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T-Paw Retreats afore Mittens — Debate Analysis w/ Goose

If Tim Pawlenty was trying to position himself as the dude who wasn’t Mitt Romney, well that was not a great night for Tim. T-Paw’s refusal to mix it up, or lock eyes with Old Mitt is discussed. Michelle did very well… but which of the GOP hopefuls didn’t? And what does it all mean?! Listen below…

Who’s on Top of the GOP 2012 Pile?

As Pelosi, Reid, and Obama brace for the defeat that is rapidly approaching in the November mid-terms, minds can’t help but stray a bit further down the road. Conservatives will make many gains in less than 2 months – barring an epic national mood swing – but what are their odds of wresting away the Oval Office from the Libs in ’12? There’s no question that a whole lot depends on who they put forward to oppose the bringer of hope and change. And who will that creature be??? As of today, here are the top 5 prospects…

#5 – “Fig Newton” Gingrich

All good lists need 5 people, so Newt gets to hang out. The former speaker of the house and architect of the 1994 Republican revival has long been making the rounds as a political prognosticator, speaker, and author. But his comments recently that he’s again considering a Presidential run have garnered the obligatory buzz about his chances.

His public statements have recently been taking on more of a barbed nature. He opined that the President has a “Kenyan, Anti-Colonialist” view on life! Epic! I actually think that’s a perspective with no small amount of merit, but an interesting one coming from Gingrich – who at times tries to be the public face of calm moderation in the GOP.

There’s a tremendous amount of good will for what the man has accomplished and the good ideas he continues to have, but for Gingrich to gain the nod would require epic stumbles from the frontrunners in the opinion of this fowl.

#4 – “The Huckster” Huckabee

The Huck has continued to steadily make more Americans aware of his folksy existence since his loss in 2008. Along with his weekend variety show on FoxNews, he’s also taken up Paul Harvey’s old radio musing slot. Not only that, he’s now doing another weekday tv variety show that the Fox parent network is testing in select markets.

While Huckabee continues to enjoy enormous goodwill in much of the party, there’s a good bit of suspicion that he’s happy with his budding media career and won’t make a run. If he does decide to wade into the grandeur of the contest, he would have a strong base in Iowa after his 1st place finish last time. However, a Palin run would prove the most prickly for the Huck. The Social Conservatives in the GOP are the strongest base of both their support – and if each ran the resulting split may just make things much easier for Mittens or the Mittens-alternative.

#3 – “T-Paw” Pawlenty

The Minnesota Governor still isn’t well known outside of the Great White North, but he’s been by far the most relentless in festooning his person upon the early voters in Iowa in New Hampshire. He’s aggressively endorsing statewide candidates across the fruited plain, and has a pretty swell web presence after the hope & change model.

Pawlenty has an interesting personal story – something about being lifted from poverty by the great game of hockey, Sam’s Club, and a pseudo-Mullet. He’s also gaining some important friends in high places within the party. He’s also done a bang-up job as his state’s chief executive – compiling a very nice record on budget battles and social issues. If enough Republican big-whigs come to the belief that Romney should not be the man – Pawlenty may well be positioned to become what ParaSalin would call ‘The Establishment’s’ choice.

#2 – “ParaSalin” Palin

Mom to the newest cast member of Dancing with The Stars – ParaSalin remains the most talked about woman in the Western World. Her recent exploits include a spat with the Governator, the creation of Christine O’Donnell, and lots and lots of endorsements and FoxNews appearances.

She continues to display the innate ability to galvanize a large segment of the Right in a way that no one else on this list can. We simply identify with her apparently. She can draw a crowd like no other, and she can certainly stick to her message. But her judgment, her perceived lack of policy know-how, and her circus-like personal life haven’t changed a smidgen.

The woman is like a carnival ride at the fair. You have absolutely no idea where you’re going or if you’ll survive, but the experience is unforgettable. She’ll never be President, but that may not stop her supporters from seeing her nominated.

#1 – “Mittens” Romney

The Rom-Bot has an enormous early (insanely early, to be sure) lead in New Hampshire polling, and has been spending an awful lot of time there of late. He’s steadily at or near the top of opinion polling nationally on who the GOP wants in 2012. Lately, he’s running around to 25 states in a matter of weeks to endorse everyone within site.

