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Massachusetts Did What?!

TWG Podcast Update – The voters of Taxachusetts just did something profound. They replaced the late Ted Kennedy as their senator in Washington with truck driver Scott Brown. TWG examines the consequences of this seeming lunacy on Obamacare and the big man himself (hope guy). What ARE the Dems going to do now? Continue reading Massachusetts Did What?!

Starpower Alone Does Not a President Make

TWG Update

Reflections on the opening salvos of Sarah Palin’s reintroduction party. Bill O’Reilly last evening called her the only Republican in the land with ‘star power’. I go ape on that analysis, particularly where he was going with it. Also discussed is the governor’s intereview Wednesday evening with Sean Hannity and why so many of the conservative talkers-in-chief are investing themselves in Palin.

Sarah Palin resigns as Governor

VA & NJ Voters Send Message


President Obama and his employed creatures of spin were spending an awful lot of this youthful week saying tonight’s elections had nothing to do with the administration. So THIS is why they were mentioning that so strenuously!

Goose runs down the impact of the big GOP wins in Virginia and New Jersey – in the process calling Chris Christie a tank and meditating on the joyful nature of bunnies.

It’s entertainment, information, and a general sense of well being unleashed.


NJ Governor Elect Chris Christie – Photo Credit: The Jersey Journal

Michelle & Sidious – TWG Update

World Series Game 1 goes to the Philadelphia Phillies! And though we took great joy in seeing the Yankees lose, our TWG update focuses on the role that Michelle Obama and Star Wars music played in the contest. We won’t let the Evil Empire get away with passing off the “Imperial Death March” on Philadelphia! Not on the TWG Update!

The Joe Mauer letter referenced in the podcast can be read & signed here.

World Series Phillies Yankees Baseball