begala believes that a huge contigent of the wealthy in this country are foolish blokes who have stumbled into their money despite their appalling idle-ness. Meanwhile, the former President and his minions conspired to bring home even more bacon to these layabouts. The allegation seems to be that the money was somehow taking directly from the blue collar folks to give to the wealthy indolent in a sort of reverse Robin Hood scenario. This is an absolutely beautiful and pure depiction of modern liberalism. Thank you Paul – you have made my day. And believe it or not, all these discoveries were made possible because I actually found something in the article I agreed with – which leads me back to the tea parties.

Begala notes correctly that the Boston Tea Party was actually held because the colonists believed they were being taxed by a parliament in London in which they had nobody representing them. As an Anglophile and a history buff I’d note that they were offered pariliamentary representation, but hey – that’s kind of water under the bridge at this point. Point being that – as the hippy Mr. Begala rightly declares – bemoaning the tax and spend nature of a government we elected and being concerned that we’re not being represented at all are pretty different things. And while I agree with much of what the tea partiers were standing for today, we need to be careful to remember that in so many ways we as conservatives and fiscally responsible had our chances to stop this spend happy moment from being realized. All that said… the tea parties are hopefully an imperfect start to a reasoned and strategic pushback that results in Conservatives finding their voice once more.