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How Can It Bee?

Goose Nissley —  June 2, 2014 — Leave a comment

National Spelling Bee

How can one even begin to describe the glory of the recent National Spelling Bee? The hopes… the dreams… the unceasingly monotone voice of the guy reading the awe inspiring words? Wow!

Brink & myself celebrate these wonders. What’s up with that tie? Is it really a sport? How are hot dogs involved? What was the deal with that kid who declared he knew the correct spelling and then didn’t?!

Spelling is hard. But missing this very latest GooseRadio Podcast would be harder to explain to your children and grandchildren. Let us go forth together unto Entertainment, Information & a General Sense of Well Being.

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Perhaps the buzz has reached your ears. The mammoth creature Godzilla is back in theaters once again. Only this time… with a twist worth M Night Shyamalan.

I have taken my fowl self to the cineplex & viewed this film for you, and offer my humble takeaways from Godzilla in an effort to guide your movie selections toward a more perfect union of Entertainment, Information & General Sense of Well Being.

What is this big twist? Is there a story here you can care about even if you don’t care so much about large sea / land / air monsters? There’s another Olsen sister?!

Answers below on this very latest edition of the audio supernova that is & will continue to be reasonably anticipated to be… the GooseRadio Podcast…

Noah Feature

You’ve beheld the hubbub! You’ve seen the arguments on FB & Twitter! Now, join us for some Entertainment, Information & a General Sense of Well Being as we give the GooseRadio Podcast treatment to Paramount’s ‘Noah’.

While a lot of the discussion in the faith community has centered on the biblical tale’s relationship to the new film, the Brink-ster & I come at it more from a question of just whether or nay we enjoyed the film and the decidedly original story it weaved after having seen it this week.

Was the redemption & hope in the midst of tragedy still there? Did the ideological weavings of the director Mr. Aronofsky make their impact known? Were the acting contributions of Crowe, Connelly, Watson & Hopkins a veritable flood of grandeur?! Answers await.

Along the way we manage to once again celebrate the glories of electric reclining, leather theater seating; discuss the brick hurling scene from Home Alone 2; and name check Jennifer Lawrence.

Jennifer Lawrence Balance

With a week to fully process, let’s examine the impact of the Oscars on our lives and society.

What’s going on with the selfies and the pizza deliveries? Why are we still fixated on the rich and famous?!

Then it’s a discussion of Jennifer Lawrence’s continued escapades falling down. She appears to have developed quite a consistent pattern of falling. But Brink Brickly is here for Jennifer, as he offers his encouraging analysis of her as a human being. We then discuss whether or nay her worldview and public bearing may indicate she is a secret Hollywood Conservative.

All this & far more than you could have ever dreamed! It’s the latest escapade toward Entertainment, Information & a General Sense of Well Being via the play button below…


We get to talk about something fun & non-displeasing emanating from California!

The latest king of the movie box office is a snappy blockbuster following the exploits of anthropomorphic legos! It’s The Lego Movie!

Brink Brickly declares to you his affection for the flick… and describes the feelings that he experienced while viewing it. We discuss the manifold realms to which the movie transports its characters and viewers. The fact that The Lego Movie does not appear to have a plodding dedication to teaching young people about recycling is celebrated.

Then the conversation is uprooted momentarily to give me an opportunity to talk about my recently discovered love… the theaters installing these leather recliners in place of their old stadium seating. I emotionally speak about what these seating wonders have done for my life.

It’s another splendid foray toward Entertainment, Information & a General Sense of Well Being below…


It’s Entertainment, Information & a General Sense of Well Being unleashed on the Winter Games people!

I declare my unsubstantiated belief that Vladimir Putin attempted to strike at the heart of America by giving Bob Costas pink eye. Brink fires back his belief that Bob is a liberal hooligan.

We delve into women’s skiing & the texture of Russian snow… as well a discussion of the general difficulty of doing athletic things on snow and ice.

Then a regular Minnesotan called Joe comes alongside to share his depth of feeling on the results of the recent US / Russia hockey match up.

How do you take your Olympics? With a side of mirth perhaps?! The latest GooseRadio Podcast lies below…

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One of the world’s most inexplicable phenomenons – the rampant popularity of Justin Bieber – has taken some legal hits in recent weeks. Brink & myself discuss the Bieb’s latest legal headaches and even the potential disaffection of his hordes of ‘beliebers’.

Learn how Rob Ford, the mayor of Toronto came to defend the young pop star as well as how Britney Spears & twinkies are brought to bear in the discussion as well.

It’s another rollicking trek toward Entertainment, Information & a General Sense of Well Being…

Scenes from Walmart

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Wal Mart

It’s time to recognize one of America’s true glories – Walmart.

Brink recently beheld some remarkable hair care methods & vehicles there, tales which he shares. I attempt to put into words what Walmart means to us all. In the end, we paint a picture of our appreciation for what Sam Walton has given us all. We also manage to make fun of Democrats.

It’s all in a days work on the latest GooseRadio podcast…

Peyton Vs. The Babe

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As this week’s Super Bowl became the most watched tv event in the history of the American eyeball, one cannot deny the supremacy of the NFL in our sporting life. Yet I yearn for the days of yore & a simpler time of wooden sticks flailing at balls hurled through the air… of Abner Doubleday inventing a sport for Americans to play (which apparently never happened… thanks a lot Ken Burns…).

So I decided to bring alongside my pal Brink Brickly, a die hard football fanatic, and attempt to convince him that America in 2014 needs more baseball. We speak of the relative speed & action of the games. Their histories and generated feelings are examined. Barack Obama and James Earl Jones come up.

All told, it’s another priceless foray into Entertainment, Information & a General Sense of Well Being. Hear the latest from GooseRadio’s purveyors of mirth via the play button below…

Easley Call

There’s not too many things we can be absolutely certain of in our lives. Yet here’s one truth we can know for sure – there will come a time when we’ll have to make a decision. We’ll have to say yes or no, to take one path or the other. And when we make that call, some people may pat us on the back and praise us, but others will very likely be vocal in saying we made the wrong choice. That’s hard.

Thankfully, most of us don’t come to that moment in front of a national television audience numbering in the millions… and in front of a crowd of 68,000 screaming fans. Here’s the story of a man whose decision time came in just that epic scenario.

Lance Easley, an NFL replacement official, could never have expected he’d be on the field on the night of September 24th, 2012 as the Green Bay Packers visited the Seattle Seahawks – much less that he’d be in a position to make the call that would decide the contest. Listen below as he tells the unlikely and remarkable tale of his path to that decision, its consequences, and how his faith guided him through the massive backlash.

It’s a story that starts on a football field, but in the end is so much more about how we live our life, our faith & who we are in Christ. Click play below to hear our full interview with Lance…