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TWG Tackles Iron Man 2

The venerable Aaron White, editor of Faithandgeekery.com, joins us after a long absence for a TWG Geek Beat. He reviews the new and buzzworthy Iron Man 2. Aaron explains the movies’ good, somewhat bad, and downright surprising elements. Should you fork over the funds to behold the new Iron Man? Prepare to have your questions answered.

The Great White also gives a preview of other big summer movie and media offerings, everything from another Shrek movie to another Robin Hood movie.

After you listen, check out Aaron’s full text review of Iron Man 2 and a new book contest featured at Faith and Geekery.

‘Jimmy Carter, I am NOT a racist!’ – TWG 35

We summarize and disect the week that was. Minneapolis radio personality & GooseRadio contributor Alex joins me to discuss Obama’s trip to Copenhagen, Sarah Palin’s new book, and Matt Damon’s new film The Informant. He also answers the age-old question – why are musicians always so sad?

Then Aaron White of Faith & Geekery.com joins us in our “Geek Beat” feature. Aaron profiles the new Zombieland movie, of which he was treated to an advanced screening. Aaron explains how the movie is surprisingly funny and even… hearwarming?! Also discussed – the new ABC prOgrUm “Flash Forward”.

Finally, Twin Cities’ radio legend & current college professor Mark Seignious joins us from his son’s football game. Mark tells one of the funniest stories you’re going to hear – how his friend fell asleep in the Atlanta airport and wound up launching a loud repudiation of former President Jimmy Carter’s recent statements in his sleep. Also covered is the Obama speech at the UN & new Christian musician Sara Beth Geoghagehan (more info on her after ‘the jump’).

New Artist Sara Beth Geoghagehan (Go-hay-gen) —

Here she is On Facebook & here’s the story from World Magazine mentioned by Mark during the podcast.

Ahmadinejad, Twitter & Captain America

Captain America SaluteIn our 1st – ever TWG “Geek Beat” feature, we talk with Aaron White of Faithandgeekery.com. The venerable Mr. White fills us in on how Twitter is actually playing a role in the Iranian election debacle, as well as how Captain America intends on returning from the lists of the comic book deceased. Also tackled – the incredible rise of geeky films this summer. With movies like Transformers, X-Men Origins Wolverine, and the new Star Trek flick garnering so such success, Aaron weighs in on why so many of us like to geek out at the movie theatre. It’s a time to check in with those who rule the world while all the while attaining entertainment, information, and a general sense of well being.