Romney has emerged as the sensible choice – with his economic background seemingly a perfect fit to the times. But will a ‘sensible’ choice be able to garner enough support in a party where seemingly every conventional wisdom on who should win and who should lose has been turned on its head? Will Tea Party activists be able to reconcile a vote for Romney with his healthcare plan and his Mormon faith?

He’s got challenges aplenty, but Mittens still has the most plausible path to being the top dog in 2012.

Photo credits – Angrywhitedude.com

Japanese Lessons Part 1

I feel illiterate. I AM illiterate. I can’t read street signs, I can’t order from a menu without pointing to a picture, I can’t go grocery shopping without one mystery item winding up in my cart, and I can’t read from the hymnal at church.

I’m also deaf and mute. I can’t ask for directions to go somewhere, I can’t tell someone I’m looking for Ibuprofen, and I can only smile and nod when the cashier explains the point card reward system to me then asks me to fill out a form.

I’m an English-speaker living in Japan.

Thankfully, I have many bilingual friends who translate for me, read to me, order for me, and teach me important words and phrases. Additionally, some important landmarks and tourist spots have signs in English and Japanese, and most official documents are also bilingual. And so I stumble and survive and LEARN.

I don’t expect Japan to be bilingual, and I certainly don’t expect to see English in common places like the drugstore or restaurants. It’s an entirely pleasant surprise to find a cashier who can tell me to fill out my birthday on the point card form, or the barista who understands I’m looking for decaf. I am a foreigner living in a land with an established language and culture—I AM the stranger here. English is a luxury, not a right.

News today is not limited by oceans; because of Facebook, I’m keeping a bit informed about the goings on in the U.S. of A, and so I’ve learned about the recent controversy surrounding the issue of Spanish language and English language in Minnesota (debate).

Now granted, Japan was not settled by immigrants of various nationalities and languages only a few hundred years ago. Here the parallel breaks down. Japanese is an OLD language and Japan has a very OLD culture. Foreigners make up 1.5 % of the population as opposed to America’s entire population (save Native Americans/First Nation peoples) is immigrants. The U.S. does not have an official language, so there is room for debate. Also, I do have many non-English friends who live in America as I do in Japan—fumbling. Fumbling and learning. There’s the key: learning, never settling for playing the victim or expecting to be special but learning to fit in and thrive. Japan is an extremely united country. The literacy rate here is 99% and Japanese have a strong sense of being Japanese, of being part of something greater—the community of Japan. America’s greatest treasure, her New Brunswick stew of ethnicities is also her greatest weakness. Why not unite under one common language? Why not acknowledge that we all came to America as immigrants seeking something better? Why not now decide that we speak, read, and write one official language, and that is English? Maybe we would find out what it means to be togetherly American.
And that’s my two yen’s worth.

Photo Credit – gluttonize.files.wordpress.com

Well, T-Paw is Running for President

Just in case there was any question, Minnesota’s soon to be former governor intends to seek the GOP nod for President in 2012. This first campaign commercial of our next soiree into the Presidential selection festival was put forward by Tim Pawlenty’s camp this week…

Although Pawlenty’s PAC, Freedom First, is theoretically in existence to help advance the causes of GOP hopefuls in 2010 races – one can’t help but notice this collection of moving pictures focuses almost entirely on the merits of Tim Pawlenty. The message of a candidate Pawlenty seems to be that the governor is a humble everyman who can carry the banner of Conservatism to the regular folks.

It’s hard to dislike the guy. Word is that he once sported a mullet. In this sort of phony war between the potential GOP Presidential candidates, T-Paw is emerging as my leading 2nd choice. If I can’t have Mitt, I’d definitely take T-Paw.

Kutcher, Palin & Prejean

TWG Podcast Volume 36

carrie_prejean dove awardsWhat’s the lesson that Carrie Prejean’s recent exploits can teach us in the Christian right? And what do Carrie & Alex Rodriguez have in common?

Should Ashton Kutcher’s tweets be treated as a source of political wisdom?

Where do Palin, the Huck, and T-Paw stand as we look toward 2012?

Are the Yankees bad for baseball?

All these questions are answered by ‘The Angry Journalist’ David Gregory as he joins Goose on the 36th weekly edition of the TWG Podcast.

The Great State Debate

Cold, harsh winters, agricultural summers, and overalls. Lots of overalls.

The midwestern portion of the United States of America is known from sea to sea as a unit, “Middle America” to the coastal extremists. In both good and bad instances, the “Heartland” is seemingly conjoined to much of the populace. It is a singular identity. That ends now.

