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And so it begins

The first weird stirrings of the race for the White House in 2016 have begun. The early moves of Governor Jeb Bush surprised me. The indications that Governor Mitt Romney might be game for another round of ‘Who Wants to be a President’ stunned me. Brink Brickley & myself delve into their early moves and offer analysis.

Is America ready for one immediate family to provide three separate Presidents? Does Romney deserve another look?

Who will run? Who could win? Will Hillary be the Maginot Line or the Great Wall? All is revealed on this latest effort to provide entertainment, information & a General Sense of Well Being.

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Obama Guy’s Hanging on

Our old foil James the Obama Guy is on the loose once again. Wandering the neighborhood in an effort to locate a group designed to assist him in corralling his gambling addiction,  Obama Guy stumbles into the GooseRadio studio.

With his characteristic zeal, our liberal friend tells us what he’s been up to and how he feels about the issues of our day. Our topics include: Continue reading Obama Guy’s Hanging on

Hillary, the President and Junior High

It’s finally happened.

The talking heads have long speculated that Hillary Clinton would attempt to somehow distance herself from the President in the run up to her expected second bid at the Oval Office. Recently, she opined that President Obama wasn’t doing the best at the whole foreign policy thing – particularly in the Middle East.

So what does this mean for the future? Can Hillary effectively distance herself from the foreign policy of an administration in which she served as the top foreign policy decision maker? We set proverbial sail towards answers.

Old Brink Brickly and myself tackle:

  • Can anyone stop Hillary Clinton from being the next President? Does she really even need to be perceived as strong on foreign policy?

“I don’t understand the sentiment that Hillary is unstoppable.” “Well but the polls say she is. And the polls are always right. Remember all of the elections that have been decided by polls.” “All of them.” “Yes”

  • How is the Obama foreign policy of Clinton & John Kerry sort of like junior high?
  • Considering how little President Obama seems to enjoy implementing a foreign policy of any sort, why didn’t he just stick to being a professor?
  • What is a community organizer?
  • Why don’t girls want to go on second dates with me?

Post-Summit Musings on GOP 2016

The esteemed Brink Brickly is recently returned from the Family Leadership Summit in Ames, Iowa. There he saw GOP luminaries Huckabee, Jindal, Perry, Santorum, Cruz & more as they wooed conservative advocates in the key early state.

We examine Brink’s experience and look to the potentially-presidential future in the following manners:

  • Senator Rand Paul didn’t make an appearance at the shindig.  Brink is displeased. We analyze the differences & similarities between Ron & Rand.
  • Seeing all the gents speak, Brink breaks down the top three speeches in his estimation. He was impressed with the Texas Governor’s presentation, but not as unerringly rapturous as some of the other post-event commentary was.
  • Canadian Ted Cruz was masterful, yet was upstaged by his father.
  • Mike Huckabee makes Brink feel safe. I note that this – along with wearing lots of earth tones – was a central tenant of the Gore campaign.
  • Brink was impressed with the need to unite all the conservatives behind one candidate this time.  He also feels that the candidates themselves feel that is key as well.

Goodbye Jay

What with the VA Scandal and the most bizarre prisoner swap story in recent memory, a lot of things have been competing for our newsie attention. But we didn’t want to allow too much time to pass since Jay Carney’s announcement that he was leaving his post as White House spin doctor last week. Brink & myself wanted to say a proper farewell. Continue reading Goodbye Jay

Catching up with Eddie Moscow

Old Eddie Moscow, after spending some quality time in the Russian heartlands, emerged this week to chat with venerable NBC anchor Brian Williams.

He wanted people to know that he meant well, and really was quite the patriot looking out for all of us by giving all that sensitive information to the Red Chinese and basically Red, basically Soviets. Also — he would like us to know that he was really sort of a James-Bond-esque spy character who didn’t just hang out with computers. Continue reading Catching up with Eddie Moscow

Musing on Mitch & Raging Against the Machine

The electoral landscape continues to shape up beautifully for the GOP in advance of the mid-term elections. Brink Brickly and myself speak to the persistent displeasure ObamaCare inflicts on the Democrat party far and wide. Yet in the midst of the positivity, there continue to exist fissures on the right between ‘the establishment’ and ‘the grassroots’. Continue reading Musing on Mitch & Raging Against the Machine

Obama Stuns Nation, Switches Parties

Obama Change Meme

WASHINGTON DC, AF — This morning, in one of the most stunning reversals in American political history, President Barack Obama declared he has switched his political allegiance from the Democratic Party to the Republican Party, effective at noon tomorrow.

In a startling press conference in the Rose Garden early today, Obama stepped to the podium, smiling widely, and detailed the background to his history-making decision. He was joined on the dais by his pet Portuguese Water Dog & a familiar looking man in a dark suit, slightly reminiscent of that guy in the photo that comes inside a new picture frame. The transcript from his address is re-produced below in its entirety: Continue reading Obama Stuns Nation, Switches Parties

It’s a Vlad, Vlad World

What is the supreme potentate of Russia thinking? Why are there Russian goons all over Crimea (and now it appears moving further into The Ukraine)? And what went down in Kiev to get this whole kerfuffle moving?

We bring our best thinking caps to bear on the madness in Eastern Europe as Brink Brickly details the history of the crisis. Where has the West been while all of this has accelerated? Could we have done anything? Continue reading It’s a Vlad, Vlad World

Aretha Spells Trouble for Obama


President Obama has often been described as the smartest President that has ever drawn breath. Yet in a White House bash last week he was unable to correctly spell the word ‘respect’. This remarkable moment gives us pause to analyze the disparate treatment that conservatives & liberals receive in regards to their intellectual prowess.

We hearken back Vice President Quayles’ infamous spelling bee incident with the word ‘potato’. It’s tough to miss the double standard at work, especially when you take into account previous Presidential factual misadventures such as the declaration that our nation contains 57 states.

We discuss these issues in a mirthful fashion on the latest GooseRadio podcast…