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Goose & Godzilla

Perhaps the buzz has reached your ears. The mammoth creature Godzilla is back in theaters once again. Only this time… with a twist worthy of M Night Shyamalan.

I have taken my fowl self to the cineplex & viewed this film for you, and offer my humble takeaways from Godzilla in an effort to guide your movie selections toward a more perfect union of Entertainment, Information & General Sense of Well Being. Continue reading Goose & Godzilla

Running Aground with ‘Noah’

You’ve beheld the hubbub! You’ve seen the arguments on FB & Twitter! Now, join us for some Entertainment, Information & a General Sense of Well Being as we give the GooseRadio Podcast treatment to Paramount’s ‘Noah’.

Continue reading Running Aground with ‘Noah’

Falling All over the Oscars

With a week to fully process, let’s examine the impact of the Oscars on our lives and society.

What’s going on with the selfies and the pizza deliveries? Why are we still fixated on the rich and famous?! Continue reading Falling All over the Oscars

Building Legos on The Big Screen


We get to talk about something fun & non-displeasing emanating from California!

The latest king of the movie box office is a snappy blockbuster following the exploits of anthropomorphic legos! It’s The Lego Movie!

Brink Brickly declares to you his affection for the flick… and describes the feelings that he experienced while viewing it. We discuss the manifold realms to which the movie transports its characters and viewers. The fact that The Lego Movie does not appear to have a plodding dedication to teaching young people about recycling is celebrated.

Then the conversation is uprooted momentarily to give me an opportunity to talk about my recently discovered love… the theaters installing these leather recliners in place of their old stadium seating. I emotionally speak about what these seating wonders have done for my life.

It’s another splendid foray toward Entertainment, Information & a General Sense of Well Being below…

Hard Times in Bieber-ville


One of the world’s most inexplicable phenomenons – the rampant popularity of Justin Bieber – has taken some legal hits in recent weeks. Brink & myself discuss the Bieb’s latest legal headaches and even the potential disaffection of his hordes of ‘beliebers’.

Learn how Rob Ford, the mayor of Toronto came to defend the young pop star as well as how Britney Spears & twinkies are brought to bear in the discussion as well.

It’s another rollicking trek toward Entertainment, Information & a General Sense of Well Being…

GooseRadio Catches ‘Fire’


The Hunger Games’ 2nd installment is heating up the box office & offering up some controversial fare.

Why are Jennifer Lawrence, Joe Mauer’s long lost identical twin, Miley Cyrus’ ex boyfriend (same guy oddly enough) and some kid named after Greek food involved in an event where kids are supposed to kill other kids? What does the word dystopian mean?!

Though this sounds somewhat horrifying, old Brink & I sat down to arrive at a conclusion that may surprise you. Listen above to hear why ‘Catching Fire’ is a message uniquely suited for our time.

The Day DC Talk Phophesied Mitt Romney


It has taken me a long time to put all these pieces together, and I thought you finally needed to know the truth.

In 1996 – a full decade before he made the first tentative steps toward his initial Presidential bid – the Christian rock / hip hop band DC Talk prophesied that Governor Mitt Romney would be the Republican nominee for President in 2012.

Well. Not exactly. But they did talk about him by name in one of their songs.

At 2:41 in the legendary DC Talk tune “In the Light” featured on the ’96 album “Jesus Freak”, lead singer Kevin Max utters a phrase that sounds an awful lot like…

“The secrets that MITT ROMNEY…”

Riven with disbelief?! Listen for yourself… here’s the pertinent clip of those few moments of the song…

Continue reading The Day DC Talk Phophesied Mitt Romney

10 Life-Altering Truth Bombs from ‘Rookie of The Year’

Do you have just a brief moment to travel back with me to younger days? To a time when anything was possible… and we dreamed that, if we just played our cards right, we were destined to be on the mound in game seven of the World Series. We could, without irony or doubt, visualize the glory of honing in on the catcher’s sign, watching under the bright lights as the pitch sailed towards home plate out of our hand, and thudding into the catcher’s mitt, striking out the last batter to win it all.

Let’s return to a place in the mists of nearly departed time when – if only we were to have a freak arm injury – we could throw one hundred and three miles an hour. It’s a voyage back to a film that people often seem to confuse with ‘The Sandlot’, ‘Angels in the Outfield’, or that one with the kid who inherits the Minnesota Twins… but was in fact one of the most formative cultural experiences of many of our childhoods': “Rookie of the Year”.

Continue reading 10 Life-Altering Truth Bombs from ‘Rookie of The Year’

Macklemore & Self Awareness


Ever since the release of ‘Same Love’, Macklemore’s follow up to the smash hit ‘Thrift Shop’, there’s been a remarkable shift in the way the rapper is viewed. With his foray into the world of gay activism, the picture has been painted of a concerned, caring citizen Macklemore politely raising his hand and thoughtfully adding to the national conversation.

Unfortunately, the reality is quite different. ‘Same Love’ is the entertainer’s musical beat down to those who fail to reach his conclusions on same sex marriage. Spoiler alert! We’re bigots again! 

Look in verse 1 where he pillories ‘right wing Conservatives’ who think orientation is a choice for not properly understanding their own, deeply held faith… and then turns directly around to say the bible isn’t really legit because… it’s old. Note that he mocks ‘America the Brave’ for being run by fear because it doesn’t have the wisdom to agree with his opinion. 

Verse 2 includes this gem…

‘It’s human rights for everybody, there is no difference!’

…in reference to the battles for gay marriage & an end to slavery. A person can believe that’s true all day long, but to declare it’s true simply because you believe it’s true is to paint an awful lot of people as successors to racism who just flat out don’t deserve it.

Throughout, he dismisses a religious objection to gay marriage using the very verses and lessons about love he’s gained from the Christian faith. He takes what he wants and leaves what’s inconvenient for his opinion, yet doesn’t quite explain how that works out for him.

This is a guy making profound, impact-ful truth claims to a wide audience based solely on his opinion. While I am all for the airing of one’s take on the big issues of the day, there comes a point when you’ve got to take a peek around you and realize who you are & what responsibility you have for the implications of what you’re saying.

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