Goose Radio is sweeping the leg of the communistic idea of “Midwest.” Some states are not worthy of that title; we don’t want to be associated with them. And one is grander than the rest – a champion to be crowned by this forum of divided minds: Goose Nissley, currently residing in South Dakota, Alex Whitworth, making his bones in Minnesota, and David Gregory, holding down the border in North Dakota.

Each will put forth the case for his respective state. Disagreements will abound and friendships will be tested. But, at the end of this dark road, one state will rise.

And everyone will still agree that Iowa sucks…

State Seal of MinnesotaALEX WHITWORTH, MN – Well, let’s see, Minnesota has the ability to take an unfunny comedian and transform him into an unfunny politician. We also have the ability to take a professional wrestler and turn him into a professional civil servant. That is the tranforming power of The Land of 10,000 Lakes. Also, it’s the land of 10,000 lakes (at least according to my license plates).

RYAN ‘GOOSE’ NISSLEY, SD – And I’m glad we’re talking about this. It’s clear that South Dakota is one of the most chronically overlooked places on earth. The beaches of Rio? Some metal, tall thing in Paris? A clock in London? Foo. This state has an entire palace made out of corn. An entire palace!!! Just think about that. You could dwell – palatially – in a structure that was created from something that grew out of the beautiful black sod of God’s country. And if you got hungry, you could chew on the walls.

Even more importantly – Phil Jackson was born in North Dakota unless I’m mistaken? He’s kind of a weirdo. Minnesota is rife with mosquitoes. They will just capture your blood in their little… teeth? Do mosquitoes have teeth?

WHITWORTH – A corn castle, how…quaint.

And congrats on producing Phil Jackson, South Dakota always seemed very zen…

And speaking of sports, all of your teams…oh wait, that’s right, you don’t have pro sports in the great SD.

As for MN…Twins, Vikings, Timberwolves, Wild and I guess I’ll include the Lynx. I know, I didn’t know what the WNBA was either.

State Seal of North DakotaDAVID GREGORY, ND – Three words: largest American cow. Heard of it? It’s in North Dakota. You know what comes from cows? Milk, which produces cheese and ice cream, which produces the strapping American work force. The kind of people who fight for country and faith, the kind of people who hold up all elements of the Constitution in their original form: these are the product flowing from North Dakota’s teet.

And what of our neighbor to the south? They claim the Badlands as a chief geographical factor. I’m sorry, but if “bad” is right in the title (a la Michael Jackson albums), trouble awaits. Also, I refuse to acknowledge Mount Rushmore as anything but an incomplete art project until someone puts Ronald Reagan up there.

Are you against abortion? Well, Planned Parenthood is supported by the state of Minnesota. Think about that for a while.

Are my hypothetical questions done? Um, yes.

WHITWORTH – Oh great, North Dakota produces milk which goes into ice cream. Probably the new gay ice cream being produced by Ben and Jerry’s. Not family friendly.

Then again, they’re based out of Vermont because any business knows they can’t build an empire in the middle of nowhere, and that’s why so many businesses have set up headquarters right here in Minnesota.

Just to name a few: Best Buy, Cub Foods, Target, 3M, Caribou Coffee, General Mills…phew, being awesome is exhausting…your move, South Dakota.

State Seal of South DakotaNISSLEY – Alex, the only thing that Minnesota has in greater supply than large companies is liberal folks. There are hordes of them! Minnesota gave the rest of the nation the gift of Walter Mondale – topical because David mentioned Ronaldus Magnus (Reagan) who, in turn, gave Mondale an 18 point electoral drubbing. Therefore, Ronald Reagan himself didn’t think much of Minnesota. And, I think we can agree, neither should we.

Now to the cow at hand – David. Moo. While the sheer magnitude of your heifer is impressive, that is tragically where the grandeur meets its end. Once one passes said creature heading across the state on interstate 94, he / she is in for one of the dullest, dreariest, coma-inducing treks imaginable. North Dakota bears the great burden of having, as its one redemptive factor, a massive bovine.

Now you can’t tell me that wasn’t convincing?!

WHITWORTH – Indeed, Minnesota has it’s fair share of liberals, this is evidenced by the staggering amount of Obama, Franken and Coexist bumper stickers you see around town. However, Minnesota is also home to Republican nominee in waiting, Tim Pawlenty. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it!

