My Beautiful, Dark, Twisted Year


GooseRadio Reviews 2010 — See the Top 10 Albums of the Year Is he a prophet? Is he a genius? Is he the voice of this generation? No. Kanye West is a megalomaniac rapper, and that is where his influence should logically end. But logic ends where West’s Twitter feed begins. In a year when […]

With Landslide Victories – Has the Tea Party Made the GOP Safe for Conservatives Again?


Say what you will about “establishment” candidates and the mentality of the Washington elites being that of a “ruling class,” if it’s negative, it’s probably all true. And everyone is saying it. The media, desperate to portray the Republican take-over of the House of Representatives as anything other than anger with Obama, has called this […]

On Christine O’Donnell, Ideology and Judgement

Christine odonnell victory speech

If you are reading this in Delaware, you should vote for Christine O’Donnell in November. But we could have done so much better… While much of Conservative World celebrates another evening of shocking primary triumphs, the results of the Delaware GOP senate contest continue to spawn no small amount of angst inside the party of […]

Scott Munsterman Deserves a Look in GOP’s Race for South Dakota Governor

Middle America Politics

With the Tea Parties galvanizing the ire of a large segment of the American electorate, GOP candidates who might sail with ease to their party’s nomination in most years are facing much more competitive contests this time around. It’s not just that candidates born from tea-party-dom are rising up and attempting to carry the banner […]