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Post-Summit Musings on GOP 2016

The esteemed Brink Brickly is recently returned from the Family Leadership Summit in Ames, Iowa. There he saw GOP luminaries Huckabee, Jindal, Perry, Santorum, Cruz & more as they wooed conservative advocates in the key early state.

We examine Brink’s experience and look to the potentially-presidential future in the following manners:

  • Senator Rand Paul didn’t make an appearance at the shindig.  Brink is displeased. We analyze the differences & similarities between Ron & Rand.
  • Seeing all the gents speak, Brink breaks down the top three speeches in his estimation. He was impressed with the Texas Governor’s presentation, but not as unerringly rapturous as some of the other post-event commentary was.
  • Canadian Ted Cruz was masterful, yet was upstaged by his father.
  • Mike Huckabee makes Brink feel safe. I note that this – along with wearing lots of earth tones – was a central tenant of the Gore campaign.
  • Brink was impressed with the need to unite all the conservatives behind one candidate this time.  He also feels that the candidates themselves feel that is key as well.

Commiserating on a Tough Twins’ Summer

It’s still beautiful. The crack of the bat & the soaring of the baseball through the night air of an American summer’s eve. Yet, these baseball months have been rendered a bit more emotionally challenging in the Upper Midwest with the Minnesota Twins’ 2014 performance.

Longtime GooseRadio friend Caveman Dave steps in to console me. Continue reading

Olga K Driving

Steering with One’s Feet & Getting Along with Your Co-Workers

Recently, after encountering some really bizarre interactions in Walmart & an apartment parking lot, Brink & myself realized we had been given a gift. We discovered that we were able to take the strange, seemingly inexplicable moments in life, and express and explain the deeper meanings behind them. We were able to interpret weird life happenings.

So we have decided to take that show on the road on a regular basis on the GooseRadio Podcast.

This week, Brink tackles what it means that I encountered a young lady at a stoplight who was navigating her vehicle with the use of her feet as steering mechanisms.

Then we turn to the listener mailbag. A listening friend writes to ask how he’s to understand the behavior of his co-worker and how he can move forward toward befriending that individual and enriching both their lives. Brink & I offer wisdom.

We would also be more than happy to explain your weird life happening when you email us at


Carney Obama Hug

Goodbye Jay

What with the VA Scandal and the most bizarre prisoner swap story in recent memory, a lot of things have been competing for our newsie attention. But we didn’t want to allow too much time to pass since Jay Carney’s announcement that he was leaving his post as White House spin doctor last week. Brink & myself wanted to say a proper farewell.

Man. When you think about this guy. He has said some stuff that nobody else would have had the guts to say — this side of Hillary Clinton. And he’s said those things with such extraordinary conviction! We reflect on this odd intersection traits.

Was he an effective press secretary? How was he able to muster so much bluster in the face of so many inconvenient facts?!

These questions and many more are answered by Brink Brickly & myself on this latest foray into the sceptered realm of Entertainment, Information & a General Sense of Well Being that is the GooseRadio Podcast.


Catching up with Eddie Moscow

Old Eddie Moscow, after spending some quality time in the Russian heartlands, emerged this week to chat with venerable NBC anchor Brian Williams.

He wanted people to know that he meant well, and really was quite the patriot looking out for all of us by giving all that sensitive information to the Red Chinese and basically Red, basically Soviets. Also — he would like us to know that he was really sort of a James-Bond-esque spy character who didn’t just hang out with computers.

Brink offers some compelling recommendations for pastimes that Ed can now take up when he’s not kicking it with Vlad. I express once more my amazement that Eddie is still with us here on earth. We discuss the reasons why the CIA hasn’t pulled the proverbial plug, and somehow end up discussing Russian female tennis stars.

It’s a trek to the land of the star & the sickle on this very latest GooseRadio Podcast. Let us go forward together unto Entertainment, Information & a General Sense of Well Being!

National Spelling Bee

How Can It Bee?

How can one even begin to describe the glory of the recent National Spelling Bee? The hopes… the dreams… the unceasingly monotone voice of the guy reading the awe inspiring words? Wow!

Brink & myself celebrate these wonders. What’s up with that tie? Is it really a sport? How are hot dogs involved? What was the deal with that kid who declared he knew the correct spelling and then didn’t?! Continue reading

Occupy Bike Rider

The Trove of Emotions Behind Summer Bicycling

The blessed return of sunshine means that – in the formerly frigid climes – we may now seek transport in vehicles that don’t heat us while they mobilize us. This means that many of you are mounting up on your bikes and traversing the roadways & byways.

Brink Brickly being an avid bicyclist himself (though it’s a complex relationship as you’ll soon discover), we discuss the various life scenarios which have led us to the bicycle – which for Brink is a tale that involves large piles of dirt, Texas, and wanting to be like his brothers. Continue reading

Two Angry Young Girls

3 Angsty, Foolproof Ways to Write a Viral Blog Post

Your Facebook newsfeed has been ransacked by it. In a flash of words, it’s become the hot button topic on the radio and in the lunch room workplace. It is the viral blog post.

How can an aspiring blogger be certain to compose such a feat? How can you drive the conversation of the world for a day? Continue reading

Johnny Carson Carnac

GooseRadio Interprets Weird Life Happenings Part 1

Recently a stranger in a parking lot called me ‘George’ & congratulated me on wearing a nice suit. Neither of those things being true, i was confused.

Meanwhile, Brink had an odd experience of late that involved koolaid & Walmart. He was left wondering what meaning he could draw from that strange event. Continue reading

Godzilla Movie Poster

Goose & Godzilla

Perhaps the buzz has reached your ears. The mammoth creature Godzilla is back in theaters once again. Only this time… with a twist worthy of M Night Shyamalan.

I have taken my fowl self to the cineplex & viewed this film for you, and offer my humble takeaways from Godzilla in an effort to guide your movie selections toward a more perfect union of Entertainment, Information & General Sense of Well Being. Continue reading