GREGORY – Both of you are missing the point: oil. That’s what powers AMERICA. We drive our cars with it (liberal media editor: and our wars!) and it’s splashing up all over North Dakota. So, to combat your point Goose, there’s no such thing as a boring, rich person. Wealth is inherently interesting, and the Peace Garden State has a new source for it.

Not only is NoDak moving forward, it also has a strong link to the greatness of America’s past. Roger Maris, the non-steroid home run king, was born in Fargo. You can still see an exhibit of his memorabilia in the West Acres Mall; Sammy Sosa’s is currently on display in a Dominican drug store. North Dakota is Middle America in the midst of its glory, and a hint of its return as well.

As for South Dakota, it’s their fault we flooded last spring. The north-flowing Red River collected all of its crap and then sent it our way. Much like a Tom Daschle tax return, the state is devoid.

Minnesota was the first state to put liberalism on a stick. People ate it up at the fair, and now Al Franken is a senator. Alex, for any positive point you can put forth, the fact that your state elected one of the worst writers in the history of Saturday Night Live drowns you out.

NISSLEY – It is clear to me after repeatedly offering unassailable points only to have them met with silly No-Dak & Minnesotan rhetoric. Both of you, like Pharaoh in the days of Moses – have hardened your hearts and filled your ears with sweet nothingness. But I’m not mad. I’m sad – for you two. You still have to dwell in your states. I, meanwhile, will continue residing in the luxury and brilliance of the greatest state in the union. The indomitable, the fair, the fertile and verdant paradise that is South Dakota! Amen.

And so it ends, with the proprietor of this website declaring South Dakota the victor, and the fallen two interrupting his victory speech with chants of “You lie.” And “Iowa sucks.”

One of These Four Will Be the GOP Pick in 2012

Governor Mark Sanford’s South American enterprise to see his mistress this week was the most unbelievably foolish stunt we’ve seen a politician undertake for the sake of adultery in recent memory… wait… that just really isn’t the case. Oh well – it was still incredibly ill advised. Anyway, before Argentina happened, Governor Sanford was being highly touted as a potential presidential candidate three years hence. Now, that isn’t going to happen. This situation reminds us that there are different standards for Democrat and Republican candidates. Put a different way, there are standards for Republican candidates and no standards for Democrat candidates (see W.J. Clinton, Teddy Kennedy). So who’s left on the Republican chief executive smorgasbord? And what will push each of them toward and hold them back from the right to challenge the venerable and serene President Barack Obama? Seek no more for the answers, dear friend, they lie mere millimeters from you now. Here, in no particular order, are your four most likely GOP nominees.

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin glassesDoes it seem odd that there are only four names on this list? Perhaps, but that is precisely the sort of near to absolute certainty that we here at Goose Radio seek to proffer you. And there’s no way around it, Palin belongs on any short list of Presidential contenders. She remains the most intriguing candidate on the fruited Republican plain. Upside – Armed with undeniable charisma and a vice-presidential nomination, Palin is an absolute rockstar among the party faithful. Recent polling shows that she retains a 73% favorability rating among Republicans. Palin’s exploits, whatever or wherever, continue to draw a crowd and a presser. Just take a look at the coverage of her recent East Coast trip or the extemporaneous Thanksgiving speech she gave last fall with an unfortunate turkery being slain behind her.  Downside – While the national exposure she gained as John Sidney McCain’s (“MY FRIENDS”) running mate was enormous, it brought problems – as well as boons – in its wake. Her interviews with Katie Couric and Charles Gibson provided ample fodder for the now ubiquitous questions about whether or nay she has enough knowledge of the world to be a Vice President – much less a President. The questions weren’t limited to liberals. After the election day Obama rout, many of McCain’s own staffers vented in the press that Palin wasn’t knowledgeable and that working with her was less than joyous. While it’s her straight talking demeanor that has gone a long way to galvanizing her base of support, we noted last week that her response to David Letterman’s crude joke was a reminder that she is very much a politician.

Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee

Governor Mike Huckabee With a weekly television show and a daily radio feature, Huckabee (or ‘The Huckster’ as Rush Limbaugh calls him) has certainly remained in the public eye. His numerous speaking and book signing appearances, particularly in first in the nation Iowa, certainly have the look of a man on a mission. Upside – Huckabee went from next-to-nowhere to having a huge impact on the ’08 Republican primaries. The ‘Huckaboom’, as it was termed, was largely the product of the Governor’s pleasant demeanor and his uniquely effective communication skills. He is immensely attractive to Social Conservatives due to his strong record on faith and family values. His Iowa upset of Mitt Romney, who led the polls for months in the aforementioned ’08 caucus, is a great starting point for a primary road in ’12 that will once again feature Iowa as stop #1. He also cultivated a personable relationship with the media during his primary run – which never hurts. Downside – One of the big questions for the Arkansan will be whether or nay his presence as a ‘talking head’ on Fox News will diminish or improve his standing for a possible run. Ronald Reagan’s career as a radio man and a General Electric TV pitchman might be seen as a precedent for taking this very route, but Reagan’s media career was all undertaken before his California governorship and two presidential runs. You don’t see a great many politicians at this level become media folk and then transition back. And for all his success in ’08, Huckabee is still widely viewed as a candidate with severely limited appeal demographically. His performance in the days before Iowa over a year ago was uneven, with some highly visible oddities regarding an attack ad that he crafted and retracted and his reaction to developing events in Pakistan. But Huckabee’s most ironic problem might be that for all the warmth values voters feel for him, a sizable segment of fiscal Conservatives absolutely loathe him.

Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty

Tim PawlentyAnd here comes “T-Paw”, as this gentleman is commonly and affectionately known in the Upper Midwest. Upside – The governor isn’t widely known, and he still has the chance to introduce himself as he sees fit. If you’ll notice, he’s really the only one of these political heavyweights for whom that’s the case. It’s not a bad thing. Pawlenty is different, and that too is good. He’s no  nobody either – reports suggest that he made the final short list for McCain VP before Sarah Palin happened. He’s managed to get elected in one of the most liberal states in the US of A as a conservative twice. His likability and plain spoken persona hearken to Huckabee, while his small town, animal-slaying streak can look a bit Palin-esque. His fiscal record is something he would be able to place against Romney’s. Pawlenty also has made it clear that he intends to be the one to stand up for the plight of the common man, and fight the ‘Republican’s are all wealthy cake-eating rich dudes’ rap. Who knows – he might be able to pull it off. Minnesota also happens to be right on top of Iowa if one waxes geographic for a moment. There’s a good chance he might have some added support in the Iowa Caucus because of it. Downside – His rivals have a real head start on him – in name recognition, fund raising networks, and potential endorsements. He’s also very close to Senator McCain, who is potentially the least liked major party nominee within his own ranks since John Tyler. And he’s had the term ‘moderate’ swirl around him a bit more than might be prudent in an early Republican primary situation. But no very serious pitfalls have reared their heads on the good ship T-Paw thus far.

Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney HairA great decidedly mediocre, ever empathizing President was elected not so long ago by constantly reminding himself, “It’s the economy, stupid.” And as long as the US economy continues to be buffeted on a daily basis, Mitt Romney’s position in this potential race will continue to look enormously strong. Upside – As a former business wiz, Romney has successfully navigated more capitalist terrain and gained more business know-how than any of his potential opponents. Manning private sector economic success stories like the Salt Lake Olympics all his life give him unparalleled trustworthiness when it comes to managing the business of government. Romney also has a very calm and cool demeanor, which many see as suited to the top job. And he is perhaps the best connected candidate with party bigwigs and fundraisers across the fruited plain. While his real base in 2008 was Fiscal Conservatives, he was also the only Republican candidate that showed an ability to draw together Social, Fiscal, and Foreign Policy Conservatives. He was competitive in every region of the country. Strong links to New Hampshire, Michigan, Utah, and California look likely to aid him again. Downside – He’s not known as “The Stormin Mormon” for nothing – and the reason isn’t meteorological. Romney’s religion may have played as big a factor in ’08 as any other issue in the GOP primaries. Many Conservative Christians (used here as a compliment as opposed to most every other location you’ve seen it) have a great deal of difficulty with Mormonism, believing it to be a cult and therefore mistrusting one of its members in the Oval Office. Romney’s opponents (particularly Huckabee) also made a great deal of hay with his decision to move from the Pro-Choice to Pro-Life camp earlier in the decade and potrayed him as a sort of return of John Kerry.

So there you have it. Are you picking up what we’re throwing down or are we full of political hot air?  Feel free to emote in the comment section and share the piece with friends on Facebook or Digg…

In mere days, we will provide you the five keys to the GOP nomination. Giving you clarity and mirth in one fell swoop – it’s who we are.